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“In this particular study we will take into consideration the number 7 and its numerical and symbolic value as well as several other numbers!” II Kings 4:32-37, “reveals the divine truth foreshadowing the ages through our time.” Verse 32, “reveals the child was dead!” Verse 35, “reveals Elisha covered himself over the child like the Holy Spirit and the child sneezed 7 times and opened his eyes!” “The 7 sneezes symbolizes God’s breath coming into the church and out in 7 different ages restoring life (revival)!” “Each time that it organized and died, He restored life back again! Rev. 1:20 and chapters 2-3 ending in the Laodicean Age in Rev. 3:14!” “The number 7 here also reveals the 7 breaths (spirits) of God going forth into all the earth! 7 horns (churches), 7 eyes (the 7 spirits of God)!” Rev. 5:6. – “Now watch this, II Kings 4:36 He said, “take up” thy son! And verse 37 records she “took up her son, and went out”! And in our time the elect man child will be “taken up” and “out”! (Rev. 12:5) – After restoration, (Joel 2:25-26.) According to the book of Revelation, as the last of the 7 church ages end

God will take out one select group and it will make up the company to be translated!” Out of the 7 ages will come forth one chosen group; this will include those who have passed on before who we will meet in the clouds (glory)!

  • Kings 4:38-44, “reveals there were several other miracles! It records a dearth was in the land! And no doubt just before the translation there will be a dearth that will lead to a severe famine on into the Great Tribulation!” – “The United States may be a bread basket now but during the Tribulation it will even reach this land in severity!” – “Near or upon entering the Tribulation all currency could also be declared worthless, and only what was issued from the anti-Christ would be considered money! So let us use what we can for the precious gospel now, because later for food and value a number will be given!” (Rev. 13:15-18) Also in Elisha’s case here food was involved, but the Lord worked a miracle! (II Kings 4,verses 40-
  • – And you can read a miracle occurring in verses 42-44 in similarity with Christ feeding the 5 thousand with the loaves of bread; and there was left over some!” – “When people get hungry enough (desperate) for the spirit, the Lord will have plenty of spiritual power for them too!”
  • Kings 5:10, “records another miracle associated with the number 7 wherein Elisha told Naaman to go and wash in Jordan “7 times” and he would be healed!” Verse 11-12, “reveals he was wroth and he went away in a rage at first! This is like the churches today wanting it their way, but like Naaman they must learn that God’s way is superbly better!” Verse 14, “reveals he finally dipped himself “7 times”, and his flesh came again like the flesh of a little child, and he was clean!” “This is symbolic of God taking the church out of the mud 7 different times and restoring it in clean righteousness!” “At the final 7th time (age) the church elect (flesh) will be changed like unto the flesh of a little child! No matter how old a person is or (dead), he will be changed to a new translative (life) person! As you know leprosy is a form of the dead and living flesh. His miracle is a type of the resurrection flesh joining those which are alive!” – “Also the elects’ eyes will be completely opened to the last revelations at the 7th time! II Kings 4:35, Elisha was associated to the number 7 again, II Kings 8:1, a 7 year famine.”

“Also similar miracles took place in the ministry of Elijah! Also there will be a double witness of his power at the end, the former and latter rain! There was a former prophet and there is now a latter prophet!” Let’s read I Kings 18:41-45, “wherein we see the “number 7” involved again, where as this is symbolic of the “7 times” until God gets just what He wants! Upon the “7th time” a little cloud like a man’s hand appeared and a great rain came!” Verse 41, “reveals the “sound!” After “7 movements” of power, the sealed away elect will stand before God!” (Rev. 4:1-2) – “Also notice in the I Kings chapter the word sound, hand, a little cloud and the number 7.” Some of these same things are involved in Rev. chap. 10. “And this chapter gives a perfect symbolic picture of a great supernatural outpouring!” Verse 1, “you have the cloud, the fire (lightning), the rainbow and the sun, revealing the beginning and the ending of a mighty rain!” “With this in verses 2-7 you have the hand, the little book, the thunder and sound; all involved with rain (revival)!” Also verse 4 reveals “7 thunders”, and it mentions seal up “those things” (secrets). “What are those things?” “They are the secrets that will be revealed in verse 7 messenger!” “I think it would be appropriate to take this directly from the New Testament Greek Text, the rendering is! Verse 7” “But in the days of the speaking of the 7th angel when he is ready to proclaim (sound), then the secret of God will be completed according as he had promised to his own servants the prophets!” – The “secret in those things” is God’s last movement, times, the season, the Headstone secret, the revealing “evidence of His real live glories” and Bible mysteries, and to restore the earth back to the saints! – “7 is God’s number of restoration and spiritual perfection!” – “Number 10 means the completion of a cycle, the conclusion, to finish!” – “3 is divine perfection and 5 is a redeeming number!” – “The 7th angel is Christ in a messenger!” – And now Rev. 22:16. This text is taken from the original rendering (Greek text.) “I, Jesus, have sent My messenger to you to declare these events in the assemblies, I am the root and the offspring of David, the radiant, the Morning Star!” – “Messenger here means the same as angel directing a servant!”

God bless, love and protect you,

A Servant of Jesus Christ


Neal Frisby