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When we talk about the seven last years, we are actually referring to the revelation that Daniel the prophet received and wrote about. Daniel 9:24-27 describes the interpretation of the vision he had by angel Gabriel. It involved what God revealed will happen to Daniel’s people the Hebrews. This would cover a period of 70 weeks. One week to represent seven year. Of these seventy weeks, sixty nine weeks are past, and only one week of seven years is what is yet to fulfill. This last seven years is part of the last days or end of time or end of days. This period of seven days is divided into two sections of three one half days each, or three one half years each. These three and one half years are clearly differentiated by the events that transpire through them. They are often referred to as;

(a) First three and one half years and
(b)  Second three and one half years.

The present world will see unspeakable change, in everything including ways of human life, climatic conditions, witchcraft, false religion, and electronics, banking and human control.

The first three and one half years, involves: a period of relative peace. The four horses of the apocalypse ride, religious organizations rally around the pope and the Roman Catholic Church. Power returns to Europe (Old Roman Empire), one world currency or credit card will come into play. Science and technology will narrow the world and bring both global control and insecurity and so also the end of privacy. During this first three and one half years, the church is still on the earth.

The four horses of the apocalypse begin to ride. Different peace plans come into play for global harmony. Watch religion and politics mix. Immorality and devilish worships increase. The mark of the beast gradually getting into society unnoticed, as a serpent. Men and women become lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. People become more religious instead of more spiritual. There is a falling away from the faith coming soon and God will send great delusion for those who do not love the truth about Jesus Christ.

The bride revival is on and the translation can occur anytime. The first three one half years sees the gathering of the elect for translation as the main focus. It has no definite day or hour. Listen to the CD #1285, “Revaluating-time and dimensions.” Go to the link Neal When Jesus Christ was resurrected, some graves opened in the Holy City, and some Saints appeared unto many believers; Matthew 27:51-53. At the end of time, before the rapture, something happens besides miracles to make the bride ready. Imagine if suddenly a departed or dead Christian you knew, appears to you; talking about the translation and the coming of the Lord. Be ye ready, for ye know not when the Lord shall come.

The second three and one half years are very defined and crucial periods. The man of sin, the anti-Christ and the false prophet come to maturity in evil and wickedness against humanity and God. They are confronted by the superior spiritual manifestation of God’s two witnesses from Israel, Rev.11.

The anti-Christ makes an agreement with the Jews for seven years; known as the covenant with death, (Isaiah 28: 15-17). This diabolic man promises peace but half way through the seven years he breaks the agreement and starts a reign of terror, called the three and one half years of the great tribulation. The anti-Christ comes out from under his mask; and changes to a destroying beast. He breaks every peace agreement, takes control of the financial and banking system. No one can buy or sell without the mark of the beast or his name or the number of his name.

A reign of terror starts. The two Jewish prophets confront the man of sin. The sixth seal is fully at work or manifested. The main aspects of the 2nd three and one half years are the sealing and gathering of the 144,000 Jews and the two prophets of Revelation 11. It also involves the mark of the beast, and God’s judgment on those who miss the rapture. The important thing to take into consideration in the 70th week of Daniel the prophet; is that the Great Tribulation takes place in the “last half” of the delayed 70th week. Also known as the 42 months or 1260 days of Daniel’s 2nd half of the 70th week.

The bride leaves in the first half of Daniel’s 70th week, (Revelation 12:5, 6).  Also known as a period of a thousand two hundred and three scores days or which is three and one half years. After the bride leaves there is left only three and one half years, which is the period of the great tribulation. Here the mark of the beast, ‘666’ is imprinted on the forehead or in the right hand of people who are forced to accept the anti-Christ. This applies to those who miss the translation and accept the offer of the beast; or face death. Before all this, the living stones, “ELECT” gather to or in association with the Headstone at Capstone. Jesus is taking living stones, “individuals” and gathering them to the Chief corner stone and building them into a spiritual temple for Him to rest over in the pillar of fire. The Temple and the Headstone is a sign that the end of the age is closing and hath come. (Read scroll # 65 and#67 by Neal Frisby). The Bride leaves before the second three and one half years, because they do not go through God’s judgment, wrath, in the trumpets and bowls or vials. WHY MUST YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO GO THROUGH THIS KIND OF JUDGMENT AND END IN THE LAKE OF FIRE; WHEN YOU CAN ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST AS LORD AND SAVIOR TODAY?

Just kneel down and confess your sins to him and ask Jesus Christ to forgive you of all your sins and to wash you clean with his blood. Invite him into your life from right now, to become the ruler and Lord of your life. Believe your prayer, as answered, start reading your bible from St. John. Seek for water baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, only. Then seek the Lord for Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Finally, witness for Jesus, worship him, in prayer, praises, fasting and giving.  Expect and prepare for the rapture any moment.