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“In this letter we will do a summary on brief subjects, plus some numerical patterns. God created Adam and out of the one He made two! – And by the end of time the population should be about 7 billion! – Adam and Eve were made in the image of God. At that time there was no sin so they, no doubt, similar to Him, shined with shekinah glory! – Of course, because of their disobedience, the shekinah glory parted. But salvation returned back to the saints and finally will be glori-fied! – The Bible says, a day with the Lord is as a thousand years, or a thousand years can be one day with Him! – He told Adam the day that he sinned he would surely die. He did, that one day was nearly a thousand years!” (Gen. 5:5) – “He died in the same day he lived according to God’s day!”

“Enoch was symbolic of the elect who will leave without dying! He was not because God took (translated) him! He lived to be 365. (Gen. 5:23-24) – Before the flood the calendar was 360 days a year! After the flood his age showed us what the Gentile calendar would be, 365 days in a year! Enoch, Elijah, David, Ezekiel and Elisha all got to see the great celestial ship of the Lord in all of its beautiful supernatural lights glowing with a magnetic presence beyond human description! For instance, Ezek. chap. 1 – II Kings 2:11 – The saints will definitely see this celestial wonder in heaven, and possibly before! … I have seen some beautiful sights here at Capstone. Concerning this and the glories and clouds of God, the elect are entering this dimension and it will grow in intensity as the departure takes place! – The real body of Christ should prepare because we are going to enter a real visitation not been seen before and will not last long in this ultra modern age we live in!”

“God the great calculator … In many ways He told the end in the beginning. He used the term 6 days and rested on the 7th type (Millennium!) If we use His calendar of 360 days, our time is already run out. But through mercy it seems that He will use the Gentile calendar and its nearly finished! Even in Adam living 930 years, the numerical value 70 years was left until the thousand years expired.” – “We find the Lord uses the number 7 to reveal a multitude of things, especially prophetic subjects such as Daniel’s 70 weeks! – Sixty-nine have expired, the 70 th week, the (last 7) years are about to begin! For an illustration we are going to show just how much the Lord used the ‘number 7’ in the book of Revelation concerning prophecy. And how valuable this number would be concerning the elect and Israel! – Also it is mentioned in the Old Testament. Seven occurs 287 times in the Bible! Seventh occurs 98 times. Sevenfold occurs seven times! – Isa. 11:2, mentions the sevenfold aspects of the Spirit! – God appointed the days of the week in sets of seven!”

Now we proceed in the book of Revelation. There was given 7 candlesticks (representing church ages.) – 7 stars, 7 angels, 7 revelative spirits of One God, “7 Thunders, 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 last plagues, 7 hills, (Babylon) Rome, 7 kingdoms, 7 Kings, and 7 horns and 7 eyes. (Rev. 5:6) 7 lamps of fire!” (Rev. 4:5) – And before the book closes there are seven new things mentioned! It is possible there might be a few more 7’s mentioned, but this should reveal the significance! – “It seems Jesus is spelling out in numerical values of His soon return. Also Jesus said He would shorten the days for the elect’s sake! – So as you can well see our time is transpiring now or shortly! – Remember this also, Jude 1:14, “says Enoch was the ‘seventh’ from Adam. And he was translated away. – My opinion is Jesus will return in the near future! In an hour that ‘ye think’ not, behold I come quickly!”

Note: “Also Israel will have some more crises in the years ahead. This will be their most vital period that they have had in over 6,000 years! – Oh how they will say, blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord. And believe me, they most certainly will need the God of Jacob. The Messiah (Jesus) will intervene! Surely all of this is enough to make every Christian sober and vigilant. For signs everywhere tell us He is even at the door!”

In His Abundant Love,

Neal Frisby