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“In this special writing we will reveal the importance of the all powerful Holy Spirit!” – St. John 20:22, “And when He had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them receive ye the Holy Ghost!” – Evidently they received it in measure, but He was revealing to them that he was coming in the form of the Holy Spirit as their comforter! Because the Holy Spirit comes in His name! (St. John 14:25-26) And also the real outpouring of the spirit came in Acts 2:4 when they all prayed in unity! – “Suddenly there came the sound of swift speeding wind and the whole house was filled with glory! – Then of course tongues like fire set upon them parting and flickering in every direction on them! And of course then they spoke in tongues in earthly and heavenly voices!” – And as the age ends, as the body of Christ gets in unity across the nations in one accord, spiritually speaking, another mighty rushing wind of the Holy Spirit, like a clap of thunder, will anoint and then soon rapture the body away in translation after a short restoration revival! – O, I can feel the stirring of the Spirit wind in the trees and the waters of salvation dancing like the wind blowing on the seas among the elect churches! – Sound the revelation trumpet, leap for joy, our God cometh quickly with the sound of revival rain!

Let us study the various phases and work of the Holy Spirit! – John 14:16-17, “He is the precious Comforter, our caretaker! As we love and believe Him, He will abide with us forever!” – “The Holy Spirit will teach us all things!” (John 14:25-26) – “Not only this, but He will bring all things to your remembrance that you have studied in the Bible!” – “He will correct oppression and depression and give you a sound mind! – Also the Holy Spirit will testify of the Lord Jesus!”

“The Holy Spirit will convict the world of sin, righteousness, judgment!” (John 16:7-8) – “To guide into ALL truth!” (John 16:12-13) – “We are baptized in water and fire of the Holy Spirit in the name of the Lord Jesus!” (Acts 2:38-39)

“To show us things to come!” (John 16:13) – “The Holy Spirit will forecast the future and revealing to the church where it is headed; also will unveil the book of Daniel, also the future events in the book of Revelation. In fact it will reveal the apocalypse of the whole Bible!” – “In John 16:14, He gives orders to the Holy Spirit! Jesus said, He shall glorify me! And what He received from Me, He will shew it unto you!”

In I Tim. 6:15-16, “reveals at the proper time He will show who is the ONLY potentate, the King of kings, and the Lord of lords; who only hath eternal life! – Dwelling in a light which no man can approach or hath seen! – The Great Creator!” (Col. 1:16-17 – John 1:1-3, 14) “The name of the father is the Lord Jesus Christ!” (St. John 5:43 – Isa. 9:6)

“The Holy Spirit will give unto those that ask! (Luke 11:13) He shall be a well of water springing up within! – Bringing forth the fruits of the spirit and the powerful gifts of the spirit, bubbling forth with merriment, joy, peace, rest and happiness, refreshing the human body and soul!” (John 4:14) – “In other words, out of the believer will flow gushing rivers of living water!” (The essence of eternal life.)

“The Holy Spirit is the source of the new birth!” John 3:8, “The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof!” – “He has quickened the believer in healing, restoring and in Word, and resurrection power!” – “And now may we finish with this all important Scripture, He shall give us power to witness! Even to the uttermost parts of the earth! (Acts 1:8) And that’s exactly what you and my partners are doing now in my literature and new projects, etc.! – And as the Bible says, let us do all that we can to get it to every creature!” (Mark 16:15)

“After you receive salvation the Holy Spirit is abiding in you, so rejoice and praise Him and He will vibrate you with power; because the Bible says the kingdom of God is within you! – You have all power to believe and act to bring forth your desires and needs! – The Holy Spirit will prosper and provide a way for those who help in this precious gospel! – Let us consider this ALL powerful name!” – “If ye ask anything in my name (Jesus) I will do it! (John 14:14) – Whatsoever ye ask in my name I will do it! (Verse 13) – Ask in my name and receive that your joy be full!” (John 16:24)

“These signs shall follow in my name! (Mark 16:17 -18) – “All things possible to the believer!” (Mark 9:23) – “Nothing shall be impossible!” (Matt. 17:20) – “He shall have whatsoever he saith!” (Mark 11:22 -23) – “Speak the Word only!” – “Believe that ye receive and ye shall have!” (Verse 24) – Such power in us from that name, Lord Jesus, wherein we can say, Matt. 7:8, “For everyone that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened!” – “And this letter has opened the door of the Holy Spirit to give you your heart’s desire! So commit your way unto the Lord! – Praise and believe Him daily!” – “One final thing, in the name of the Lord Jesus you will receive strength! In that name you can renew thy youth like the eagles! (Ps. 103:5) Restorative power!” – “That name is alive with energy in you! – Jesus is dynamic! Amen!”

In God’s Abundant Love,

Neal Frisby