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“In our last correspondence we spoke about the Ephesus Church Age. In this one we will reveal the prophecy of the Pergamos and Laodicean Age! From John’s Isle of abandonment he speaks to the Churches in Asia and, in so doing, to the Church Universal, the Church of all ages!” – “There were 7 Church Ages until our day, and we are in the last one now!” (Rev. 1:11) “We will show the characteristics of that age matching our age!” – Rev. 2:12, “The City of Pergamum was located east of Greece on the Turkish Peninsula! It was an imperial city of the Roman legions that conquered it! It was a city of art galleries, theaters, etc.” – “The early form of parchment was also invented here! – It was a center of allegiance to Rome and meant worship to Caesar!” – “The people also worshiped the god Zeus; they had a 40 -foot high altar seen throughout the city! – They also mixed healing techniques with idols where the “serpent god Asciepios” was worshiped! Stories of snake worship and exotic healing caused people to flock into the Temple to worship the “snake god” Asciepos.” – “Even today (in the U.S.A.) they have their cults in a variety of undesirable and vile worship, drugs, serpents, drink blood and so called sanctified prostitution, etc.” – “In this place called the ancient healing city of Asia Minor!” In Rev. 2:13, “John aptly termed it, even where satan’s seat is! If you think all of this is shocking, some of this will repeat again during the beast rule!

“A special part of the serpent worshiping was the healing tunnel called the sacred way. Those seeking treatment were given hallucinatory drugs, then while under the influence of drugs they walked through the snake infested tunnel! From openings in the ceiling voices whispered to the patients, you will be healed; all praise to the “serpent god, Asciepios” has touched your body, honor him, etc.” – “They were told to honor the serpent and they would be healed! History said that some declared wonders (but most died, from snake bite or emerged from the tunnel hopelessly insane or confused!)” – That’s why John said in verse 13, “I know where you live, it’s the place where satan has his throne!” – “But to those Christians who were victorious, verse 17 shows their reward!” “The actual movement of satan next from Pergamos, went to Rome, we know it as Babylon, wherein the Babylon system was set up! The Thyatira Age, verses 18-22!”

“Now let us take into consideration the last Church Age, Laodicea, (Rev. 3:14-16.) It was located inland from the north shore of the Mediterranean in what is now Turkey and is due east of Patmos! It was built in the center of Lycus Valley! It was known for its textile industry and produced remarkable soft glossy wool!” John was also aware of the agricultural abundance! Laodicea was well known for its medical school. They discovered white powdery medicine and different kinds of salves for eye problems. All of these achievements brought wealth and influence to the Laodiceans!” – “Wherein John said in verse 17, you are rich and increased in goods and need nothing, but you are wretched, poor and naked!” – Verse 18, he said, Thou art blind, anoint thine eyes with eye -salve that thou mayest see. Meaning spiritual revelation! Doctors have their place in society, but John saw that they had left the Lord out of their plans completely!” – “Laodicea under the Roman rule became an important city of commerce and trade! They

minted gold coins and trade flourished!” – “John knew Laodicea was the financial center of the Mediterranean world and said in Rev. 3:18, Buy of me “gold tried” in the fire! Meaning get the gold of God in a spiritual character instead of being worldly.”

“And here is something else that John saw and symbolized his writings. Laodicea’s water supply came from the cold distant mountain streams and from the hot springs 6 miles north of the city! In an effort to pipe both cold and hot water they built an elaborate water system! These aqueducts upon bringing the cool mountain water by the time they arrived became lukewarm, and on the other hand when they piped the hot water to the city it had to travel 6 miles distance and it cooled to a lukewarm temperature!”

“Also a high chemical content gave the water a nauseating taste, wherein John compared this with their spiritual condition and wrote in Rev. 3:15-16, Thou art neither cold nor hot! And because of you being lukewarm I will spue thee out of my mouth!” – “Also in our day the cold waters of the Babylon system have mixed with the hot waters of this last day revival in many places and will eventually produce a lukewarm spirit! And verse 17, the Lord will spue them out of His mouth!” – “That’s why the Lord Jesus told me to listen to Him and Him only, and not to man, and He would reward me and He certainly has! Some of the historical modern Churches who seem to be after the Pentecostal gifts and blessings but don’t want God’s Word and correction, will go in the direction of the Laodiceans! All this mixing of brotherly co-operation will produce a lukewarm spirit finally yielding to the anti-Christ system!” (II Thess. 2:4 – Rev. 13:11-18)

“We are warned by the spirit that some even speaking in tongues will be deceived and go through the Great Tribulation!” – “And there will be the true elect who speak in tongues and believe, who will be translated, because they kept the true Word and the others did not keep the Word with their experience!” – “As the age ends in prophecy the elect will be like Rev. 3:7-8, the Philadelphia Church – and the Church of Laodicea, Rev. 3:14-18, will join the beast system! Right now this is where the age is headed shortly, Rev. 3:10 (temptation) into Rev. 3:15 -17 headed up into Rev. 17 ending in Rev. chap. 16, great destruction for those who do not believe God’s Word, but accepted the anti -Christ word instead!” (II Thess. 2:8-12) “What happened in all the Church Ages will be prophetic of our day, characteristic of the good seed and the bad seed. You have the good seed and the bad seed! (Matt. 13:30) –

“God will take out the good seed! Remember the Christians of those ages survived all of those things and so will the elect of our day stand true and they will sit down in the throne of Jesus; and are to receive many other promises!” (Rev. 3:12) – Rev. 3:22, “He that hath an ear let him hear what the spirit saith unto the Churches!” “Let us daily watch for His coming!”

In God’s love, riches and glory,

Neal Frisby