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This letter unveils the important and vital need for prayer! – It concerns the exciting rewards of persistent, prevailing prayer! – Not just prayer, but the prayer of faith! (James 5:15) “Beside your petition (requests) prayer involves four elements: receiving, worship, praise and heartfelt thanksgiving! – And also any kind of confessing that you think you should do before your time of prayer!” … “Remember this, real faith perceives ‘as fact’ before it is revealed to the rest of the senses! … You don’t know all about it but you know that you have the answer, (the Kingdom of God) within you to start your miracle!” – “Each person has that measure of faith within them already! It is up to us to let it grow and blossom forth into great exploits!

  • Faith is steadfastness, determined!” – Heb. 10:35, “Cast not away therefore your confidence, and you will have great reward!” – “Always have full assurance to the end!” (Heb. 6:11) And Verse 15, “After he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise!” – For from the beginning you already have your answer working! – Matt. 7:8, “For everyone that asketh, receiveth!” etc. – Faith to be valid must be anchored on God’s promises. More on faith in a moment!

“Actually Christians should make prayer and faith a business with God! – Paul said it is our profession!” – “And when you get good at your profession, Jesus gives you the keys to the Kingdom!” … We are living in the days of a golden opportunity; it is our hour of decision! … Soon it will quickly pass and be gone forever! – “God’s people need to enter into a covenant of prayer! – My partners need to join forces in united prayer! – We need to mobilize our forces together! – Alone we may defeat a thousand, but united action can defeat ten thousand of the enemy!” (Read Deut. 32:30) “Remember this, the highest office in the church is that of an intercessor (few people realize this). It is the very ministry that Jesus was, and is engaged in now!” – “Seeing He ever liveth to make intercession for them!” (Heb. 7:25) Moses, Elijah and Samuel were some of the greatest intercessors that ever lived! And you have this royal privilege too – to assist the eternal King!” – “Positive and prevailing prayer can change things around you. It will help you see the good parts in people and not always the awful or negative parts!” – “A consistent prayer life is absolutely indispensable! – Determined and faithful prayer can bring a gospel invasion, pushing back the evil forces! If you make prayer a business you can look back at the end of your days and you will be certain that your life has been a successful one! Because that’s what faith and prayer produce!” – “Unless the

Lord’s children make prayer a part of their life they can be certain that the devil will introduce all kinds of complications in their life!” – “If a person wishes to surmount serious problems and troubles he should build a bulwark against the future of Satan’s onslaughts! For Satan is busy setting traps and snares that people know nothing about until it’s too late! – Daily prayer will take one through it in good shape, or out of it completely; even preventing it from starting!”

One of the first things the Holy Spirit called to our attention – that there was a definite and regular hour of prayer established in the early church! – They went into the Temple at the hour of prayer, being the 9th hour. (Acts 3:1) Before God’s people can come together in unity as the body of Christ, they must unite in daily prayer! – “It is good to establish a regular time of prayer. Whether one is standing, kneeling or lying down, the Lord receives the prayer of faith!” – “And some instances a person can actually pray while going about their work. But don’t miss a day in contacting the Lord of Hosts!” – And Jesus said, He would supply your daily needs! “Give us this day our daily bread,” etc.

In God’s Love,

Neal Frisby