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“In this special writing we want to declare some remarkable statements made by the Lord Jesus!” – “To some people they may seem unbelievable, but to those who have faith they are a definite reality to the deep Christian who wants to observe and be as high as the eagle in the things of God!” – “As you have already found out just wishing and hoping is not enough but acting and trusting at the same time bring results! The anointing from the Bible and literature will produce an atmosphere to act, then one can move any mountain of trouble, sickness, debts, problems, etc.!” – Jesus said in Mark 11:23, “For verily I say unto you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea: and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith! Notice if one doubts not he can have WHATSOEVER he saith!”

“Now with every great promise there are secrets, and verse 25 unveils why some cannot move mountains and here it is. Jesus said if you have ought against any, you must forgive! When we forgive others, then Jesus forgives us! Some only see the other part of the verse, but never see the obedience that goes with it!” – In Matt. 21:21-22 reveals again, “that all things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer believing, ye shall receive!” “And in speaking about moving this mountain in the verse below it, 23, reveals that we should never question God’s wisdom in things one doesn’t understand, but should trust only!” – St. Matt 6:6, “shows one should get alone in secret prayer and the Lord will openly reward thee! This truly works! In my own life I have seen this occur many times! And then too again verse 15 reveals we should forgive others of their trespasses! And Jesus said by doing this you will bring your own forgiveness and deliverance!” – “Remember, when Job prayed for others he was delivered himself! Also the Bible says you can get to a place with God that YOU CAN SPEAK THE WORD ONLY and He will move!”

“Sometimes a person may find it hard to get things moving for him or to get things out of his heart, and fasting or reading much anointed literature will help to bring great results! Sometimes a person has to wait on God only a short time and at times it’s a little longer; but often God will move immediately with just a short faith prayer! Concerning the above, at times certain cases may require a seeking period! And daily praising the Lord will bring unbelievable success and joy to the soul!” – “Each person has been dealt a measure of faith, but it’s like a garden if not properly cared for; weeds will grow up and block the growth of this jewel of faith in you! Like speaking above one must clear out and cleanse around the heart and let it pump the life-giving faith that we all have!” – Remember, Heb. 11:6, “without faith it is impossible to please God! And it says He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him! So faith is with them that seek and act!”

St. Matt 9:29, “Jesus said, According to your faith be it unto you! Ask whatsoever you will and it shall be done! (St. John 15:7-8) Here is another secret, If His words abide in you it will bring astounding miracles! In other words, quoting His promises in your heart will allow the Word to abide in you! We can do the works that Jesus did!” (St. John 14:12) – “We are moving into a new dimension of faith and power, prayer will bring much to pass for you! And with practicing the above you can even get greater things done.”

Ps. 37:4-5, “Delight thyself in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart! Trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass!” “Don’t be unhappy if at times things are going slow, but delight thyself in the Lord at those times! And just as sure as anything He will reward and bless thee! His blessings will come like the rainbow after a cloudy day and rain! Test and trials will come, Jesus said, but He said His blessings would be much greater than one could imagine afterwards!” “It is this trust during those periods that Jesus loves to see and will reward and bless those who will delight in Him!” – In Mark 9:23, “Jesus said, All things are possible to him that believeth!” Amen! The Elect are moving in a new cycle and dimension of faith! Keep praising Him! – St. Matt 11:28-29, “No matter how heavy your heart gets or how you are weighted down with problems, through prayers of faith your load and burdens will definitely be taken away! Jesus will absolutely give you rest!”

Ps. 103:3, “shows He is the forgiver and the healer! Who forgiveth ALL thine iniquities, who healeth ALL thy diseases!” – Ps. 104:4 “reveals He makes His ministers a flaming fire of faith to help you at all times in prayer!” – “If you truly want to move mountains you must be determined and it will occur!” – “For an example of faith, when ones gives of his substance, that is an act of faith, and so it is with other things that you want; faith denotes action!” – “This letter was written to encourage you to believe for even more wonderful things of the Lord so that the hand of the Lord will prosper, bless and keep you!” – “Behold the glory of the Lord shall endure forever; the Lord Himself shall rejoice in His works among us!


Love and abundant blessings in Jesus name,

Neal Frisby