Satan’s next move

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Satan’s next moveSatan’s next move

Translation Nuggets 45

The Lord shows me the final move of the age, (Surely the Lord will do nothing, but he revealeth his secrets to his servants the prophets. The lion hath roared who will not fear. The Lord hath spoken who can but prophesy).

First of all the lukewarm Protestants will come together indirectly, then directly and join the Catholic spirit as one. Afterwards they so run politics and state that all unite as one; the second beast is formed, Rev. 13:11, (Thus saith the Lord Almighty). The bride has been pushed out and the Lord brings them into the genuine body of Christ, for the revival of rapturing faith. But the foolish follow the false body forming and the lukewarm churches put all their backing (gold) behind Rome. As church and state unite.

But just before this something happens. The Lord is going to incarnate Himself Spiritually in the people (bride). Now they will speak only his Word to create, to raise the dead, and control the elements in certain cases. To bring forth the fullness of his revelative Word, for rapturing faith in the bride. The fullness of the Godhead will rest upon the elect to perform great miracles and bring unity of the love of Jesus.

Now the false body unites too, so they can throw out the Word of God and dictate to the people what they want (false doctrine). The social gathering lukewarm churches. Some even serve beer (alcohol) in church, will receive non-profit status (and a lie). But the true Word of God and the gifted ministry finally will not. But they will receive the true anointing and rapture, Amen. Jesus shows me a perfect picture of this to come. Now Moses was called off to do some writing: A message to God‘s elect church (The called out chosen ones) That is exactly what I am doing now, (The names I receive will not be by chance) and the scrolls are the work of God and the writing is of God. Now while Moses was writing message from God, (like I am); thousands in the church of Israel grew tired of waiting for Moses to return (Watch, the people of today are also tired of waiting for Christ to return). Scroll #10

The flood gates

Right now (1997) in the midst of apostasy, sin and rebellion, God is pouring out the former and latter rain together in the thunders, and the midnight cry is going forth. Put on the full armour as you are getting ready to leave. Let the spirit of the Word, faith, patience, joy, love and wisdom guide you. Scroll # 252

Some will never dream….

Some will never dream what they are going to see in the next few years. We can look back and finally see what God has given us. It will back up exactly what He foretold. We are now headed for not only strange but also massive events. They will never realize until it hits. The divine purpose is hold steadfast. He is very close to those he loves. ————– Don’t forget to remember always Matt. 25:10. Scroll # 319.

Comments {CD # 1158, In secret. Power and faith will appear, to prepare the people at this end of time. It will involve humility in prayer. Just like the publican who in prayer did not lift himself up, but said Father for give me a sinner. When you pray, you must forgive others first. Matt. 6:6-8, says, “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut the door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.” Develop times when you shut yourself in with God in secret. He knows your thoughts and what you have need of even before you ask. Why do not many Christians take advantage of this secret place with God? Psalm 91:1 talks about, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” Learn to shut yourself in, to have a secret place and time with God Almighty. In this there will be no distraction and unbelief; at this end of age and God will reward you openly. Do not even let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Try to be alone with God.

Avoid mixing with the wrong people or groups or ideas. Paul said, in Gal. 1:11-18, “—- I conferred not with flesh and blood.” He went away from everyone to seek God. We need a time to be in secret with God; as we look for His coming in these evil days. Be shut in with God. In prayer, in secret, God is looking for faith and not for mere words. Avoid vain repetitions in prayer.

There is in prayer when you are in secret with God, a time to Ask, a time to Seek, and also a time to Knock. At the end of the age there is a time that God has a secret time with His people. If you are abiding in Christ, you will accept all his word, know who he is, know what he can do by his word and testify of him; that is how you abide in him, in the secret place of God.

Many people will be blinded by what the Lord is doing at this end of the age. It is the time God talks personally to his people. He told John do not write it, in the end it will come forth. I will work among my people and glorify them for the translation: When He comes in the seven thunders to get his own, and none can stop it. I will teach them the secret of the most High. The secret of how to prepare for the translation. Teach them how to believe and rejoicing revival. And how to work as never before for him. When you understand, you cannot wait to be alone with God. The seven thunders are God himself speaking.

The former and the latter rain will come together. He will increase the anointing seven fold, and it will blow the world back and blow up the elected. Believing is action on your part. He that believeth out of him shall flow rivers (anointing) of living water. You need the anointing especially at this end of the age. Elijah had a calmness and confidence about his departure. He may have seen a vision of the chariot. He was calm and confident to tell Elisha to ask what he would before he was taken up. Confident in his coming translation. He told Elisha, “If you see me taken up you will get what you asked for.” Elijah knew somehow that the departure was going to be so fast that, it will be as a flash, the twinkling of an eye, suddenly, in an hour you think not, in a moment. If Elisha would see it happen, then his prayer would be answered. This is how sudden the translation of the bride will be like.

At the end of the age, the elect of God are going to be prepared. God will make sure one way or another in the way he moves among them; that they will be prepared for the moment of the translation. The body of Christ on the earth who receive a message like this in their heart are a wonderful people. I believe that with all my heart. He knows what he is coming for. My job is to prepare them and this anointing will get you ready. Study, Lk 14:23-24, Rev. 6:1; 8:1 and 10::3. Scrolls #116 and 117; Special Writing #8 and 9. Matt. 6 and 7.}

045 – Satan’s next move