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“In this special writing we will study some ancient and future prophetic events! Every day scientists are finding out the Bible described the truth! – For a long time archeologists could not find the city of Nineveh as it had been buried through the ages of time! But they finally located it and uncovered the walls of the great city of Nineveh, and it was in the exact location that the prophet said it was! – This city repented at the preaching of Jonah, but later they begin to backslide and worship animals in the form of idols! Evidently Paul speaks partly of this in Rom. 1:21-23. The archeologists dug up their idols of animals that compared to verse 23! Just exactly as the Scriptures proclaimed the worship of animals, birds and creeping things! – The Bible calls it that great city, it was about 60 miles around and hundreds of thousands of people lived within these walls! Nineveh was so devastated by its enemies that the location was not even remembered nor neither could be found until our day!” – “God said it would be burned and, after thousands of years, the evidence is that is exactly what occurred!” – “The Assyrian who was symbolic of the coming anti-Christ ruled all the known area at that time!” (Nah. 1:11) – “God also made the place a grave and this is true – they had to dig it up!” (Verse 14) – “At the end of the age the anti-Christ will control all of this area and also Iraq (ancient Babylon), the Persian Gulf and all oil areas! – He will control Israel, The Roman Church and all religions!”

“Nineveh has a double fulfillment and speaks of conditions at the end of our age! – Nahum chapter 2 speaks of the automobile! Verse 9 speaks of the wealth of the beast system! Verse 10 is like the destruction found in Rev. 18:8!” – Nah. 3:2-3, “reveals modern weapons!” – “Bright sword and ‘glittering spear’ may reveal laser and energy weapons!” – Verse 4, “speaks of the well favored harlot and her witchcrafts compared to Rev. 17: 4-5!” – “Nah. 3:18 speaks of the King of Assyria!” – “Other Scriptures bear out that the Assyrian is symbolic of the coming anti-Christ!” – “Paul spoke about the people of Nineveh worshipping creeping things, he also was speaking of others through past history who did the same things too!” – “We must warn at the end of the age man will be given over again to idols of all kinds and vile sorts!” – “Remember what we wrote years ago concerning the debauchery and idols? It is coming into view!” – “According to a religious writer for the L.A. Times, paganism, including many of the ancient women’s religions and witchcraft is being revived by some feminists! It says the great goddess is re-emerging!” – “Cheers and worship in the group went up for the goddesses of yore – Isis, Astara, Demeter, etc. At the beat of the bongo drums spontaneous groups of circling women were dancing bare breasted in scenes suggestive of frolicking wood nymphs!” – We see the gradual fulfillment coming into view. (Rev. 9:20)

“Another news event in prophecy is taking place in Israel! The city of Sodom is rising again according to the news! This city was totally destroyed almost 4,000 years ago!” – “According to reports they have already built 3 or more hotels there and tourists are visiting the place!” – “It is reviving again because of the wealth of the Dead Sea! It is growing into a busy industrial center; they are abstracting minerals from the water! (We mentioned this wealth in scr. #85.) It is not a large city yet, but could this develop into another Sodom of old with the same type of acts, to be destroyed again at Armageddon?” – “Most people have always assumed Luke 17:28-30 was symbolic only in the sense of sins and how the age would end and it is so, but Jesus could have been pointing out that Sodom would be restored again!” – “Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed!” – But we do see the sins of Sodom all over the world and especially in San Francisco and other areas of California. – And before we moved to Arizona I predicted that great quakes would destroy many parts of Calif., etc., and I definitely feel “some major quakes” will occur in California. “Yes, the ancient sites of Bible times are coming alive again in the Middle East, and reveals Jesus’ return is soon!” – “As we spoke of before, they are also rebuilding Old Ancient Babylon again on the Euphrates!” (Check scr. #85)

“Speaking of Sodom we have an update on what is occurring in immorality, proving again that the Bible and Scroll prophecy is true! – What ever the Scriptures warn about we should reveal in order to help young Christians from Satan’s snares, and we have done so on the other scrolls!” – According to (AP) news release – this concerns naked Texas coeds and we quote: “Hundreds of coeds attending Southwest schools are being asked to take their clothes off for a nude magazine layout, and a survey of campuses indicates the students are accepting the temptations more casually than college administrators!” – “The magazine is offering $400 or more for selected women who agree to pose for full color frontal nude pictures! The magazine says about 600 women from the University of Texas and Austin and other places have already volunteered to undress for the cameraman!” – “Some Christian girls said they were going to do it too – as they see no wrong in nudity, but they fail to understand the Scriptures!” (Matt. 5:28)

Here is another release from (AP) – At 70, the author and psychiatrist who calls herself “a member of the first generation of sexual revolutionaries” says more parents are coming around to her conclusion: “Virginity is about as useful as your appendix. It used to be that a man wanted his wife to be a virgin when they married. These days, I don’t know of any young man who would marry one,” says Ms. Hamilton, a sex counselor who lectures about premarital sex! – “She urges people to live together before marriage! She has a place where for $100 various couples can learn about her teachings and ways during the week-end!” –“She says she is not staging orgies, but I don’t what else you would call it!” – “So we see prophecy is fulfilling!”

God bless, love and protect you,

Neal Frisby