Science and prophecy

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Science and prophecyScience and prophecy

Translation Nuggets 55

By visions the prophets were able to see through the corridors of time and space; and they saw our modern age including the sciences, inventions and weapons of our day, throughout the 90’s and into the millennium. But science is going farther than this they are experimenting with the human genes and the DNA. Also they want to increase intelligence by brain implants. The DNA is the code or blueprint for life. Gene splicing and cloning has been done already on animal life. Men want to be God like. They have used it also on fruits, vegetables and trees to make them smaller or larger.

The anti-Christ will use this new bio-technology in the most adverse way, but God will interrupt his program. Also he will use certain drugs preparing for Armageddon that will program soldiers to kill. Remember, I wrote drugs evidently are used to bring them all down to the battle of Armageddon; plus a mixture of sorcery and lying spirits. All of these will cause soldiers to believe they are invincible super men without any feeling for life. Also the scripts mentioned the anti-Christ would use drugs in water on society during the tribulation. They are working on drugs now that can relieve people from guilt feeling, wherein a person would have no conviction of sin or wrong doing. One researcher said it was terrifying to think of the consequences, if this was in the hands of a dictator, (Rev.13:13-15).

Also Rev.9:18-21, reveals mankind was under some kind of terrible delusion and seemingly like a drug society. Nothing could turn them about. Man is also working on some new revolutionary chemicals. One is the most painful substance ever known. They want to use these things in chemical warfare. And we see something like this in Rev.9:5-6, wherein they were tormented in pain and sought death but could not find it. In these two Rev. chapters above God could use supernatural agents, but it also reveals the inventions that were produced during the 90’s and no doubt will be used before or by the year 2000. It seemed to be some type of energy beams or laser rays mixed with poisonous chemicals. Some of this is yet futuristic. Scroll 166

COMMENTS {BE STEADFAST – CD 1636 –With this nation one of these days the rainbow will be ending. One of these days the gospel will change, and we have our last chance. The Lord has the sickle in his hand, He is working fast, you can tell or see it in his eyes, and you can tell it by the Word of God. Behold I come quickly. And all of a sudden the harvest is brought into the shelter and it will all be over. Peoples’ eye and attention will be on something startling that has happened in the world; that will throw them off and suddenly they will discover that “in the hour you think not has come and gone.” At that moment we who are alive and remain with those who resurrected will be up to meet the Lord in the air. By the time the world crisis is over and millions missing we will be with the Lord forever more.

When people should move and act for the Lord, they get afraid and do the opposite. Worry gets in when they should trust the Lord. They complain about the cost of going to church but they know not that the most inexpensive thing is to go to church and spend the money on the Lord; but they do the opposite thinking they are playing it safe. They forget that with God all things are possible. A brother said he read ten scrolls at the same time and it was too potent that he suggested asking people to be cautious and to read about three at a time.

We are entering the most time of crisis in the world. You cannot see what is happening now compared to any age in history. We are entering a hectic, peerless, inpatient, dangerous, besetting and wildness that we have ever seen. Everything they are doing is in the open, except the evil underneath; they want to do: To put the false Babylon system in, and worldwide union and worldwide trade. That is what they are working on; giving the people pleasure, credit etc and before they know it the snare catches them. But none of them that have the Word will the snare catch. If you get that Word and anointing in your heart and the power and fire of that anointing; I guarantee you, you have something others will never have. He is going to give the elect a mantle and power. The elect you cannot move them with a stick of dynamite, or fire or throw them into a den of lions. The elect will stand firm. I have victory in my heart; I shall praise the Lord forever. Satan is going down and I will go up with the Lord. The more people have the pleasures of this world and inventions the less they come near where God is at. God is going to draw the line and separate things.

In one year’s time, in one month, things will happen that the world will not be the same. God’s children will be gone. This is no time to go to sleep. Let the blind lead the blind. People can look at miracles and go home and in ten minutes be blind to what God has done. Don’t you ever compromise with evil, with people, and with the way they believe? You just stay the way you are. You must fight the good fight of faith, like Paul. What God has for us if seen will shatter the human body, to see it completely. But there is coming a change, so that we can see the beautiful glories of God. He told me if I say anything they will walk away from you. They are too fleshly; even the ones that are full Pentecost, cannot stand up under it. A change will come saith the Lord and sooner than they think; because this is the way He is going to get the bride out. They people are going to say they have time but don’t you say you have time.

Look on the field for it is white for harvest. Do you remember when I painted the Capstone building, it was golden and all of a sudden that kind of color wouldn’t stand up under the hot sun. It turned to white color. Remember the golden stage of the crop; but we are passed that stage, we have entered the white harvest. The scripture says it is already white for harvest. The building is white and we are ready to go.

Don’t let yourself compromise. Don’t leave the Word for any miracles; even if they work miracles. Some work miracles and believe in three gods. They will find out in the great tribulation when they come up as the sand of the sea. But my people that know my Word, don’t you compromise, stand by your conviction; if God be for us who can be against us, (Romans 8:31): Though ten billions rise against us. Keep knocking, don’t be discouraged, don’t give up because of anybody or minister in church who has failed. I a situation arises fight back with the Word of God, stand still: Put Christ first, then others second and yourself last. Wait on the Lord and He will renew you, (Phil.4:13).

Never hurry to get married, keep still, and love your wife with all your heart and your children. For the Psalmist says that is only what you will get out of this world. It is his will that you prosper and be in health, (3rd John 1:2). In Psalm 16:11, it reads in thy presence is the fullness of joy, at thy right hand are pleasures foe evermore, saith the Lord. Who is the right hand of God? It is Jesus Christ, the finger print of God on the earth, in the flesh, the El – Messiah, Emmanuel. If our bodies were dissolved we have a body in heaven, not made with hands, (2nd 5:1; 1st Corinth. 15:48-50). When this body is dissolved and you have a new body that can never be destroyed; then you will understand. All the things and of this life, including galaxies cannot pay for this body you are going to have. For in one moment we shall be changed into the eternal body. Those who miss it go to a different place and that is another concern. You have to be changed to understand what He has in 2nd Peter 1:11 and also 1st Corinth. 2:9. Let people do what they want, you stand still and firm for suddenly you will be changed. You don’t have long anymore; to be in his presence forever more.

Don’t allow the cares of this life take you from the promises of God. Heaven and earth will pass away but prepare and be ready or else you will look around and many are missing. Each of us has a position with the Lord and the future is running towards us and soon we will be running into God. In each of us lieth the measure to do good or evil. Do what you can with the faith you have. If you have been tested and gone through things, there is a blessing coming. Along with all of the world’s tests and persecution; there is coming blessing for the children of God. The angels of the Lord are here among us. Don’t let anything steal the love of God in your heart. The devil will try to make you think God is against you, that people are against you, that the devil is against you, or that you are against yourself. Soon the devil will make you think there is no way out; But stay in praises for that is your way out, you are already out.

The midnight hour is upon us, we are in the former and latter rain already. The scripts, messages, power that has gone forth since 1946, and also the Jews are back in their home land. New viruses are coming upon the world every day but the Lord is wiping them out by the miraculous. Get the divine nature from the Lord Jesus Christ; when in trouble and always put the Lord first, then others and yourself last. Stand with the Lord and don’t back off. ( Study with scrolls 39 paragraph 2; 44 para 5; 49 last para; 144 para 1; 135 para 1; 142 last para; and 162.}

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