The great white throne

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The great white throneThe great white throne

Translation Nuggets 43

Resurrection of the wicked dead. Now this takes place a thousand years later than the very first resurrection of the raptured saints of our age. Rev. 20:11 reveals that all the dead are raised for the final judgment, (verses 12-14). It says all those whose names were not in the Book of Life were cast into the lake of fire. We see divine providence and predestination here. And I know with all my heart that I am sent to the very elect of God whose names are in the Book of Life. Some may not be perfect now, but I believe this anointing and Word will ripen them unto and as the first fruits of God. Let us look forward to the soon return of Christ. He will come as a thief in the night, (1st Thess. 5:2). He says, Behold I come quickly. As a flash of lightning. In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, (1st Cor. 15:50-52).

A final note, Rev. 20:6, “Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection, on such the second death hath no power.” Evidently this second death means being separated from God eternally. One thing we know for certain, the saints are the only ones who have eternal life. So those in the lake of fire will eventually suffer some form of death; it is called the second death. This secret remains with the Almighty, in His compassion and mercy, His wisdom will be supreme, for He is infinite.                            Scroll 137, paragraph 6.


The world as a whole will not listen, neither will many of the lukewarm systems; but those who are called out into the elect will listen and they are doing so now, especially those on my list. All of my partners tell me how excited and encouraged they are about the anointed literature and how it really lifts them up and helps them in the miraculous; to build faith and reveal what is ahead. Besides bringing salvation and deliverance to the people today, the most important message is to reveal the soon return of the Lord Jesus and to be also ready. —————————- Jesus coming will be very sudden and unexpected as He said, in an hour you think not. It would be like a thief in the night, (1st Thess. 5:2). As a flash of lightning; in a moment; in a twinkling of an eye, (1st Cor. 15:52). Prophecy declares that it would be at a time of boom and bust cycles. In other words, the time of recession, depression, prosperity etc. ——– This is our hour for soul searching and preparation for translation faith. We are entering a new dimension of power, a quick short work. Jesus is coming for His harvest workers. And they that were ready went in with Him and the door was shut, (Matt. 25:10).                             Special Writing 31.

Comments {CD # 1023 The True Listen: If you forsake the place the anointing is you will grow cold. Some people attend church one Sunday and miss the other. They have no continuity; the day will come when they would wish they were in church. They stay home to watch Television, sports, paid television, their favorite programs that they miss fellowship. Perhaps they will miss fellowship the day the Lord will come. They are hooked and know it not. They need deliverance urgently because the devil steals their time and their time with God. People will give account of their time, how much time do you, spend with the Lord, how much, do you do for the Lord. With the signs around us you can see the Lord is calling His own. The true will listen and the true will receive.  

Many minister quite because people will not listen and the get disappointed and discouraged. The devil once had an out of business sale. He displayed all his tools for sale, such as malice, bitterness, anger greed and more. But he also had a common looking worn out wedge at the corner but had the highest price of all his tool on display. The wedge tool was called the discouragement tool. He was asked why the high price? He answered that he uses it on almost everyone with a very high successful rate. And many people do not know it is his tool and sometimes couples it with disappointment. What a tool. How many people has he used the tool on, all through history right from Adam? Have you experienced the tool on you? It is like the master tool of the devil. He said with it he pry’s open the human heart and gets in to creates discouragement in people. Elijah once said, Lord, kill me I am no better than my fathers; I am the only one serving you. That was the discouragement tool at work. Look at the large organizations they are not listening to God but man; if they are listening to God they would not be there and surely will end up in the super church system. No matter what people say or do, if they are under demonic control they will not listen. God will take His little group who will listen; but those who will be left will be much. The multitude of people who listen to the antichrist will be doomed. God will speak to the elect face to face, voice to voice not through a dumb ass as in Balaam. Never be discouraged no matter what people say or do. Just preach the word and witness for me; people with demons will not listen to you at all. Do what the Lord has told you to do. Stay in praise and worship, do not allow and you will overcome. The elect of God when they come in totality, they will listen to Him. Isaac in Genesis 26, experienced discouragement but held on to the Lord in worship and calmness and no reviling or murmuring; when they took his three wells, three different times. And Esau when and married against the wishes of his father and a command from father Abraham. He caused the grief and disappointment and discouragement. The wedge tool at work. If people or even your children will not listen leave them alone and commit them to God. You are not greater than God who they refused to listen to. God is looking for those who will listen. The true elect will listen and receive.}

Watch the word anointing and meditate on it. These anointed messages will help you keep the anointing and remember, “The true will listen and the true will receive,” the real elect of God, will listen.