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“It is to be remembered when Daniel the prophet received a series of dramatic visions and valuable messages that a certain figure appeared to him, which was the Lord God hidden in an unusual form! This same one has revealed things to me!” Let us describe this magnificent personage: In Dan. 10: 5, 6, “Then I lifted up mine eyes and looked, and behold a certain man clothed in linen whose loins were girded with fine gold of Uphaz!” (Gold denotes deity, and his loins were threaded with it!) “His body was also like the beryl!” Beryl is symbolic of a smooth hard mineral substance, showing his body was smooth in perfection without blemish, a magnetic glassy appearance. “A honey harvest transparent look; but today’s dictionary de-scribes (beryl) as a pale greenish blue (aqua hue) similar to Rev. 4:3. – Evidently it is a mixture of transparent colors!” There evidently was an opening in the clothing to reveal this. Because his face was as the appearance of lightning, and his eyes as lamps of fire, and his arms and his feet like in color to polished brass! “His face would be beyond the brightest white look in dimension and give the appearance of an emanating electric like movement! And His eyes would be flickering inside like “Rubies of Fire” in a lamp, and his arms and feet would be the color of polished brass, meaning smooth and shining, de-noting all things will be judged and put under his feet!”

“The voice of his words was like the voice of a multitude!” This denotes it would be like many people talking at one time in complete unison as if it were really one voice talking. “This was the Almighty uttering to the prophet!” – (It could be prophetic of and also denote each of the real elect of God is a personality of His spirit speaking with His words and witness-ing for Him, because each of us speak a little bit differently with His Holy Spirit working through us bringing His words forth! However this particular (part) is only an opinion. It reveals the fullness of all things in mysteries was within Him! “Also remember the 7 Thunders uttered their voices; this was deity talking and revealing! And he is beginning to bring this to His people today!” (Rev. 10:3, 4) – “However it was an awesome appearance, one all would do well to remember! Daniel’s strength vanished from him, even the men who were with him who did not see the vision, began to quake and fled! (Read verses 7 and 8) – “Then another angel appeared to Daniel and spoke to him! Verses 10 through 15, then in verse 16, the Lord appeared to him again!

EVENTS TO COME – “Watch Russia, China, Western Europe and the Middle East! – And a super state church will rise and ungodly pressure will be brought over the world with extreme persecution! This system will control the wealth! – (Dan. 8:25 – Rev. 17:1-5) “Out of economic chaos for a while this united system will bring prosperity, then this graduates into the worst diabolical state and scheme ever seen turning into the mark of the beast! The people will finally be brought to the lowest class of slaves and peons the world has ever seen! What promised to be such a great blessedness, peace and prosperity turns into the most controlling dictatorship ever seen, as the madness of the anti-christ finishes his course!” (Rev. 6:8 – Rev. 13:15-18) “Shortages and famine appearing everywhere, finally plagues poured out! (Rev. Chaps 15 and 16) – “They have the computer system now that could mark and number the whole earth! Credit changes and restrictions will be coming!”

PROPHECY FULFILLING – There is so much prophecy taking place we don’t have space to mention it all, except to say there has been a siege of tornadoes, destructive floods, great earthquakes and a plague of epidemic diseases in many parts of the world. – “Let us all watch and pray, remembering the Lord’s promises and His final movements upon the earth!”

Rev. 13:1 and 2

Dan. 7:19 and 20


Neal Frisby