Where do we stand in time

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Where do we stand in timeWhere do we stand in time

Translation Nuggets 42

How close are we to the Translation? We are definitely in the season of time proclaimed by the Lord Jesus; when He said, “This generation shall not pass away until all be fulfilled,” (Matt, 24:33-35). There are quite a few prophecies left concerning the Great Tribulation, anti-Christ, and etc. But there are hardly any Biblical prophecies left between the elect and the translation: except more fulfillment of final prophecies already given. And the scripts prophecies will be taking place daily and even forecasting what will take place after the Bride of Christ is gone. The predictions concerning fear, unrest, perplexion in all nations reveal to us that we are in the final hours of the age, If you could look and see what has been revealed to me concerning the future from about 1988-193 concerning wars, killer quakes, weather, famine, economics, leaders, terrorists, assassinators, shifting of the nations, banking, credit, technology, electronics, computers, highways, cars, cities, different spellbinders, religion, new weapons, space, television, fantasy age, coming of 3-dimensional era, projections concerning Israel, U.S.A. and Western Europe, international laws, changes in the way people live, work and dwell, etc. This is just a few of the things that will change the world as we know it in the dates given. During the end of this period, give or take a little, in my opinion the anti-Christ could also enter the picture. The world’s greatest turnabout and change looms before us in the near future. Worldwide events will literally shake the earth. The foundations of society rotate into a new order. If the Christians could see the total picture of what is coming, I am sure they would pray, seek the Lord and be very serious about His harvest work indeed.

World Scene

People will actually crave the satanic and subtle delusion rather than things that be of the Holy Spirit. During this time Jesus will give a great outpouring and be closer to His children than ever before in the history of the world. Yea, My hand will be with all of those who love the truth and delight in My words of Salvation and Eternal Life. I will appear to them soon, and I will be with them forever and ever.

Signs in the heaven

According to news reports, the public will soon be going into orbit, circling the earth in space craft rides. For the first time they will feel what it is like with no gravity. And they will be able to view our world from space. The price of the trip will cost $50,000 and the first flight they say should begin in the 90’s. When we see events such as this nature, it is symbolizing to us that the translation of God’s people is near and we will defy gravity and go into a space dimension with the Lord Jesus. Now we will be first in going away or will their trip be forerunning our translation?  It is something to think about. Anyway we look at it, our time is short. Jesus said, just before the translation, that He would give us signs in the heaven. And we are witnessing strange and fantastic events in the heavens, space, and etc.,                              Scroll 135.


{Comments – This year 2021 we saw this come to pass that people, ordinary men and who have the means organized and went into space. This is a sign in the heavens if you do not know, telling us that translation is nearer than we think. For the first time people are making going to space on vacation a new prophecy fulfilling lifestyle. Those that traveled included Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos (spent 5.5 billion dollars, for spending 4 minutes in space), including 18 years old Oliver Daemen and a few others in the different groups.}


Divine inspiration

Divine inspiration signals some dramatic changes in the ministry and God’s future plans. Yea, saith the Almighty, as the bee goeth to the flower to prepare for honey, so I sent my Servant for a sweet fragrance to my people. Yea, for a great refreshing shall come. This I have promised my children. Watch for in him I shall prepare a Watchman over the house of the Lord. O! For a fire springeth forth and the heat thereof shall be felt among my chosen. Look, listen, behold it cometh. It cometh, it cometh. Yea the magnificent splendor of the Lord of Host. Yea, I have weighed the world in the balance. By measure, I have measured the times. And by number, have I numbered the times. And I doth not move nor stir them until the said measure is fulfilled. Behold it is nearly fulfilled.

Try me saith the Almighty, prove me in this message, for now is the chosen time that I desire my people to work. O! Send forth the mighty anointed Scrolls for the night cometh when no man shall work. Behold my servant hath spoken like Paul, and Satan hath tried him, but I have given him a great people and a strong one. There hath not ever been the like, neither shall there be any to compare with it. Who I foreknew, they are my own. Put thy trust in me, send forth my message. For surely the bride makes herself ready. Behold I will come and go quicker than thou thinkest. I shall appear very soon.

I know the partners that God gives me are especially called to send forth the prophetic events. It is wonderful when Jesus lets His light shine down on the ones that are supporting the ministry. It is this group that has caused books and literature to go to multitudes of people as a witness. And you will be given full credit from Him that knoweth all things.          Special Writing 61.


Comments {CD # 1176 – Green-Light – Red. At the traffic light Green Light means GO but Red Light means Danger? For when they shall say peace and safety, sudden destruction cometh upon them, (1st Thess. 5:3). Like today many churches are getting along in their own ways and doctrines and merging and growing large and comfortable but without the true word of God.  They do not know that what they are experiencing is not a green light of approval but but the red light is upon them spelling danger, danger. Today people cannot see the signs of what is coming, until it blows up in their faces. Rev. 12:5, Jesus likens the translation to a woman in travail and you can see the signs around her but cannot tell exactly when the baby will arrive; it is like the secret time of the translation. To be awake means to be watchful, it means to believe and be believing. Study 1st Thess. 5: 1-28 and you will find the prerequisites for the green light that will enable you GO for the translation. In the fruit of the Spirit, Gal. 5:22-23 is the green light also meaning Go, but verses 19-21 of the same Gal. 5 is the Red light spells danger, danger all over it. If you can get close to these green light zones and remain in it you will make it alright. Today many Christians cannot tell the difference between the greenlight and the red light because they all look religious. Hold on to the pure word of God and He will bring you in.  This is how to prepare for the translation}. Search for this CD and listen to it yourself.