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“We are living in an hour of reality of the forming or restoration of the beast power from the past into the present!” In Rev. 13:1, “John saw a beast ascend out of the sea having 7 heads and 10 horns with 10 crowns. This shows 6 past kingdoms and one present kingdom formed (the 7th head anti-christ) and the new element the 10 crowned horns involved 10 kings who joined the anti-christ system at the end! This depicts the revised kingdoms of West and East Europe, also Russia is included in this formation.” “In verse 2 it gives the symbols of some of these various kingdoms.” – And the dragon (satan) gave him his power and put him in his position! – “In verse 3, one of his heads was wounded to death, and his deadly wound was healed and all the world wondered after the beast! Often prophecy has a compound meaning. It can be classed as a spiritual wounding in the past history, but “without a doubt” it is a physical wounding to take place in our era! (age!)” It is the 7th head which is wounded so that it can make way for the “8th head” in its final form, the beast (Rev. 17:10 -11) but it is still of the 7th head! Evidently he is wounded and rises again in the “final vile form”, because verse 5 reveals he is given “only 42 months” to continue after this revealing, it is definitely present tense! – “It shows this change begins in “the middle” of his 7 year period! It is then that his real fierce diabolical identity is unmasked, and he begins his savage reign the last 3 ½ years! The Bride has already been taken up! (Rev. 12:5) His hatred is now against the Tribulation saints and Jews, verse 7.” – “If you will remember it will be like the classic story, he (anti-christ) will come in as Dr. Jekyll, soft spoken “benefactor and peace maker” and will go out like Mr. Hyde, an “evil destroyer!” Although he is the same person a personality change occurs after the wounding and the beast spirit of the pit enters him!” (Rev. 17:8)

“Also in Rev. 13:11, reveals another beast coming up out of the earth with 2 horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon!

This is all the rich false harlot religions, dead Protestant federation, Laodicean spirit, etc.” Rev. 3:14, 18, “Joined in Church and State power! Verse 12, reveals he has power like the first beast, causing the world to worship the first beast whose deadly wound was healed! Between the two beasts they will have power that no man may work, buy or sell without a mark. They have absolute control over commerce and world trade!”

“Some of the controls we see today foreshadow some kind of strict measures in the future! The anti-christ system will control water, food and transportation. Of course all of the controls will lead into an intended trap, complete government control of world economy and the loss of all economic and political freedom! The above gives only part, he will use other schemes also!” – “Already this coming system has changed the times, holiday seasons and laws, just like Daniel said in Dan. 7:25!” Also in Rev. 18:3, 12-15, it shows the great commercial trade the anti-christ system (first beast) is able to bring in! This is the Roman prince and the Babylon system with world control, worship and dominance!” “The man of fierce countenance is able to bring in prosperity! (Dan. 8:25) – “It is very possible that it will occur like this. Out of what looks like world depression will suddenly come in prosperity by the anti-christ system. But shortly this will be accompanied by a number or mark. He will be called the man of the hour!” – “The elect will possibly see a preparation glimpse of him before the inhuman change occurs in final beast form!”

PROPHETIC EVENTS AND PROPHECY FULFILLING – “Major crises have been happening one right after the other!” – Famines are beginning more so all over the world. – United States warned food crisis could be next in the future! – World trade and Babylon will blend and work right into world trade mart. (Rev. 18) Nations will join to idolatry. – “The fluc-tuation of money and problems are all over the world!” – The energy crisis will affect us in new events. This reminds us of the symbolism in Rev. 12:5, the elect are ready to unite and line up with the Capstone ministry!” “The earth will be going through intense and much change. The heavens and the sea will be involved and there will be also earthquakes!” – “The Bible often speaks of the sun and the moon, and scientists report the sun is going through solar cycles. Solar activity affects the earth. They occur every 11 years. They can be intense.” With all the world problems there will certainly rise into appearance “the man of sin” and his plans! “Also the Lord Jesus will appear to His bride with His final plans now!”

Rev. 13:1 and 2

Dan. 7:19 and 20

Your Friend,

Neal Frisby