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Faith is simply taking God at his word. Our parents often make promises to us and sometimes they are unable to keep them because they are human. But when God makes a promise he does not fail, remember Jesus is God and that is why he said in Matt. 24:35, “Heaven and earth shall pass away but my word shall not pass away.” So, there is victory and life or death in your tongue. You can build up enough amount of negative power in you with your thoughts, your mind and your  heart or you can build up enormous amount of the power of faith by speaking positive, and allowing it [your heart] to exercise on God’s promises. Many Christians today talk themselves out of the blessings of God. Have you ever talked yourself out of the blessings of God? You will, if you listen to others. Don’t [you] ever listen to anybody, but what God says, and the person; if they are using the word of God, then listen to them.

Hebrews 11:1 reads, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” You have to believe the word of God for anything you need. When you go for an examination you believe you have studied for it and in most cases you already convince yourself that you have passed even before you enter for it. In life if you live a God fearing life, you have confidence in the promises of God under any circumstance, especially if you are saved and trust every word Jesus spoke. Just like the rapture, Jesus Christ in John 14:1-3 made a promise, he spoke it and it cannot fail. My faith is in that promise. I do not fold my arms but find out what I need to do on my part, which is belief in his unfailing promise. That is faith, I have not gone in the rapture yet but I trust his word that he will come back for me and all believers. You have to make FAITH personal and have confidence in whatever the word of God said, for it will surely come to pass. This is it. If you can believe that he died for you on the cross, it is the same faith for sickness and protection and all that you need or confronts you. Just believe for what you want, confess it and doubt not. Believe you already have it that is trust; that is faith in his word.

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