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“In this special writing we will let science and some writers using the dynamics of the human body to reveal a message showing God’s greatness in creation!” The Bible in majestic language declares that “the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground” (Gen. 2:7). This refers to the chemical composition of man – his material, physical aspects. The Bible continues: “ . . . and (God) breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul” (Gen. 2:7). Man is basically, therefore, a material entity, and more importantly, he is a spiritual entity. God controls the beginning of this single human cell and develops it into 100 trillion cells by adult life.

“Even the best language we can summon cannot describe the mind-boggling marvel of a tiny single human cell that we call a fertilized egg – the delicate, awesome beginning of a human life. A human embryo, with its single cell, multiplies into 100 trillion cells by the time it has exploded into adulthood!” Is it any wonder King David was inspired to exclaim, “I was . . . curiously wrought (literally embroidered)” (Psalms 139:15). The Psalmist was alluding to the veins and arteries which lace through the body like colored threads! – Also read verses 14, 16.

That God has a special plan for every human being is true, once we take time to consider it. What builder would attempt to construct an important edifice without a blueprint? Yet man is far more complex and is infinitely more valuable than the greatest building or computer. The human body is a masterpiece of creation! It is constructed with a heart that pumps hundreds of quarts of blood through the veins daily! Day in and day out the stomach and liver perform prodigious wonders of metabolism that take energy from the food as it is digested and make it available to the bloodstream. The skin not only protects the body, but by means of its thousands of sweat glands, faithfully regulates the temperature of the body. When the body is normal, the temperature hovers close to 98.6, even when the outside temperatures fluctuate from 60 below zero to 120 above. The eye, infinitely more delicate and complex than a television picture tube, has millions of nerves that respond to the sensation of light and color and send the impressions to the brain as a complete image, exactly reproducing the scene before the eye! The lungs gather oxygen from the air and feed the blood, which in turn takes the needed substance to every part of the body! The lungs exhale the useless carbon dioxide. In that same bloodstream there are millions of white corpuscles that are constantly on the alert for intruding bacteria. Upon discovery, the bacteria are vigorously attacked and destroyed!

Perhaps the most astounding fact of all is that the genes of two parents will unite to produce another human being in their likeness, who in turn possess the same capacity to reproduce! – But the body is the lesser of man’s triune nature of body, soul, and spirit! No wonder the Psalmist said, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made!” (Ps. 139:14).

Is it possible that God having made so wonderful a creation as man should cast him adrift having no plan for his life? No! “Jesus has a plan for your life here and in Heaven too! – Man is a witness and a soul winner – the proof of a living God!”

Bible scholars have long taught that the human body, untainted by sin, was originally designed by God to last approximately 1,000 years! – For instance, the first godly men whose names are recorded in the Bible lived close to that span. Enos lived 905 years, Cainan 910 years, Noah 950 years (Gen. 9:29), Adam 930 years, Seth 912 years, Jared 962 years, Methuselah 969 years! (Check Genesis chap. 5) The Millennium, the golden age on earth, will be for a thousand years and “there shall be no more thence an infant of days . . . for the child shall die a hundred years old.” (Isa. 65:20) Astonishing! One must know the elect is translated before the Millennium and will rule and reign with Christ during this time and throughout eternity in the Holy City!

“Now added to all the body wonders a person with salvation and the spirit can by faith work miracles and wonders, even creating to bring healing! The personal body is unique in another way; at the end the spiritual soul will prophecy of the Lord’s coming with urgency giving forth the season of His return! – And this same marvelous body continues and is changed into a glorified state and lives forever with the Lord Jesus! Amazing!”

“God foreknew Jeremiah, Isaiah, David and the prophets, and He gave forth His will to them! – The Lord also foreknows all His people great and small! – You often hear some say, what is the will of God? The same as the prophets, to do His work!”

“If you are supporting and praying to save souls you can be sure you have outwitted the devil and you will find a great part of the will of God in your life! – So you have the key to His will. And if anything else should be added to the will of God, he will guide you because you are assisting in the gospel work! Trust, believe it! – The prophets were soul winners and so are we in this work! – And those helping in the gospel will find satisfaction in their souls and will be rewarded here and in heaven for supporting the gospel of the Lord Jesus!” – “Harvest of souls is the real will of God!”

God’s people are now becoming “the arrow” in His bow, the rock in His sling, the traveler in His wheel! (Ezek. 10:13) – The rays of His sun, the reflection of His moon! (Rev. chap. 12) – The voice in His power against evil forces! – Also they are the beauty of his rainbow, and so shall they be clothed with His spirit! He cares for His people!

In His Abundant Love,

Neal Frisby