The revelation prophecy

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The revelation prophecyThe revelation prophecy

Translation Nuggets 56

Some people have often asked me to explain in order, the events to come concerning these end time subjects. First, (future) when does the last seven years begin? Between then and the middle of it comes the Translation. Then the Great Tribulation then begins in full swing. At the end of this is the fiery battle of Armageddon; climaxing in the Day of the Lord. The Rev. 20 reveals the thousand years of peace, (the Millennium). At the end of this the Great White Throne Judgment, followed by the New Heavens and the New Earth and the beautiful Holy City. Then time blends into Eternity, where the Bride is and has been with the Lord Jesus. Rev. 21 and 22; these chapters are infallible and these things will appear. Scroll # 147

The total end -the western imperial Roman Empire crumpled in 476 AD, – now 1500 years later modern Babylon (papal Rome rev. 13) could begin to fall 1976-77! If we are still here by 1972 I predict the people that have the scrolls will be able to see this much more clearly. England discovered the late Mother Shipton prophecy hundreds of years ago. She put the end of the age before or between 1983 and 86. But the rapture is before the end! (No one knows the exact date). Her 1983-86 could mean 7 years after the tribulation, because some Jews will still be here in 1986 also people left after” Armageddon (Zech. 14:16). Because the Bible states it takes the Jews 7 years to cleanse the earth and bury the dead. (Ezek. 39:9-12). Then Jews enter the Millennium old world ends. (Rev. 20:4). “But even allowing for this extra 7 years,” I definitely feel it will all be finished long before 1986. Because I was inspired to write the Elect could leave in the 1970s through 79 (Read scrolls 8, 11, 12) 1 am sure the rapture is closer than any realize! The scrolls are surely a 20th Century Mystery. I’m positive the date close to Christ return is already written on the scrolls by the Holy Spirit. Jesus said the day and the hour are not to be revealed, but He never did say we would not know the “Season or even the year!” Scroll #25

COMMENTS {CD #1037B – TIME IS SHORT – When Bro Frisby came into the ministry, there were several divisions and groups and he was wondering, but the Lord told him that “this was what He promised, to separate; that He the Lord was separating the people.” People always thought that every ministry that came along was going to unite the people, No! The Lord will send ministries to thin out, get rid of and then bring together and unite the faithful. Those who love the Lord and mean it in their heart the ministry will not separate them.

The Holy Spirit will activate the elect, the people they go to, the people they see; God calling the proper ones. The Lord moving with His spirit, anyone with an honest heart, the Holy Spirit will never overlook him, He is Infinite. With the three calls of invitation to the supper; the Lord said, compel them to come in, – Only the Holy Spirit can compel not man (man only allows the Holy Spirit to work through them). You have to pray for other to keep yourself going. That is where your energy comes from, praying for others. Some people only keep to themselves and their needs more and that is not going to work; you must pray more for others. God only goes with what his word says.

Time is short, Rom. 13:11-14; It is high time to awake out of sleep, the night is far spent the day is at hand. The hour of prayer has come, so we can stand in the gap and make a difference. The Lord is calling on the elect to prayer, persistent prayer, prevailing prayer, intercessory prayer, prayer that cannot be denied. The hour of prayer is come, will we do our part? The Lord knew whom he has called in the elect and knows what the elect will do. 1st Corinthians 1:5, “That in everything ye are enriched by him, in all utterance, and in all knowledge.” This involves the Lord being with you in all that you do or set your hands to do. There is trouble on the right hand and defeat on the left for many; involved in rifts, strives, divisions, petty annoyances, lukewarmness etc. He is talking to the church. It is time to pray through, church; it is time to awake them until the Holy Spirit comes upon us with such a convicting power that we will not have the heart to point the finger of criticism at anyone on earth.

Ezekiel 9:1-10, is before us, the man clothed with linen, which had the writer’s inkhorn by his side. He was going out by the word of the Lord to set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst of the earth. There were other men and every man a slaughter weapon in his hand. They were told to go after the inkhorn writer and smite in the cities; let not your eye spare, neither have ye pity: Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women: but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at my sanctuary. Then they began at the ancient men (those who are leaders and older people in the things of God. (Remember 1st Peter 4:17). Study Scrolls 46 and 47, and you will understand more about the inkhorn writer at this end of time. An inkhorn writer will mark and separate the elect again at the end.  (May be the marking is going on by the message of the Rainbow Angel on those who are truly sighing and crying for the abominations in the earth today. Are you one of those getting the message that marks you?).

The mystery man with the writer’s inkhorn: “The solemn announcer that judgment is near!” What does he represent? Ink is connected to wisdom and knowledge) Verse 4 says that he was to set a mark upon the “foreheads of the elect” that sigh and cry for the abominations which are done in their midst! Verse 6, shows that all was to be destroyed that did not have “God’s mark!” The inkhorn writer was a symbol of the past, present and future writers who would appear at the ending of each age. He appears when the cup is full of iniquity, (Verse 9). The inkhorn man appears with warnings of God that time is ripe for judgment! He marks and separates the elect! The visions of Ezekiel denoted in no uncertain terms that something was coming to Israel and to the future world! This writer appeared around all kinds of “wheels of glory” and fire! He reveals he was not only sent to that age (the) writers type work) but to the modern age at the end! There is no name given to him, he was just a writer of judgment, woe and mercy. An inkhorn writer will mark and separate the elect again at the end. The visions he was surrounded with then will actually be real in this age! He was in the old age surrounded by the new age when he appeared! (Ezek. 10: 1- 5) reveals he was told to fill his hands with “coals of fire” and scatter them over the city. Verse 3 and 4 then shows the “glory cloud” and the “brightness of the Lord filled the house” (Temple) – He was told to do this after he had marked Israel! (Ezek. 9:11). Ezek. 10:14 no doubt shows symbols of the different (ages) or messengers which would go forth up until the end of the age. (Also after chapter one right in the midst of his visions of supernatural and modern ultra sonic aircraft’s (Ezek. 2:9-10) he was given a roll (scroll) message) thus revealing the same type message would occur to us in our day!).

You the true Christian must have this heart of sighing and crying for the abominations in the world. Those who are marked by my power for their sighing and crying; my hand will be upon them to protect them. But many are busy and concerned with the cares of this world, grieving for their earthly failures; that they cannot even apply the power of prayer. Why do people worry about their troubles, it is guaranteed to occur according to John 16:33, “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” Also 1st John 5:4, “For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world even our faith.” Some people even manufacture their own troubles. Satan capitalizes on your negatives, distracting you from prayers for souls and worldwide revivals which is our real duty before God. The church today is lacking the spirit of prayer; but it is coming whether you like it or not. The Lord knows how to get the people to pray. And can get you to pray non-stop.

The Lord will move the elect to bring in the wise and unite all of the elect. They are the midnight cry. They are part of the wise that did not sleep. Trust the Lord if you are a true believer to bring all things to work together for your good. When was the last time you saw people weeping in prayer. It is coming such weeping and joy mingled together. A convicting power, people will be in prayer and witnessing that they do not have time to get distracted. That is called been caught up with God in prayer.

The Holy Spirit will do and bring the change in the elect for glory. It will match what the Lord will come with for the translation. The church is changing, the elect is changing and faith is changing. When you get to talk with Elijah and Enoch, you will find out the body they were translated with will be totally different from the translation body when the Lord comes with the dead in Christ and we who are alive and remain are all changed into the glorified body.

If the conditions in the world and our nation does not move you to real prayer; then we are almost beyond hope. Reach out in prayer for the tribulation is surely coming. You will be surprised what the Holy Spirit will do when we go into prayers. God can move things in other parts of the world while you are praying in another location. It is time to pray. If you know the Lord is coming as I know in my heart; you will prepare and not look stupid in the end. Don’t allow satan to give you jobs and keep you busy as to miss what the Lord has and wants you to do. God has some wonderful preachers in different places; people may not know them or see them but He knows who they are and where they are. Remember Elijah thought he was the only one serving God; but God told him NO. I have seven thousand you know nothing about. How can He translate you, except He prepares you in the revival as you sigh, cry and pray with joy and are caught up with God in seeking the Lord prayerfully and faithfully? Study the Special writing # 8 and # 9 prayerfully with this CD.}

The voice and the sound — the 7th, Angel in the pyramid (white rock) — we are coming to a new dispensation and dimension. God’s voice directly through a messenger will report time is no more! And at his cry, 7 Thunders uttered. The mystery of God is finishing up! Thus saith the Lord! In (Rev. 10:4) the Thunders uttered their message. Then in verse 6 the angel declares no more time! Part of the secret of the Thunders is the very time element. Verse 7, and in the days of the voice (sign) of the 7th angel (God in a prophet) crowned with 7 anointings! Rev. 4:5) This would be his job to reveal the very nearness of the translation! Not the exact day but the nearness of the translation, and the answer (mysteries) would be written on rolls (little seals) – And when he shall begin to “sound” (stir) reveal, call the elect who will hear the “It was a particular “sound” a noted thing. The bride (elect) will hear and receive it! Notice it said in the “days” (verse 7) so when He begins “calling” actually there are just a few (days) years left! Remember there was “the voice” and “the sound” — the voice is the sign in Him the 7th wonder to the elect! “The voice” will have a strange and mysterious “sound” to the world, but the saints will love the “sound” of the voice (sign) — when we hear the voice from a lion we know from the “sound” it is a lion, and when we hear the cry from an eagle we know from “the sound” that it is an eagle! And when we hear “the voice” in this messenger we will know by “the sound” that it is a heavenly message in him! The “voice” and the “sound of the 7th angel (Christ) uniting His own! Behold I do sound and thunder! Read I Kings 19:13 “Behold read” (Rev. 1:12, 15) “The voice and sound”! (The times of the Gentiles are ending in this last messenger.) Scroll 62

(A word of admonition; please, there is no alternative to getting all these CD’s or videos or cassettes; and listening to the messages with hearing the voice. The prophet said, the Lord told him, He has put something in that voice to and for the people). Don’t miss out on the voice with the message.

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