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“In this letter we will build faith and power by describing some remarkable and wonderful appearances of the Lord! – For He certainly revealed unto His people some convincing manifestations!” – “When He created our galaxy evidently He appeared in the most intense light; the one that man cannot approach! And as He spoke things formed and went into their proper places!” … “Speak the Word only in faith and the miraculous is around you to heal and supply your needs!” – In Gen. 3:24, “He was as a flaming sword spinning as eyes looking in every direction surrounded by a cherubim glow! – Sparkling rays of life!” – “All things are possible to him that believeth! … denoting action of faith!” – Here is another rare appearance. Ex. 24:10, “They saw the living God standing on a pavement of bright sapphire stone; It was as clear as the heavens! – It says they ‘saw God’ in a form that they could look upon, and under His feet was a special glory as looking through a blue jewel!”

Ezek. 1:4, 26 -28, “The prophet saw a huge cloud pulsating with fire in a glowing amber that flashed a fiery presence. – It was literally alive with God!” … In later verses it revealed that as the cloud moved back out of the way a throne was seen as God set in the form of an angel! And the spiritual colors from it formed a glowing halo, like a rainbow all around Him, as the form of His body was dazzling fire! – Because the prophet got a closer look at Him in Ezek. 8:2, he saw a form … “His waist down He was made of fire, and from His waist up He was of amber color brightness!” – A most convincing manifestation to say the least! – And as the age closes, He will manifest Himself in various ways to His people and do great exploits among them! … There are so many different scriptural manifestations from the Lord that we cannot record them all here, but we will do a few more!

Dan. 10:4-6 (Here is a wonderful interpretation of this appearance.) – “The Lord appeared suddenly before Daniel, robed in beautiful garments. The presence around His waist was pure gold. His skin was as a lustrous glow; out of His face came blinding flashes like lightning; His eyes seemed like torches and were as pools of fire. His arms and His feet shone like polished brass, the look of eternal strength! – His voice was as the roaring of a multitude!” – The following verses revealed the vision was so awesome that it changed the color of Daniel’s skin. He was terrified and weak, he fainted! And he rose up trembling with the help of another angel! … It definitely seems that Daniel got in touch with the Alpha and Omega of Rev. Chap. 1. “His infinite body shook the earth where they were standing!”

A person can receive anything that he needs from the Lord. Only believe in His promises and in some way He will manifest His presence of divine love, care and power! – The Holy Spirit is not limited, because on the day of Pentecost He was also seen in many tongues of fire! – “In the Temple with Ezekiel it appeared in coals of fire! – Isaiah saw such a startling description of the Lord that he felt like a sinner and rededicated his life and went on to write one of the greatest books in the Bible!” (Isaiah Chapter 6) – “Actually there is no word to describe the glory of the Lord, it is so spectacular in appearance that even prophets are speechless!” – And Jesus said, “Ask anything in My name and I will do it!” … “No matter what problem, sickness or trouble that confronts you, the Holy Spirit is around to give you the desires of your heart! The Great Comforter! – He will cause you to bubble in joy with a happy heart and mind! – Praise Him!”

Hab. 3:3-11, Although this is a minor prophet, he saw an incredible display of God’s forces and tremendous power! – He saw the Lord moving across the desert from Sinai. And as we take into consideration what every word means, here is an interpretation and description of what he saw! – “His brilliant splendor was seen in heaven and earth … From His hands flashed rays of streaming light; within these rays was the hiding place of His power! – He suddenly stops, he stands still, he measured the earth, He shook the nations! – Before Him went the pestilence, the burning plague followed His feet!” – This evidently takes in the very end of the age as atomic radiation and diseases are swept away! – “It was as though the great deep and the hills and mountains cried out in surrender! – The sun and the moon obeyed His very look! – His presence was in the form of an arrow and the flash of a glittering spear!” – These few verses deal in the magnetic and cosmic forces of the Most High as His spirit commands! – “It reveals that He is going forth in battle, and the earth must bow to His presence!” – “There is no prayer too hard for Him to answer. There is no heart too hard that He cannot break and let His spirit shine through! – There is no oppression or anxiety that can stand before Him! He commands our peace; we accept it!”

In Rev. 1:12-13, “John saw the Lord Jesus standing in the midst of 7 golden candlesticks (representing His 7 church ages), as though ready to be formed into His body!” – As He stated in Rev. 3, “Buy of me gold tried in the fire, the character of salvation and real power, durable and lasting!” … “His hair was anointed with a snowy presence, white as the purest light. – The presence in His eyes penetrated like flames of fire. His voice thundered as many waters coming together! … Out of His mouth came a sharp two-edged sword!”

– Mixing with all the beautiful light one can almost feel the blue hues dancing in the light! – Also the Scriptures reveal to us in Luke 9:29-30 that “Jesus’ face and body was altered back into the eternal state they were before He came! – He had a radiant cosmic look that began to flash like different forms of infinite lightning, and then it changed back into the form that He was as the Messiah!” – Read Matt. 17:2. – Also the appearance in Rev. Chap. 10 gives a magnificent display of the Lord’s various manifestations! … “If you put all the colors together mingled in fire, light and clouds, you would see what the resurrection and translation power would look like, that transforms our bodies into eternal life!” –This chapter revealed an electrifying appearance as noted by the thunderings that were sounded! – “Awake!”

Rev. 19:12-15 reveals that this appearance gets things done quickly! There is no argument about it! – “Out of His eyes come flaming thunderbolts, and out of His mouth comes a sword-like presence that literally shakes and controls the nations!” – “I was inspired to write these manifestations and feel this letter is heavily anointed by the Holy Spirit. His salvation and deliverance is for all who need it. Ask and receive it! Healing and health is yours! Let me say this, one may not always see His presence, but you will feel it as He blesses you! – Great things are ahead for His people!”

In God’s love and blessings,

Neal Frisby