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“This is a vital and important special writing to those seeking deliverance! Study and read this closely and you should be a new person in how to approach to receive!” “First the potentials of faith are incredible to him that believeth!” (Active) – By faith all things are possible! (Mark 9:23) and by faith nothing shall be impossible! (Matt. 17:20) – “First Christ condemns those who oppose divine healing . . . and declared that Satan does not cast out Satan! (Luke 11:17-18) Also remember this, what do the opposers have to offer to the sick person! (Verse 19) – Also that healing of the sick is proof of the coming of the kingdom of heaven! (Matt. 12:28) – Many times people do not receive because they have a desire to see before believing!” (John 4:48) “But by faith and acting thou shall see the glory of God!” (John 11:40) But doubts can take the miracle out of your reach! – Remember Peter’s walking upon the water? (Matt. 14:31) And when the waves and wind tested him, he failed to hold his steadfastness! So when you are tested just hold your confidence!” – (This is a good writing for you to give or read to your friends who need deliverance!)

You must not only have confidence in God, but also in the man who is praying for you. Also the sick person has a responsibility for his healing, and Jesus brought this point out. . . . “Wilt thou be made whole?” (John 5:6) “See it is up to you! The work is finished! By whose stripes ye are healed! – No miracle can come without ‘acceptance and expectation’ and by clinging to the promise, short term or long term, it will certainly be manifested! . . . Also forgiveness of sins is also associated with the healing of the body!” (Matt 9:5-6 – Ps. 103:1-3 – James 5:15) “Read these 3 Scriptures and your faith will be increased greatly! Now your heart should be preparing for these next Scriptures, putting your faith into action!”

“Acceptance denotes action.” – “To the centurion, go thy way; as thou hast believed, be it unto thee!” (Matt. 8:13) The Bible says, “Speak the Word only!” – “To the blind man, according to your faith be it unto you!” (Matt 9:29) – To Bartimaeus, go thy way; thy faith hath made thee whole!” (Mark 10:52) – “Many miracles are instantly! – And immediately his leprosy was cleansed!” (Matt.8:3) “And immediately she was made straight and glorified God! (Luke 13:13) – And in the ‘same hour’ He cured many of their infirmities and plagues!” – “To the nobleman, Go thy way, thy son liveth! (John 4:50) – To the man with the withered hand, stretch forth thy hand!” (Matt. 12:13) – “These Scriptures reveal action!”

“Jesus commanded us and the disciples to bring salvation and healing to the multitudes!” (Luke 10:9) . . . “Jesus gives us power over all the power of the enemy! (Luke 10:19) . . . In His name is the power and the authority. He that believeth on the Lord Jesus, greater works shall he do! (John 14:12) . . . These incredible super signs shall follow them that believe!” (Mark 16:17-18)

“Now the one who desires healing must know that it is the will of the Lord to heal; and it definitely is! It is as much His will as it is for you to have salvation and to breathe His air! (Luke 4:18-20) . . . Christ was anointed to deliver the captives!” . . . “Concerning healing, Jesus said, I will!” (Matt. 8:3) . . . “Jesus said, healing the sick is to do well!” (Matt. 12:11-12) . . .

“Jesus said, those whom Satan hath bound ought to be delivered!” (Luke 13:16) . . . Jesus said, healing the sick are the works of God!” (John 9:4) . . . “Jesus pointed out, healing of sickness is for the glory of God!” (John 11:4) . . . “The ministry of salvation and healing is definitely to fulfill the will of God!”

“Now dear partner, the table is set. Reach out, receive, stand firm in praising the Lord for His kindness! – Remember Jesus loves you dearly, and wants you well and happy! And you will be rejoicing and happy as you follow all of these instructions daily!” – “This Script letter is anointed with high voltage of the Holy Spirit to heal and to bless. Each time you research this special writing and Scriptures the anointing will create a deliverance atmosphere for you, and you will become stronger until you can believe for whatsoever you will in all things that you desire! – And also Jesus said that He wants you to prosper even as your soul prospers! – So it is ALL yours by acting your faith daily!”

In His abundant love and blessing,

Neal Frisby