Confidential to the bride

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Confidential to the brideConfidential to the bride

Translation Nuggets 47

Two of God’s greatest men know that I am right, but because of money and sponsorship they are afraid to say anything. Please believe me, it is not I but the Lord showing you. I am only a servant, right now, I have never felt God’s power so strong. I foresaw this important message. Now this is to warn God’s chosen. Some of the salvation groups and some of the Pentecostal groups will be tricked shortly into a massive confederation out of which eventually some will make up the anti-Christ bride, (fallen church) and is brought to him by the spirit of man and dead organizations.

Listen closely, if you are a member of one of these groups, don’t get frightened. But when you see them going in, come out from among them. This I was shown, and it will not fail, watch. The leaders will be told they can pray for the sick and preach like the Bible says. This is used for a bait to draw them into a trap. The devil told Eve she would not die either. This was also a type of losing the Spirit of God. Also the government will offer them more help. But after they get in the trap, like a snare shall it come on all of them. Then the Bible will be changed finally another one given for Catholics, Jews and Protestant which is the word of the beast. Church and state united. A law will be passed, no more preaching or praying for the sick and a mark issued. To get out will cost many of them their lives. But scores will flee to the wilderness where God’s angels protect them. In some nations they give their lives. You see they were foolish virgins trapped like Eve, by the subtle beast, (Gen. 3:4), power 666.

But the wise virgins foresaw this and prayed and stored their oil (sealed), by God and raptured; because they did not agree with this massive confederation. If some of the good Protestant systems join this merging, God will class them as the foolish. God’s children belong on the outside of Sodom, (like Abraham). I have Thus saith the Lord on this. I know some of you attend these churches; you have to have a place to worship. But watch when you see this coming, you don’t have to go with them. This message I am writing is to you. Don’t go on into the federation, stay out. Suddenly God will rapture you. Then the foolish will be trapped and go through much tribulation. Stay where you are and just watch. Because it will come. I am sent with the angel of the Lord to warn you. Remember only the wise will see it. My message is not to the foolish but to the wise. The wise will hear until they are endued with power from reading God’s scrolls. The Lord told me this message would bring some financial loss and persecution to me; but O! Sir, that great angel is standing by my side. The Lord is going to protect and talk to that chosen group. He won’t let you down. Remember, I see a mighty prophet will come at midnight to warn against church merging and to gather the bride, (like unto Moses). That is all He will let me tell you now, (Rev. 18:4-8). The scrolls will play an important part for many during the tribulation and to the bride now. Scroll 7, part 2.

Comments {not ready, cd #1498, 1993; restoration is coming upon the children of god. When Jesus came the first time, the people were not ready. The Pharisees who were carrying their bibles, and knew all the signs and the keepers of the law were not ready. Signs were everywhere but the Lord came to the shepherds. At this end of time the signs are here again. At the first coming of Christ, Rome was in control of Judea and Jerusalem and much of the then world. At the return of Christ again, (translation and Armageddon time) Rome will be in control of the world again. Street people know that something is not right and that things can suddenly happen. But church people are not sensitive and do not know anything. The Lord revealed to me, people will be taken off-guard. Many are asleep. Not ready.

Faith, where is faith for that is what God will be looking for. Faith lies in his promises. When the Lord returns shall He find faith, (Lk. 18:8): He will be looking for people with the faith; (1) that I shall return. (2) Faith in the power for Me to deliver and for Me to do miracles. (3) Faith in all the words I have spoken to my people. (4) Faith that truly that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, (John 1:1). (5) Faith in believing who the Eternal One is, that is the faith He is looking for. (6) Faith that says that Jesus Christ is more than an angel, more than a prophet, more than the Son of God. But that He is the eternal One. The Word that was made flesh and dwelth among men, (John 1:14). The Voice that spoke from heaven when John the Baptist was baptizing Jesus was the same one (Jesus) being baptized. And the Holy Spirit as a dove out of heaven rested upon him (Jesus). The Dimensions of the One True God, (Isa.40:13). The predestined will believe these facts.

In Matt. 24:44-51, while Jesus was preaching to the people about his coming, the judgment and more: he told the people about being prepared. Knowing that the people were not ready, and then He turned to his disciple and said unto them, “Be ye also ready.” This showed that nobody was exempt from preparation. Always remember that there is only one God manifested in three offices of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. He told James and John that to sit one on his right hand and the other on his left is already given out; then what happens to the arrangement of Father, Son and Holy Ghost as three Gods of the trinity doctrine. Will the Father and the Holy Ghost as God have people on their left and right giving nine people seated on three thrones? No, there is only one God hear O! Israel. Three Gods, personalities is confusion. Study scroll 211 and you will understand who Jesus Christ truly is.

The Lord said, nobody is safe, unless you are in His hand, and better be sure; to be able to go in the translation. There are two major signs that are before us. Israel and the Vatican for the first time in history signed an official tie, to have some official relationship, that one day will be confirmed: by the prince that shall come. The churches are not ready, and as they merge watch out. Those who are not in the Elective churches, better get there quick, saith the Lord; it is coming. What will happen even if these merging churches change, it will go into pagan Rome system; it is very close. The other sign before the world’s eye is the Capstone Temple and ministry.

The tie with the anti-Christ, they will have it in such a way you will not know. Global trade through technology and computers are part of the tie of the anti-Christ. They will not notice or identify him until suddenly he sits in the Jerusalem temple, declaring himself as God, starting the last three and half years of his reign: But the bride is already gone in the twinkling of an eye. There is great deception coming, close to Pentecostals; you better keep your eyes open and be ready. The people are not ready.

Some people who have been following the Lord suddenly move away from Him; and yet you see others that no one gave a chance at salvation, suddenly come to God and become even gospel preachers for God. God knows what He is doing. The highway and hedges people are coming home. God has a way of confusing the devil and this is one of those ways. Today many bible carrying preachers and people, know the signs, like in the time of the birth of Jesus, but they were not ready. Today many are not ready. Be ye also ready. For in an hour ye think not the Lord shall surely come as He promised. Heaven and earth shall pass away but not my word, (John 14: 1-3). Many are not ready. When He comes shall He find faith? As a snare shall it come upon all, Keep the urgency of the Holy Spirit?

People who always expect the preacher in church all the time should remember, Moses went up the mountain for 40 days twice and when they did not see the preacher they started to do all manner of things. Similar things happened to other prophets as they went into the wilderness or isolation and the people started doing their own deeds. The same at this end of age. A great sign has been given and many will miss or mistake it. I believe my prophecies will come to pass though misunderstood. Better get people and witness to them as you know, Jesus is coming soon.

Let nobody take from you what I have told you in this message or cassette or video or you will be left behind. Keep your eyes on the word of God and what I am telling you; people will be caught off guard. Tell the people to get ready, it is restoration time and the midnight cry could already be sounding, (Matt. 25:1-10). Lamp trimming for people to get ready. All of a sudden the ones He love are changed. The dead walked among them and they all went up together. I know something you don’t know and I know it is coming.

Don’t let the devil or anyone, I don’t care who he is, I don’t care if he works miracles or the best preacher on TV; don’t let him steal what I have told you or you are going to be left. You won’t be chosen. Billy Graham preached a message called, “Entering the storm” and around the same time I preached about, “We are entering the beginning of sorrows”: and people are going on or are in the valley of decision.

If you believe what I preached, instead of having weakness, saying I am going to miss it, I won’t comment on how far; it is close. Some of you sitting right here are in this scripture, (Rev. 17::14 in deed the Lord bless your soul), and they that are with Him, the King of kings and Lord of lords. They are called, chosen and faithful and are riding with Him; chosen and predestinated. If He is the King of kings and Lord of lords then where is another Lord? And He is Lord God, what other God is there that is Lord also. I know no God beside Me, (Isa.45:5). They are called, chosen and faithful because they believe in what they are told by the Lord. Come out from among her my people, (Rev. 18:4). Can you see some of the people, Pentecostals and more following and are deceived into Babylon, be careful. You would think that people seeing these signs will understand and be careful: But instead they are bold in a contrary manner, not knowing the hour of their visitation, like the Jews at the first coming of Jesus Christ. The line was drawn, they rejected Me and crucified Me. Many loved Jesus for one reason or another; but when he headed for the Cross of Calvary, they rejected backed away from him. Many of them joined the crowd to cry out, crucify him, crucify him; Be careful, they missed the hour of their visitation and is about to happen again.

The Lord said in Rev. 3:10, “Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.” Don’t be fearful, rejoice for soon, ye shall be with Me saith the Lord. Too much credit has made peoples’ minds to be in different things. This is the hour of your visitation. I have given you a sign by this building carried worldwide. The sign of the Lord in a desert place. At the end of the age that “Voice” is here. That still small voice that spoke to Elijah at the cave (1st Kings 19:12-16); you have to be attentive to hear it, gathering his people, spiritual ears saith the Lord. The Lord will call with the voice of the archangel and only the called and chosen and faithful will hear it. If you believe his word you will be those called, chosen and faithful as in that scripture. And that scripture will take place.

Not ready, don’t come now Lord: Too late to prepare the door is closing. They cannot see the signs around us, they are lost by the pleasures of today, worldliness. Amidst all these signs surrounding them, they are not ready. What more signs can God show us? Ye are the generation, the chosen, be ye also ready. Those of you who about 5 years ago were warning and telling people that the Lord is coming soon, and now are tired and some are retired and sitting down. He says, “Be ye also ready.” He is talking to his very own, so you don’t get left behind. Be sure you are ready because the Lord said, many are not ready. Don’t be afraid of death or the coming change, there is no difference, it is translation. Be urgent, be business like, don’t say we have time. Digest this message. There is something in it, to let you ride and be among the called, the chosen and the faithful. Many are not ready.} Look for this CD and listen to it yourself.

047 – Confidential to the bride