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“This is a vital and important message. Hordes of delusive spirits are coming up from the pit – and we can safely predict that millions more will also come up from the abyss from below!” – “There seems to be a regular psychic and demonic explosion among the nations. – Soon it will reach strong narcotic mass delusion among the masses!” – “And I predict that it will intensify into unbelievable proportions! And then later, entering the Great Tribulation will be mixing with idols and devilish phenomenon as never have been seen before! – Deut. 18:10 says, that the people should not make their son or daughter to pass through the fire, or to use divination or an enchanter or a witch!”

The nations are headed toward an occult explosion! – Rev. 21:8 reveals sorceries and witchcraft will be at an all time height!

– The Scriptures forbid these things . . . Sooth-saying, Dan. 2:27 – Witchcraft, Ex. 22:18 – Wizardry, II Kings 21:6 – Magic, Gen. 41:8 – Necromancy, Isa. 8:19 – Charmer, Isa. 19:3 – Enchantments, Ex. 7:11 . . . “These things are vile and corrupt the soul, but in a moment we want to reveal something else that comes even more cunning. – Some are not noticing it because the medical profession tries to control it, but it is the same as voodoo pills!”

“The word pharmacy is derived from the Greek word “Pharmakeus,” or sorcery!” – Rev. 9:21, “Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries (Pharmakeus).” – The definition of this word signified the use of drugs, spells, poisoning, and witchcraft. – In sorcery drugs are often used in appealing to occult influences allowing demon powers to possess them causing them to do weird and strange things. – “Also America is being drugged on tranquilizers and sleeping pills!” – “Did you know today that they are manufacturing certain kind of nerve pills that are definitely enslaving the people and after prolonged use they are actually like zombies caring for nothing but another potion! – Yes, we still have our witch doctors among us today that are literally casting a spell on people who use these drugs whether it be on the street or from an educated office. We might as well call them “voodoo pills” because it finally enslaves, addicts and breaks down the will power of the person as if they were under the spell of an enchanter!”

“Even though many times it’s covered up in the medical profession and society ignores its dangers, it is still destructive and leads to delusion!” – “Also some of the things that people are getting from the streets are also making them look like they are dead while they are yet alive! – Surely a satanic snare is set for the children and teenagers of this nation!” – “Only the power of the Lord Jesus can break them away from the possession of narcotics.” – “Yes, the Pharmakeus sorcerers are among the nations!” And by the time the anti-Christ comes upon the scene to give his mark, evidently a very large percentage of the people will be drugged or under the spell of the satanic charmer in his various wizardries!” (II Thess. 2:4-12) . . . “All of this will be mixed with idols, drugs and sex worship concerning certain images of lust!” – “During the Roman Empire whole cities were devoted to worship of the goddess Diana! – Paul confronted this love and sex goddess, Diana, (Acts. 19:35) wherein sexual activities were allowed in the Temple as they worshipped the vulgar gods of super sensuality, orgy and debauchery! – And even in some Temples they were allowed to use serpents with their ritualistic orgies!”

“Since the nations are to witness a restoration of the Roman Empire (Rev. chap 13 – Dan. 2:40), evidently we should expect to see idol and goddess worship revived!” (Rev. 9:19-20) – “You see, the people will be full of drugs and wine until they will be in a crazed madness in worshipping “the man of sin”, the incarnate anti-Christ who completely controls the masses whose names are not on the book of life! . . . Probably during the Great Tribulation the beast will put some strange narcotic in the water that the people drink to cast a spell and to control them completely!” – “So in their crazed drunken stupor they will care for nothing except the obedience to the anti -Christ system!” (Rev. 13:13-18) . . . “So warn and tell others to be careful of what they are taking and using as tranquilizers, it could lead to their complete downfall in the future!” – And anyone who is hooked on these drugs “Jesus’ power” will break it immediately as they turn “their life completely” over to Him!

“Let me reveal to you some facts about Satan.” There is no truth in him! (St. John 8:44) – Satan was involved in the death of Christ! (St. John 14:30) – Was judged at Calvary! (John 16:8,11) – And was defeated. (John 12:31) . . . Satan takes away the Word sown in the hearts of the careless. (Mark 4:15-17) Satan sows weeds. (Matt. 13:25-36) . . . Satan, when possible oppresses the children of God, but the Scriptures definitely tell us that we are given power over all the power of the enemy! (Luke 10:19) and nothing shall hurt you! . . . Plus the angel of the Lord encampeth round about His children. – Angels carry the righteous at death to Paradise! (Luke 16:22) – “Angels shall sever the righteous from the wicked! (Matt. 13:39) – (Heb. 1:14) Angels are ministering spirits to the redeemed!” (Rev. 22:16) – Angels are guardians of God’s little ones! (Matt. 18:10) – “So you see, we have all power over the enemy. God is with us and He is watching over us!” – We trust this timely article will help you to have courage and to know what the future holds, so that you can witness and warn others of things to come! – Watch and pray!

Jesus loves and cares for you,

Neal Frisby