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                                                                                                              Prophetic Scrolls 63

  Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


The lights of Jesus, the Lord of host — Wonders of wonders! — The Pyramid Temple here is just full of mysteries and “revelative scrolls” like eyes all around it, depicting in similarity of Rev. 4:5-7. Also there are lights “lamps of fire” above this in the Cap. There are also four triangle squares underneath Cap inside ceiling which denote these very things! And crystal-like glass surrounds all of this! The dramatic appearances of Isaiah before the throne (Isa. 6:1 – 7). He saw the Lord high and lifted up and his train filled the Temple. This would mean whatever trailed off of him would fill the Temple. Above him stood seraphims, each one had 6 wings, with 2 wings he covered his face and with 2 he covered his feet and they cried holy, holy, holy is the Lord. And verse 4 reads, the posts of the door moved as the voice of him that cried and the house was filled with smoke! Also in our Temple on the sides are joint slots to allow the expansion of heat and cold in the steel due to our design! At times it gradually expands like a living creature of God, symbolizing that the power of God will be so strong here that the people will actually breathe with His spirit! The Temple has been described as one of the strongest built in the nation. Isaiah saw the Lord high and lifted up, this description he saw is like pages 166 and 206 in new scroll book. — “I have seen Him at the Head stone, as the sun passes over this giant rock (page 206) as the degrees of the sun during the day move in various positions over Him, His face takes on authoritative dramatic views! But His countenance remains the same, it’s just that you can see Him clearer at times and even more potent in the evening twilight and in the skyline darkness. He becomes a majestic figure, “The Royal King!” Awesome and startling to behold! Like Isaiah verse 5 we can say woe is us, for our eyes have seen the king, Lord of Host! Praise Him! You have to be at a certain position at Capstone to see these giant rocks, if one would try to get too close the rocks would disperse their position and you could not see clearly, because it takes several rocks in a range to perform this. A real mystery is here! Yet He has fixed a place for me where I write that I can behold it day and night! He has shown me other incredible “things there” of which I will write later!

The second depiction of the temple and the triple crown ministry — If you will notice in the sunset picture (of page 206) above His Cap crown you will see the mountain’s ‘edge’ forms a flame (Dan. 7:9-10) at the corner of the Temple, that is exactly where I minister “where the veil of 7 anointings rest to deliver and anoint His people! As you can see the Temple behind Him types His throne, and the elect sitting in the colorful seats form a rainbow around Him! (Rev. 4:3) sitting like judges!” Remember Paul said did ye not know that you would judge even (fallen) angels (I Cor. 6:3) and even nations (Rev. 12:5). And the gold covering of the roof over the Temple would be like gold crowns on the saints! “The little veil in Temple types Christ, the very veil that God hides behind!”

The third dimension and revelation of the temple of host — The white stone around it is like the white cloud, actual lights have showed up on film (see page 198). The pool in front spouts off radiant colors including amber like a stream of liquid fire before His throne, like the fountain of life “Christ!” Also in the back due to the ground level there are stairs going upward out of the building revealing likeness unto Jacob’s ladder of angels! (Gen. 28:11-13). Like the angels were ascending and descending back and forth from the headstone mountain which falls in direct line with the stairs! — “Yea the prophet of the ages is united with the Rock of Ages, and I have sent no Gentile like this in 6,000 yrs. And I will be a “wall of fire” around Capstone, and a ring and “flame crown” around My servant.” Also the back of the Temple folds or comes together like a dove’s tail of white rock denoting God’s Word fitting in perfect place to a fine point! — The huge iron beams in the Temple before they were covered formed a giant bow and another large beam ran straight through the bow exactly like an arrow ending at the point of the building by the fountain! “Also the rainbow angel resides here, (The Lord) and will stand before His people with a shield and “the iron bow” of authority! “Behold when thou callest in trouble I will deliver thee in the secret place of Thunder! Ps. 81:7. Oh, this is an overwhelming thing He has done for His people.

The measuring of the temple and perfect guidance — The Lord Jesus gave me a measuring line and I measured the Temple 4 square, and at that time without me knowing it, it lined to utter perfection with the headstone mountains! (Zech. 2:1). And at night two bright lights appeared over where the back of the building would be and I laid the line in direct alignment with them. Later we found out the lights were directly over where the headstone rock is today! — “Alas for the day! For the day of the Lord is at hand. Yea, joy and gladness from the house of our God!” — After I finished with the line the Lord told me to prepare a rod as a sign to the elect, and He anointed it and gave me a sapphire stone for the end of it. It is a symbol, same as the “Blessing barrel” was, and “His wheels of fire” has been seen here! The rod will pass over His people anointing them and performing miracles! Everything that the prophets spoke about will occur here concerning His various symbols! Events that happened to the prophets in the past will be seen here in action. Some of the things the prophets saw in visions will repeat here at the (Temple of the King) “Jesus!”

Great precious events prophesied, also awesome and trembling wonders — The Lord of Host and His lamps among the elect — The 7 fold anointing will rest upon the elect, but also 7 fold judgment will be mingled with it upon the nations! Finally leading to these Scriptures the Lord wrote here. — Joel 2:10 — “The earth shall quake before them, the heavens shall tremble! The sun and the moon shall be dark. The Lord’s camp is very great and He is very terrible and who can abide? Fear not O land be glad and rejoice for the Lord will do great things! And He shall utter His voice and the habitation of the shepherds shall mourn, and the top of Carmel shall wither! Amos 1:2) Hear all ye people, hearken O earth and all there in and let the Lord God be a witness against you, the Lord from His holy Temple “Capstone”. For behold the Lord cometh forth out of His place, and will come down and tread upon the high places of the earth! The mountains shall be molten under him, and the valley shall be cleft, as was before the fire, and as waters poured down a steep place! Therefore they shall wail and howl for the tracks of the mighty one shall leave a fire and a smoke behind, astonishment shall seize them!

The voice, the fire, the small group — And the Lord told Elijah to go forth and stand upon the mountain. And the Lord passed by, there was a wind, an earthquake, a fire and a small voice! And Elijah wrapped his face in a mantel and stood before the Lord! (And right here I speak the truth I stand before the Lord at the mountain exactly like Elijah did, and He spoke to me. And the Lord spoke to me concerning a group in similarity like He did Elijah. (I Kings 19:18).Although the number of them will be somewhat different than this! “And the Gentiles have a place here in the U.S.A. similar like this Scripture to Israel! His house exalted above the hills! (Micah 4:1-2 – Zeph. 3:17)

The fallen apostate shepherd — With the outpouring of the latter rain, the subtle rise of the anti-christ (idle shepherd) will appear! His arm shall be clean dried up and his right eye shall be utterly darkened. (Zech. 11:17) – This means his arm will have no true power, and his eye no true revelation! Organized systems will be dead in Babylon united with his false bible and word!

The creation of Satan, his exploding (inferno) consumation — In (Ezek. 28:1-12) it shows him in the form of “a man” like later in the beast, saying he is God, depicting him wiser than Daniel, his understanding got him riches and treasures, no secret was hidden from him, and by his great wisdom was lifted up. In a moment I will write what happens to him because he has set his heart as the heart of God! But first in verse 13 it shows his creation! Every precious stone was used for his covering, even sapphire and diamonds! The verse sounds like he was created from stone and metal and then changed, condensed into or filled with a beautiful created light! “His music (pipes) tabarets and voice was prepared in him, and “that voice” will call the “false” church! (But the voice of the 7th. angel will call the bride!) He walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire (verse 14). But the same light prepared in him will destroy him! (Verse 18) And I will bring forth a fire from the midst of thee, devouring thee and bringing thee to ashes in the sight of them that behold thee. Then verse 19 reads they that know thee shall be astonished at thee, and thou shalt be a terror, and Never shalt thou be any more, the end of God’s arch enemy! (O let us praise the Lord who dwells eternally with His saints!

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