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“In this letter we will study the marvelous prophecies of Jesus who indeed gave incredible insight concerning His ministry and future events right up until our day and beyond! – First we will focus in on events that occurred during His time!”

“He foreknew the disciples would become fishers of men. (Matt. 4:19) – Foretold the drought of fishes. (Luke 5:4) – Foretells the transfiguration! (Matt. 16:28) … They saw His face melt away and changed to the light of the Eternal One glowing with life! (Luke 9:29) – Forecast a fish would have a coin in its mouth! (Matt. 17:27) – Foresees the raising of Lazarus! (St. John 11:11, 23) – Foretells the man bearing the pitcher! (Luke 22:10) – Foresees the furnished room for the Passover!” (Verses 11-12)

“Foresees Peter’s denial! (Matt. 26:34) – Foretells the scattering of the disciples! (Verse 31) – He predicted He would see His disciples after the resurrection! (Verse 32) – Foresees His burial! (Verses 10-12) – His betrayal to take place at the Passover and by one of His disciples! (Matt 26:2, 21) – He predicted the one that would betray Him! (Matt. 26:23) – Jesus prophesied the hour of His betrayal! (Verses 45-46) – Jesus predicts His death by crucifixion!” (John 3:14 – Matt. 20:18-19) – “Jesus predicts His resurrection on the third day. (John 2:19 – Luke 9:22) – He prophesied He would die and be raised again! (Matt. 17:22-23)

– He predicted the elect to have the keys to heaven. (Matt. 16:18-19) – He foretold Peter’s martyrdom! (John 21:18) – In a mysterious way He told of seeing John again on the Island of Patmos! (John 21:22) – He foretold the apostles would set on the throne of the 12 Tribes! (Matt. 19:28) – He foresaw the second drought of fishes! (John 21:6) – He predicted the thief would be with Him in Paradise! (Luke 23:43) – Jesus foretold of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit coming in His name!” (John 14:26 – Acts 2:4)

Events reaching into our time and hereafter! – “He foretold prophetic signs of His coming…He forecast the repeat of the wickedness of the days of Noah! (Luke 17:26-27) – And the commercial activities as of the days of Lot! (Verses 28-32) – He gave a prophecy concerning world evangelism, of which my partners are a part and a sign of! (Matt. 24: 14) – He forecast the national return of the Jews nearly 2,000 years in advance! (Luke 21:24, 29-30) – He also predicted that it would be fulfilled in one generation! (Matt. 24:33-35) – He forecast distress of nations and signs in the heavens (man landing on the moon! etc.) – He foresaw world revolutionary and extreme weather patterns! (Luke 21:25) – He prophesied the powers of the heaven being shaken by atomic explosion! (Verse 26) – He foresaw the modern day heart failures! – He gave a prophecy of one being taken and one being left at His coming!” (Luke 17:34-36)

“He foresees the sun and the moon being darkened! (Matt. 24:29) – He predicted the opening of the heaven! (John 1:51) – He gave a prophecy of the Great Tribulation! (Matt. 24:21) – He predicted the horrible destruction of life during that time! (Matt. 24:22)

– He predicted false prophets shall rise! (Matt. 24:4-11) – He foresaw the rise of false Christ’s at the end! (Matt. 24:24) – He predicted the abomination of desolation … (idolatry – anti-Christ worship) (Verses 15-18) – He predicted the days would be shortened, or no life would exist! (Verse 22) – And time of affliction worse than since the beginning of creation! (Mark 13:19) – He predicted the judgment would be as swift as in the days of Noah and as severe as in the days of Lot! (Luke 17:26-31) – He prophesied that the day of the Lord would come suddenly and as a snare upon the world! (Luke 21:35) – He forecast the hour of temptation to come on all the world!” (Rev. 3:10)

“He predicted great persecution of believers! (Mark 13:9-11) – He foresaw division and strife among professors! (Matt. 24:10) – He forecast apostasy in the Church! (Verse 12) – He predicted at the end armies would encompass Jerusalem! (Luke

21:20) – He foretold of the days of vengeance. (Verse 21:22) – He foretold the exact time that Great Tribulation would start!” (Matt. 24:15)

“Jesus also prophesied the coming of great earthquakes as the generation ends! Also wars, pestilence, poison chemicals in the cities, etc. – He foretold of revolutions, erratic and extreme pattern changes! – He predicted world hunger entering the Great Tribulation! – He foresaw fearful sights and great signs from the heavens! … This means celestial chariots, the coming of satanic lights and another purpose: atomic explosion, fearful sight! (Luke 21:10-25) – He predicted He would send a fire on the earth! (Luke 12:49) – Jesus also foresaw that huge asteroids (meteorites) would strike the earth and in the sea!” (Rev. 8:8-10)

“He foresaw all the world’s armies at Armageddon producing a river of blood! (Rev. 14:20, Rev. 16:16) – Jesus foresaw that His elect would escape these last events of the Tribulation! (Luke 21:36) – Truly the testimony of Jesus is definitely the spirit of prophecy! (Rev. 19:10) … And the gift of prophecy will be working at the end to guide and lead His elect in events to come, right up into the Translation!” – “This is only a partial list of the prophecies of Jesus that we print for your recalling and your end-time study! – His accuracy to foresee is incredible, and we did not consider in this writing all the prophecy that He gave to John in the book of Revelation; but we have already listed many of those in our letters, books and scripts.” – “Also He has given me many prophecies for His church as the age closes out! We are indeed blessed with many things!” – “He also predicted at the end of the age that a prophet would be associated to the calling of time!” (Rev. Chapter 10)

In the wonderful love of Christ,

Neal Frisby