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This world is the troubled water and people have to survive this situation; it is not only surviving the trouble, but going over the water. Attempting to swim over or through this troubled water is like planning to go through the great tribulation with all the uncertainties. There is a way to cross over this troubled water. Look at the world today, the uncertainties in the economies, in religions, politics, corruptions, immoralities, wars and rumors of wars, diseases (Ebola and the likes) and much more. These are all part and parcel of the troubled water. There is no angel stirring or troubling this water to produce healing for anyone (St. John 5:1-9). This troubled water is bad, many will drown in it. When you see this troubled water only a bridge over it is the answer. This bridge is first spiritual, then faith makes it real; Jesus is both the bridge and the faith.

Psalms 50:15 says, “Call upon me in the day of trouble and I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.” In the world of today, Psalms 91 is necessary to guide and protect you; which is the word of God on your right hand and you need scroll # 70 by Neal Frisby ( on your left hand to navigate over this troubled water. Even with one in Jesus Christ, the devil that is in this troubled water attempts to frighten the believer (remember Peter walking on the water but started to sink when he considered the waves of the sea and for a moment put his mind away from Jesus Christ). Peter asked Jesus, if he could walk on the water to him and Jesus said, come and he like many of us started walking on the water to Jesus. But all of a sudden, the waves of the devil in the water of the sea distracted Peter and us today; and Peter started to sink. But thanks be to God, for Jesus heard both the cry of Peter and us today saying, Lord save us from the troubled water.

God made the water and it was good until the devil troubled it. This troubled water started in the Garden of Eden and has increased and enlarged over the course of human history on earth. God felt for helpless mankind, and knew there was no way across the troubled water. So he came down from heaven in the form of man to die on the CROSS to make a bridge over the troubled water. To cross this troubled water you must come to the Cross of Calvary to find the way, the truth, the door and the Life over this troubled water. Jesus is the bridge over this troubled water. The way Satan has turned the creations of God has made the world the troubled water.

There is so much sickness, hopelessness, despair and even death in this troubled water; but Jesus Christ is the answer. Today air travel is uncertain, with terrorists and some government agencies taking laws into their hands, shooting down civilian air planes; planes disappearing, girls and women kidnapped to unknown destinations. Look at the unrest in the Middle East, the deaths and destructions. Imagine the beheadings of people born by mothers (the guillotine is coming for those who stay back after the rapture); look at suicide bombings, no elites children have joined the bombings. When will mankind know that confidence in man to solve these problems is impossible and only a deception? All these are part of the troubled water and the only safety is a bridge over this troubled water and that bridge is the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is no security anymore since September 11 of 2001. Everyone is on a watch alert or list, which is justified, when young men and women are easily manipulated to submit themselves to fight in foreign lands and wars. The world is in danger and is out of control. Demons from the pits of hell are on earth today entering people to do devilish and unusual things. People forget that it is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgment. Many are dying in this troubled water and going to hell and know it not.

Look at the moral plight of today, children as young as 4 year old claim they know that their sex is wrong and perhaps God was wrong in how he made them. You wonder what a child of this age knows. No wonder when God destroyed the world of Noah’s day, no child was saved in the ark. Think about this. Also in the days of Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities were destroyed, and no children were saved. Remember God is always righteous in his judgment. These days there are so many people claiming to be lesbians and homosexuals, and yet you see some of them saying they have changed because they discovered they were bi-sexual. What a mess is going on in this troubled water. Recently, in the USA, a retired navy seal, stunned the world when he became what they call trans- gender. The world is actually ripe for God’s visit, with judgment. The confusion in the world today is so great that the world educational system and standard has already collapsed, especially with all these on-line degrees from all odd corners of the world.

Politicians, religious men, military leaders, educationists and bankers have lied and lied, with all manners of manipulation and deception. You can say for certain the apocalyptic 4 horses are riding, simultaneously towards the Armageddon drum beat that will lead to total self-destruction. This is because people have refused to believe and accept the word and prophecies of the Holy Bible, about Jesus Christ.

Surely Jesus is soon arriving to stop this madness after he takes his own out of it, by way of the bridge over the troubled water and the subsequent translation. In this troubled water will rise the man of sin, the anti-Christ. He is troubling the water and people are being sucked in. This he is doing in so many ways. Today the music is seductive and hellish. The movie industry has gone into pornography to make quick money, destroy lives of men, women and children. People get addicted and that leads to broken homes and marriages; and even religious ministers lose their calling. In the same token politicians and educators shamelessly lose their careers and families, all because of momentary pleasures. Really, hell has enlarged itself. Safety and assurance is only in Jesus Christ.

God made a way for people who are willing to pass over this troubled water. Jesus Christ is the only way over this troubled water. The arm of flesh cannot carry anyone over this troubled water. Read Psalms 53:1-5 (The fool hath said in his heart there is no God). There is little or no time left for the people of the earth to find, believe and accept the only way over the troubled water. The bridge over the troubled water is one and only, the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no other bridge over the troubled water but Jesus Christ, come to the Cross of Calvary now, because tomorrow may be too late! Recognize that this troubled water, you may be in it and not realize. This troubled water is the sinful world we live in. Jesus said, you are in this world but not of this world. When you accept Jesus Christ, even though you are in this world; you cannot be overcome by the troubled water. Act now, believe and accept Jesus Christ that you may go by the bridge over the troubled water. Jesus Christ is the bridge and answer over the troubled water that we all live in. Repent today and turn to God through the Cross of Jesus Christ.

by Douglas Amobi