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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 74

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


This particular script will reveal design in the Word of God in association with prophetic numbers! It is the dividing and the defining of times! In the Hebrew “the angel that watches over this in numbering is called the (“Palmoni”) and it means the “numberer of secrets”, or the wonderful numberer! He presides over and declares the beginning unto the end! He is the same as the “Rainbow angel” Rev. 10:5-6 Dan. 12:7). “He is the Holy One, only God knows the complete future! We see the dividing of times in Dan. 12:7 also in Dan. 7:25 the same in Rev. 13:5.

In Daniel and (book) revelation it speaks of 7 periods of dividing of times 42 months each time. We will speak more on this presently but right now let us turn our attention to the numbers (6), 66 and (666).” “It is a remarkable fact that the Romans only used 6 letters in their alphabet D, C, L, X, V and I. It is absolutely significant that the sum of these amounts to 666!”— (But the Hebrews and Greeks used full alphabets.) “The number 666 has a far reaching and deeper meaning than most people realize! And it is for certain the triple 6 marks the culmination of man’s opposition to God in the person of the coming anti-christ!” — “E. W. Bullinger gives us these historical facts: the duration of the Old Assyrian Empire was 666 years before it was conquered by Babylon! Jerusalem was trodden down by the Roman Empire exactly 666 years from the battle of Actium, B.C. 31, to the Saracen conquest in A.D. 666.”

There were three individuals in the Bible who were branded with this number 6 and is significant! One, Goliath, whose height was 6 cubits and he had 6 pieces of armor! His spear’s head weighed 6 shekels of iron! I Sam. 17:4-7. — “Two, Nebuchadnezzar’s image he set up was 60 cubits high and 6 cubits broad. Dan. 3:1) It was worshipped when the music was heard from 6 specified instruments!” — “Three, the anti-christ whose number is 666!” – “In the first case we have 6 connected with the pride of fleshly might! At the end this reveals the might of the beast armies!” — “In the second case we have two 6’s connected with absolute dominion denoting the anti-christ will rule all the earth in idolatry!” — “In the third sense there are three 6’s connected with might and pride of satanic guidance!” — “666 talents of gold was brought to Solomon in a year! 1 Kings 10:14) “This number is associated in connection with money power, but finally was proven only vanity and vexation of spirit and overthrow!” In Rev. 13:17 and 18 the evil perfection of money power is again seen!” Concerning the triple number 666, one figure 6 is significant, — two figures 66 are still more intensified, — and three figures 666 denote the strong concentration of this particular number! We can list some further examples of this intensification of numbers! For instance the numerical value of Jesus’ name is the dominical number 888! 8 is 7 plus 1, this reveals also the number is especially associated to resurrection and regeneration and the beginning of a new era or order!” — “Sodom is associated to 999 the number of judgment!” — “While Damascus is associated with 444. The world number! 4 by itself is also associated to creation or creative power! So we continually see also that the triple 6’s are associated to satanic movements and the triple 8’s are associated with regeneration and power of Jesus!”

There is a definite significance that the number of 6 is in association with gold throughout the Scriptures! Let us take important note because at the end of the age the anti-christ takes over by getting control of the economics and food! Remember David sinned in numbering the people, I Chron. 21:1. And Satan stood up and provoked David to number Israel! This caused a plague to come on Israel!” (Verse 14-17) “Verse 18 reveals the angel told David to set up an altar here at the exact spot! And verse 25 says, and David gave to Oman for this place 600 shekels of gold by weight! Now again we see that numbering was associated with all of these events. Also the Lord answered David by fire. Verse 26. — This is also the spot where Solomon erected the great Temple!” (I Chron. 22:1-17) Verse 9 reveals the very name of Solomon, to David, before he was born! And in II Chron. 3:8 reveals the Holy Place was overlaid with fine gold, amounting to 600 talents! And II Chron. 9:15 reveals 600 shekels of gold went to each target! Verse 16 reveals 300 and 300 which is 600! Verse 18 reveals 6 steps to the throne with a foot stool of gold! Num. 31:51-52 reveals the number 16,750 shekels (gold)! This was associated to a war! II Kings 5:5 reveals Naaman took with him 6,000 pieces of gold! His thinking was wrong, yet showed his good heart of giving but God put him through the mud 7 times and gave him his healing without it!” (Verse 14) — “Also I must mention concerning the spot that David bought (Temple grounds) it is thought at the time of the end the anti-christ will abominate near this spot with idols associated to gold and the number 666!” “There is much that can be said about this vile anti-christ whose coming is near!” And I will take this part from the “original Hebrew text which will give you an idea of how he operates!” Ezek. 28:2-7, “reveals him saying, I am a god! I sit with the gods in the heart of the seas!” “But the Lord says yet you are a man and not a god! Although you have set your heart in the circle of gods however, you are wiser than Daniel, they can not hide any secrets from you! You have made yourself powerful by your sciences and your knowledge, and enriched yourself in treasures of gold and silver!” You have traded with your “many sciences”, you have increased your power! We see here he uses the “electronic age” and “computers” in his plans to number and mark people! — And your heart has risen with your power therefore thus saith the Mighty Lord, because you have set your heart like the heart of God I will bring cruel tyrannical nations against you, and against your fine sciences and spoil your splendor! Yet you will be a man and not a god, you shall die in contempt by the hand of a foreigner — for I, the ever living, hath decreed it!” Amen!

Some more on numbers. — “In the genealogy Luke 3:23-28 are exactly 77 names, with God at one end and Jesus at the other, stamping it with the number of spiritual perfection. Also in the royal line through Solomon we have 66 names, but in the line through Nathan Jesus is the 77th name in this line! But Jesus is the 66th name in the line which comes through Solomon! Six is in human number and 7 in divine! Thus Jesus was both the son of man and the son of God! Christ (6 letters) and the number 7 set forth the human and divine nature of Jesus our Lord, as perfect man and perfect God!”

The divisions of times — “I will now mention about a mysterious photograph which was taken of me concerning the front and back cover of the book “This Generation” (part 2) * “What makes it significant is I did not know it at the time but my hand was striking in both cases the other arm causing a dividing of time! But we will have to take it in several different combinations and still it will leave a mystery! And we start from the publishing date, 1975. First the front cover shows 2 fingers and the back cover 4 fingers. This gives a total of 6 — (1981). But where my hands divide it a half and a half would make it a total of 7 years ending in — 1982! But this is real interesting if you take the 2 fingers and divide and add half of this to it you have the total of 3. And if you take the 4 fingers on the hand on the back cover and divide and add the number two to it you have 6 years. Back and front together then and you would have a total of 9 years together, reaching the year 1984! And Dan. 7:25 in another way shows something about times and times and a dividing of times. The number 9 reveals finality and judgment! Now the Bride could leave any time before and up and through that date. Or the Tribulation could start or end up about or around that same date! But I want to caution, we don’t know the exact date of His return, but a seasonal return could be close or near all these times! Any way you look at it, it is significant for startling events during those periods and is hardly accidental that this occurred in the photograph by chance! Possibly much more could be said about this later, but see your book “This Generation” part 2), you can see where the hand divides and adds the time!” Also both book cover pictures depict land, sea and river! Like Rev. 10:2, 6, Dan. 12:6-8, the similarity gives us something to wonder about! Prepare!

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