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“In this letter we reveal some vital and interesting facts concerning the Church Ages – both the locations and characteristics of each age! The book of Rev. Chap 1:10-12 lists 7 churches of John’s day which was prophetic of church history down through our day in which the good and bad spirits will again prevail at the end of the age with the same warnings and rewards! And it will culminate in the Laodicean Age simultaneously with the faithful Philadelphia group!” (Rev. 3:7-8 – Rev. 3:14-17) “In other words what occurred in the prior ages will occur in a spiritual way at the end of the age!” – “Jesus said let them both grow together until harvest! (Matt. 13:30) Then suddenly there would come a purging, the chaff is blown out and the wheat (the bride) is taken to heaven!” – “The very next move for us is the uprooting and separation for translation!” – “Let’s turn and see the location where John received these revelations!” Rev. 1:4,9, “It was on the isle of Patmos between Greece and Turkey; it is located 40 miles east of the Turkish coast! The Roman authorities used it as a place of banishment! In 95 AD John the apostle was exiled in this place. He refused to worship the Roman gods and Emperor and stayed with the true Word! So they left him on the lonely, rocky isles of Patmos, but it was a spectacular opportunity for him because he saw Jesus again wherein Jesus revealed the deeds of the churches!” – “The whole revelation was ultra dramatic! John also saw the final judgment and whole world history in perfect order!”

“But let’s start first where these churches are listed again with the Ephesus Age and historical facts!” (Rev. 2:2-3) – Verse 4, “reveals the crime against the Lord, wherein He says, I am against thee because thou hast left thy first love!” – “They had left their ‘love concerning the Lord Jesus’ and His work!” In verse 5 He says, “For thou art fallen! Repent quickly or I will remove thy candlestick!” – “We see the same picture today in the Laodicean Age, His first love is forgotten and His work is secondary, but the bride will listen, but not the lukewarm!” “Paul set this age up but they did not follow through with his teachings!” – “Just east of Greece, in the part of Asia Minor which touches the Mediterranean on the western part of the Turkish peninsula – is the location of Ephesus.” – “When Apostle Paul arrived in Ephesus to preach, there was a great stirring, drama and violence exploded everywhere and it became a great uproar, for Paul had attacked the Diana worship, the sex goddess of the Ephesians!” – “He was in conflict with the silversmiths too, who made and sold silver statues of Diana and he was interrupting their trade and wealth!” Acts 19:24-41 reveals the whole commotion! – Also Rom. 1:22-28 reveals some of the vile acts! “When Paul spoke against this, the crowd became furious and angry! – The Ephesians’ sex oriented culture will parallel the culture that will appear at the end of the age! – There will be idols again.”

“Let’s find out more about Ephesus! It was an important seaport for merchant trade; it was one of the wealthiest and most magnificent cities on the Mediterranean! The ‘Temple of Diana’ attracted people from all over! It was considered one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world! The temple was 4 times larger than the Greek Parthenon! History says in it rested the many-breasted goddess Diana statue and an evil spirit dominated the masses with wild worship! And it goes on to say it was actually the worship of sex. Prostitution was part of the religious ritual!” – “It says hundreds of thousands came to participate yearly in this worship! The city rapidly gained a reputation as the pleasure seeking capitol of the Mediterranean.” – “It sounds like some of our notorious cities of today! Remember this was their way of religion and is repeating as the age ends in the anti-Christ system!” – “History records, prior to this, they actually made idols of nude men in extremely abnormal erection. They called the image the magnificent brute!” (II Peter 2:12) “Men and women bought them and it also symbolized the age of perversion that Satan dominated. (This matches the U.S.A. pornography age.) Even today in Athens tourists can see in a museum a statue of this type man in the exact depiction that we mentioned! They show it as an art work symbolizing the past

age. – Read again what they did and will do. Rom. 1:22 -28. – And, of all the things, they are making a small reproduction of this ‘brute statue’ carved in wood or bronze and are selling them for $50 or $100 to nations and people of the United States! People are actually putting them in their homes and going into idol sexual worship, and later all of this in a form of religion, including many other idols in a combination with the anti -Christ system! And they called it sanctified to do these things!” – “We were actually shown a reproduction of this sex idol and believe me it was an art work of evil seduction and abomination! There was an evil type presence surrounding it!” – “The lukewarm religions will be lured into this similarity and other idolatry of the beast system! (Rev. 9:20) Finally nations in total corruption!” (Jude 1:10, 13) Scrolls 72 and 73 give more information.

“Today the city of Ephesus lies in ruins, the great harbor is gone, only swamp and marshland remain! The city died and with it the early Ephesian church, except those that took the warning and repented and found their first love in Jesus again!” (Rev. 2:3-

  • “The bride in our age will take the warning! Each one of these Church Ages depicted to John, revealed the condition of the last Church Age, in finality, winding up like Rev. 3:16-17 joined to Rev. 17:5.” – “In our next letter we will take another

Church Age or two with its historical facts and we will see some more things that will occur as the age ends! In keeping with the Revelation we have listed the good and evil things of each age as the Holy Spirit has unctioned to reveal! We are sure you will find the next letter very interesting, revelatory and giving you more knowledge of the importance that Jesus attached to the Church Ages and their conclusion!”

In God’s love, riches and glory,

Neal Frisby