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“All signs point to the closing of the age! – Bible prophecy strongly indicates this! . . . But also as if this was not enough, some scientists and those who study the earth’s conditions and atmosphere tell us that this civilization cannot survive long under these conditions. Of course some say an Atomic War would end it before this time! – But as we see even those who do not understand the Bible, now give it a grim outlook! – But we have a more sure word of prophecy as the ‘day Star’ arises in our hearts revealing things to come in a dark age!” – “We are not in darkness that that day should overtake us as a thief!” (I Thess. 5:4)

Let us review some facts that even those we mentioned are aware of now! – “As you remember the prophecy concerning the sun and its effects upon the earth, people and weather! . . . I touched on this subject here quite awhile back!” – “Science has discovered there is a large hole in our ozone layer at the North and South Pole and it is spreading! – It is this layer that protects us from the sun’s harmful rays! – They fear this opening will expand destroying much of the ozone layer; and each year this will cause more skin cancers . . . especially those who are in the sun for long periods! – Just lately the news reported this, showing pictures of the way it is occurring!” – “Right now this is not so bad, but they fear it will increase! God’s plagues cause

  • noisome and grievous sore upon men who have the Mark of the Beast! (Rev. 16:2) – Verses 9-11 really shows the intensification of this!” – “So we see in a smaller way now . . . prophecy is casting its shadow before the major part! – Jesus positively said, there shall be signs in the sun!” (Luke 21:25)

Pestilence was predicted to occur as our age ends! – This is happening in many different ways – water, air, crops, etc.!” – “Also pollution has become another ominous threat. In many places it has turned the sky from blue to a dull gray color especially around our large cities . . . and the Scriptures predicted there would be a ‘darkness and gloominess’ leading to and worsening in the Great Tribulation!”

“Because of the exploding population various nations are now worried they will not have enough food, as famine and drought have already ravished many sections of the earth! – And the population is expanding . . . China alone governs one billion people, not including Asia, India and etc.!” – “Even one bad crop concerning those nations who supply the world’s food production, and it would cause shear panic across the earth! – And later in the age a severe famine and food shortage definitely occurs! – Food is rationed and is very scarce!” – “There is definitely coming social unrest and civil uprisings world-wide! . . . And the governments are not really preparing right now for this and the other problems! – Much of this will take place just before the mark is given! . . . Violence and terror will spread throughout the earth and strong measures will be taken by a dictator!” – “The Lord revealed to me that men – rich, religious and political – are secretly working on a world constitution . . . a set of new laws and standards and a whole new religious and economic system! – This will appear at the proper time!”

“All these signs indicate the Lord’s return is soon. – We see more evidence in the crime wave, a drug dependent society, the threat of nuclear war, terrorism and the youth problems! – All this witnesses that the hour is at hand! – Plus according to the Bible time cycles we now complete 6,000 years of man’s week; and we are on ‘borrowed time’ in a transition period!” – “Here is another type of time cycle that I preached at Capstone and will consider here! – Not many have realized this important time measure. . . . God’s events are in a time pattern and to occur in certain era’s of history! – Now God uses 40 year cycles concerning Israel, but in these measures he uses 35 years to a generation!” – And we read in Matt. 1:17, “So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations!” – Each 14 generations as we see is 490 years! – This must have been very important or the Lord would not have associated it to His first coming! – And now if we take from Christ, 4 x 490 brings us to the 1960’s! “The cycles indicate that for the Church and Israel it is going to be a very significant period!” – “From now on, we are crossing into divine providence! – We should be prepared to leave at any time! . . . Each year is going to be very valuable to the Christian! – Our time is limited, we must swiftly do our work in the harvest!”

“Time will continue in some startling and shocking events! – Many unusual and different things are going to occur! – But it is in the future that in every category the most catastrophic, fearful and perilous events take place . . . some not known in world history yet!” – “It will be the dark age of apocalyptic events! – The nations are in store for a real shock treatment! – And the Scriptures say the evil populous will not be aware of the approaching dilemma, but the wise will understand! – But even Israel and some of God’s people right now do not even see the danger and the shortening of this era!” – Jer. 8:7, “Yea, the stork in the heaven knoweth her appointed times; and the turtle and the crane and the swallow observe ‘the time’ of their coming; but my people know not the judgment of the Lord!” – “There is coming a world revolution that will merge into the apocalyptic events of the Great Tribulation! – And according to the Scriptures all of these events will come ‘as a snare’ upon the whole earth! – Now is the time to watch and pray, and be ye also ready! – Jesus is coming soon!”

In His Abundant Love,

Neal Frisby