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There is no age like this one we are living through. The bible said, in Daniel 12:4, “that many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased.” Look at the world today and see what is happening in:

  1. Education. Knowledge has increased in a multiple of ways; Electronic technology is peaking and will be a tool in the hands of the antichrist. Electronics and computer were meant for good, to help mankind but it is gradually being used to enslave humanity. The older generation are bullied into a technology that terrifies them. Your identity can be stolen in a second and your life saving can go in a moment, despite the fact that both people are thousands of miles apart. This is technology, remember as the world progresses, this technology will be used to punch a person out of existence at the touch of a button. After the translation you must take the mark or number or name of a man which will be computerized, Revelation 13:15-18; or you cannot buy or sell; that is you, cannot function in society. This is made easy by the perverted knowledge of electronics in the hand of the man of sin. Check and see, our lives are webbed together with electronics, every item we use is linked to electronics, from your wrist watch to banking, transportation, religion, medicine, politics and education. Look at the world of special effects, many are really running to and fro. Some churches are now done on line.
  2. Money. It is difficult to draw the line between sacred and profane these days, when you see and hear things that come out of the pulpit. Everyone in their right senses knows that credit cards are a terror. It was carefully and demonically designed to lure people and enslave them. The olden days saw people buying only what they had saved for or could presently afford. But today the powers that be have convinced us that you must have a credit card to do certain transactions, even when you had your cash to make payment. To some there is gratification and uplift in flashing a credit card. Credit card is addictive, yet you here preachers from the pulpit saying, use your credit card and pay or donate or order now. I think it is a shame we do not come into the house of God with thanksgiving and praises giving our offering to God. There is joy and holy presence when you come into the house of God with your offerings. We now treat sacred things like giving to God, like profane things, like charging things of all sorts. It is so impersonal and in most cases people use these credit card even when they have no idea how to pay it off. Some of these debts take years to pay off. Remember Proverb 22:7, “the borrower is servant to the lender.” The credit card is a trap, walk with wisdom. What a shame when churches want direct deposit from your account to the church bank account, some even calculate your payment for you. I wish they cared the same way for your soul. This is confusion and enslavement coming, the FALSE PROPHET MOVING and men know it not, in the name of church. The body of Christ goes by the WORD and it does not change.
  3. Morality. This is in the area of identity. Men has gotten so enlightened that they fail to realize that their foolishness is a result of their confusion. Look at some national TV programs and you will see and hear the confusion that is in the earth. These days you see men and women in every sense but when you are in a relationship with them, they lately tell you “O! I used to be a man or woman,” after the wedding date is set. These sex changers cannot procreate and that confirms it’s falsehood and this is confusion. Some only realize they are the opposite of their present sex, after living and fulfilling the life of their present sexual orientation; some even had adult children, this is confusion. Mankind is approaching the end. Churches welcome this confusion, and ordain some of these confused preachers.
  4. Violence. Take a look at the number of killings going on, even among children. Parents killing their children and children killing their parents. Look at the amount of guns in the streets today. The bible said in Proverb 21:31, that” safety is from the Lord,” and not in guns or horses in the day of battle or war or in these days of confusion. People lose their job or mortgage ant the next thing they get confused, give up and kill their family members and themselves; this is confusion. Imagine the millions of babies aborted each year mostly for selfish reasons and self pleasure. But people forget that the judgment of God is coming real fast.
  5. Drugs and Music. The drug war around the world is not seeing success, because it is a source of much money to all involved but carries a lot of human destruction. Pot or marijuana used to be highly illegal but today it is gradually being legalized by many nations on earth. Soon the earth will be filled with all kinds of drugs and their influences. Alcohol is doing its own damage and nobody can sue the manufacturers like the tobacco companies. Music in the company of drugs is a recipe for disaster. Today some religious worship is mixed with drugs and all kinds of music. It will all end up in the worship of the antichrist. When a person refuses to follow the Lord with their whole heart, then delusion and confusion will dominate such minds for the worship of the devil. It may not look so now but it is coming. Everything contrary to the word of God is of the devil.
  6. Governments. The world seems to be working towards democracy but in reality it will end up a dictatorship. With electronics and banking they will document the world; these crazy but innocent looking computers will become so powerful and eventually control our day to day activities and later enslave humanity without Christ in their lives. A person will be foolish not to see the confusion that is unleashed upon the world today. There is no information that is a secret today; there are companies and government agencies gathering every citizens information and organizing them into tools for world control. Go to a computer website and type in your name and see what you can find. It will get to every nation on earth very soon and fast.
  7. Religion/Business. Religion has become some sort of complex monster, instead of the simple rugged cross on which Jesus Christ died. Religion is now a franchise, a business where money is the underlying issue and not the soul of men as Jesus Christ taught and the apostles did. Religion is now a source of employment and source of good living without the power of the Holy Spirit. There is so much advertisement, selling of different items, so much social events in the church and the people are given different sounds, leaving them in confusion. You see and of churches investing God’s money in the stock market as if God cannot meet their needs. Religion has turned into a business. People struggling to keep certain positions. Imagine a woman making herself the leader of her church with the title of bishop, archbishop and some call themselves apostles. What an age we live in, ” soon it will be the hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird, —- Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues,” Revelations 18:2-4. The age of confusion is actually the working of the Lord to allow all who have rejected Jesus Christ to be trapped in the web of the antichrist; since men have forsaken the Truth, which is Christ the Lord and love the lies of the devil.

by Douglas Amobi