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Be ye also readyBe ye also ready

Translation Nuggets 34

We are living in what we call the latter of the latter times. After this recession crises mankind will promote fast adventures in so many different ways as to alter the earth completely. Man will try to work towards a perfect world of global peace and plenty for all. Of course it will be like the lies of the dictators of the 30’s, and we all know what happened. And so again it will lead to gigantic wars. And so they will declare peace and safety for all, but it shall not end in that fashion. Even the Jews will be deceived for a season of time. Right now in this very hour they are working plans to fulfill Rev. 11:1-2 and 2nd Thess. 2:4. In all I have written here, what I am actually trying to say is that truly the whole world is going to be caught off-guard. More false Christ and prophets will rise. The Bible predicted that days a great falling away would occur just before Translation. Some people are not actually falling away from church attendance, but from real Word and Faith. Jesus told me, we are in the final days and to declare it with the utmost urgency.                                                                          Scroll 200 para 3.

The four watches
in this special writing we have a very important subject! . .The nearness and conditions surrounding the coming of Christ:
This should be the song in every heart of the believer, the Lord Jesus cometh soon!

The state of the world at this time is fear, unrest, perplexity; the Lord said it would be a time such as this! That’s why in James 5:7-8, He gives a special patience to His elect. It is a vital need because He mentions it twice, just at His coming. It reads especially true in the period of the latter rain. He was right at the door! (Verse 9) – Rev. 3:10, those who kept the patience of His Word were kept and translated!

Matt.25:14, “reveals to us the kingdom of heaven and His coming back again is as a man traveling to a far country!” Verse 13, reveals we are to watch, because we do not know the exact day or the hour of His return. – “But a combination of other Scriptures and by the prophetic signs around us we would know almost the time of His coming! – Evidently we will know within weeks or months of His return, but not the ‘exact day’ or ‘hour’! – In other words, we would know the season.        (Read Matt.24:32-35)

The ones who keep His Words of patience will not go to sleep! Multitudes of Christians are spiritually asleep! – In the parable Matt.25:1-10, ‘the foolish and the wise were both asleep. But the bride who is part of the wise company was not asleep! – They gave the ‘midnight cry’! (Verses 5 -6) – And the wise had enough of the anointed Word that produced the oil of the Holy Spirit in their vessels!” – Why did they go to sleep? – Verse 5 reveals there was a delay, a transition period; and we are in that time now prophetically speaking! – Generally when people stop activity they fall asleep! – In other words they were not excited about the coming of ‘the Lord’ anymore! – They had even stopped talking about His nearness! – In other words the Church had grown quiet on this matter, and had quit talking and had gone to sleep! . . . But the Bride elect was awake, because they were continually talking about His ‘soon return’ and pointing out all the signs that proved it! – They had no time to spiritually sleep because they were bringing in the harvest! – For His ‘true people’ are the ones who made the cry, go ye out to meet Him! – During the delay the others got bored and spiritually went to sleep: But the elect who were part of the wise also, was full of excitement and joy because they knew the Bridegroom was near upon them! The Bride (mid-night cry) is a special group within the circle of the wise believers! – They have strong faith in His soon appearance! . . . And may all my partners say ‘Christ cometh, go ye out to meet Him. Verse 6, now the cry was made at midnight, but a little time elapsed because of preparation of the wise! (Verses 7-8)

Notice from the parable that there is to be a lamp trimming time, a short powerful revival that takes place during the midnight cry, and go ye out to meet Him! – This short message will culminate into the coming of Jesus! – And they who are ready will go in with Him! (Verse 10), the foolish had no anointing, no oil, and time ran out on them before they could get a full supply!”       Special-Writing 34

Revelation of god’s people
in this special writing let us understand the revelation and calling of god’s people – for it is a mystery unto the lukewarm churches and the world! For in the elect is the seed of life. They are appointed and willingly in their heart receive salvation and are total believers of all the Word of God. This special writing is to my personal original partners and to some of the new, who have just received our literature.
 I believe the Lord caused our path to cross together in divine providence to work in the real harvest field bringing the Word and deliverance to those who are called out. We witness daily many miracles the Lord performs. The refreshing power of the Lord is really a blessing.

All through the ages the Lord has given different messages to various people, and He told me He has given me a people that want to be deep in the Word and the receiving of His full anointing, who will grow in wisdom and knowledge as the age closes out. Jesus calls those whom He has chosen to help in His divine work. . . . Here is how the Scriptures reveal His end of the age people. – Eph. 1:4-5, “According as He has chosen us in Him before the foundation of the world . . . and it continues to say, having predestinated us!” – And in verse 11, “Being predestinated according to the purpose of Him who worketh all things after the counsel of His own will!” – In verse 10 it tells us, “it will be in the dispensation of the fullness of time and that all things will be gathered in Christ!” – What a wonderful and thrilling thing to know that God loves us enough to reveal this to us and His manifold plan of the ages! . . . His true people believe it – Eph. 3:9, “And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God who created all things by Jesus Christ!” – And Isa. 9:6 and St. John 1:1-3, 14 tell us who Christ is. He is the express image of God Himself! – Read I Tim. 3:16 and of course many other Scriptures substantiate this. – Those who believe this will have and receive a very strong anointing, for it will give them unified faith for translation. – Eph. 2:20-21 really puts the Capstone seal on His plans. . . . And they are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone: In whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an Holy Temple in the Lord! – In verse 22, wherein the Holy Spirit dwells! – Eph. 3:10-11 says, “it’s the manifold wisdom of God and that it is an eternal purpose in Christ Jesus, our Lord! . . . It definitely says, – This is just a few of many Scriptures that confirm the preordained callings of the Lord.

We know that there will also be a separate calling of the tribulation saints and also for the nations that are left after atomic war, who will enter the millennium, and the 144,000 Hebrews. Rev. 7 and Rev. 20 give more information. . . . But we are not called unto tribulation or destruction, but to sit in heavenly places with Christ. Every word in the Bible will be fulfilled every prophecy in the Scriptures will be fulfilled. We are entering an outpouring of power and we will absolutely finish our task set before us in saving souls and bringing healing to the body. The hour is late so let us watch and pray and do all that we can while there is still daylight left.                                                                              Special Writing 82

Urgency time

{Comments about the CD#1299 Urgency Time – Nuggets} – Expect this in alert form.

 Urgency time is the late hour, the quickening hour. People are overlooking the coming of the Lord, because the devils had crept into peoples’ minds. What is vitally important now is never lose your excitement of the spirit concerning the translation. Keep your excitement, stir up the gift and power in you and your light will be burning. If you lose the excitement you are not going forward but stepping backward. If your light is not burning when He calls you will not go. Many have lost their enthusiasm and first love and have lost the longing for His coming. The gentile time of 365 days a year is what has lulled many of the people to sleep. God’s last 7 years is 360 days when it starts, (Do you know when?).

Many have given up waiting, no patience and have put other things ahead of the Lord. You cannot have anything ahead of the Lord. Jesus said, “Give strict attention to the word of God, be cautious, be active and be watching. You cannot depend on someone to fill up your oil. It is the urgency, expectation, excitement that is going to keep you awake. Many are sleeping because of the cares of this life and delusion takes them away. You have to put the coming of the Lord above all things and He will see that you get there, but you got to expect it with excitement. Hold fast till I come.  

034 – Be ye also ready

World in crisis! In the weather and at our border. At this time thousands of children are being kept in shelters at our border and people from all over the world are coming to receive the benefits the American people have. – Expecting over 2 million people by July. – The months of February and March brought in the worst tornado season with over 75 recorded as well as over 85 mph wind storms, vast flooding also bringing much devastation. More is predicted by climatologists. Also in Iceland a volcano erupted after being 800 years dormant. Brother Frisby spoke of many age-ending events to come that are now coming to pass. Now let us read from one of Neal Frisby’s writings. “The Bible gives another sign to watch for as the age ends, and that is pestilence!” (St. Matt. 24:7) – “The spread of various poisons will increase across the earth along with new plagues and diseases! Finally it will culminate in judgment!” (Rev. 16:3-11) “Another sign in the near future to watch for is the struggle between the rich man (industries and labor, also banks and the stock market!) Watch for some major upheavals concerning this, the disaster will be on an enormous scale. Reckoning of the rich tyrants is not so far off. (James 5:1-4) – “In the future watch for crime and chaos in our streets, catastrophic conditions prevail.” – “Another sign that has occurred daily around us is seen in Luke 21:26, men’s hearts failing in fear because of the apprehension of what is to occur soon! “Another prediction that the Bible gives is the rise and fall of false cults! (I Tim. 4:1-3) Paul emphasizes in the latter times that people will depart from the faith into delusions! The Roman church was the first great departure from the faith in earlier times!” – “In the modern religions and the new cults idols and pleasure orgies will be prevalent in the coming beast system!” Dan. 12:4, “reveals a prediction which is occurring in conjunction with the return of Christ! Many would be in a hurry to get here and there (jet and automotive age)!” – “Knowledge shall be increased! The prophetic significance, the angel foretold the great increase in human knowledge! The invention of the atomic power! There has been a tremendous expansion in human knowledge! We could discuss hundreds of things, but let us take the prediction of the computer! Computers are becoming nearly human-like! Possibly upon entering the Great Tribulation strange demon spirits may enter them and talk to man giving him information that he has never heard before!” – “As it is, some computers can perform a  million calculations a second! As the age ends the computer information will fall in the hands of a dictator! The potential danger of the computer and its misuse exceeds our ability to imagine!” No wonder in Ezek. 28:3, “reveals the false king as wiser than Daniel! He evidently had an electronic computer at his disposal with all secret information in it!” In Rev. 13:13-17, “we see the possibility of this strange machine again in association with a speaking image! – The fire mentioned takes in electricity, plus atomic fire, along with various other wonders!” Verse 16 “reveals they are able to regiment the whole earth with this electronic invention!” Many have heard of George Orwell. He wrote a book in which he said the world would advance into a police state, whose citizens could not make a move without all being revealed! The writing seemed science fiction at the time. But suddenly the computer has come into view and we are already seeing some of this happening! And evidently will increase a hundredfold. “We see the Electronic Horseman will ride.” Rev. 6:8 “Death!” “All the signs indicate that the world is preparing for a super dictator of master deception. He will be a world emperor and should begin to arrive on the scene. Evidently during those times predicted we are to watch for economic chaos, various droughts, quakes, famines, floods and food shortages!” – “There is coming a catastrophic showdown, the holocaust is practically beyond mortal conception to realize!” – “The crises coming will be of such major intensity that dictatorship will be the only kind of government possible!” – “Changes are ahead! We see many countries now dealing in gold! They are preparing for Commercial Babylon – Rev. 18:12, and religious Babylon, Rev. 17:4!” – “Finally the currencies on earth as we’ve known them will become worthless! Only anti-Christ money leading into a mark will be allowed!” – “This strange dictator evidently will rise through super inflation and coming depression giving him absolute control! We are ushering towards the Great Tribulation!” All prophetic signs indicate that this time of chaos and trouble will occur “The crises coming will be of such major intensity that dictatorship will be the only kind of government possible!” – “Changes are ahead! We see many countries now dealing in gold! They are preparing for Commercial Babylon – Rev. 18:12, and religious Babylon, Rev. 17:4!” – “Finally the currencies on earth as we’ve known them will become worthless! Only anti-Christ money leading into a mark will be allowed!” – “This strange dictator evidently will rise through super inflation and coming depression giving him absolute control! We are ushering towards the Great Tribulation!” All prophetic signs indicate that this time of chaos and trouble will occur in the not too distant future. “So we see things will intensify and the most important events of all time will converge and take place!” End quote. This month I am releasing a wonderful new book with 3 sermons in it called “WATCHFULNESS” and also a DVD, “Prophetic Waves” – In the condition the nation is in at this time the Lord promised He would be with us in the hour we are living in. It is wonderful to see people stand behind the Lord’s ministry. Your help is truly appreciated. I’ll be remembering you in prayer. May the Lord guide, bless and prosper you.

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