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The hour is getting closer than we thinkThe hour is getting closer than we think

We are entering a period when we should get our priorities right. Wealth and ambition are good but we must know what our immediate priorities should be. What can you give in exchange for your life before God? This is the time to make sure you are ready; should the Lord Call time for the translation or calls one home to glory or damnation.

Marriage is honorable but remember to put God first. Don’t forget that there is no marriage or having children in heaven. Pray and be fervent that Christ may be formed in your children. Be sure first that you are really born again. Marriage and family is only on earth and ends here. In heaven Jesus Christ the Lord is the center of attraction.

Any family member that does not make it in the first resurrection; their only hope may be through the great tribulation if they survive it. Who wants to go through that? If they miss it or you miss it that may be a final good bye. Family members may miss one another. This is the time to get our priorities right and not be distracted. Make your calling and election sure. This is the time to finalize sorting out where you stand with the word of God in everything. Now is the only time to make any mending of fences. The good thing is that whosoever fails to make it may never be remembered in heaven. Because such remembrance can bring sorrow, but there is no sorrow there. And anyone that does not make the first resurrection will not be missed. Strive to enter saith the scriptures of the Lord.

From 2022 forward things will become more controlled, as technology and computers begin to make decisions. Things will not get better worldwide; fear, hunger, diseases, unemployment, famine and economic collapse are coming. But the anointing from the Lord is coming for and to those who are looking for His appearing and it will bring a great separation. All you owe anyone from now on is telling them the TRUTH OF THE WORD OF GOD. Stand for the truth, also buy the truth and sell it not.

If you have sinned or wronged anyone, even an unbeliever; repent, ask for forgiveness and also be forgiven. This is the time to mend. Develop a serious and timed moment to stay alone with the Lord daily. Group time and effort is well and good but it is not a substitute for a personal, SECRET, door shut moment with God.  BE GOD’S SECRET WATCHMAN, and See the translation in secret.

Learn to love and see the good in others, no matter how perfect you think you may be. Also help lift each other up. Do all these without compromising your faith. Love one another, this is one of the evidences of our faith, (John 13:35). Bear one another’s burden. Witness to the unsaved with joy and compassion. For as the lost are so were we in times past. PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE, AND FOCUS.

Remember it is not how you started that is important but how you finish before God. God is looking for your faith, fear of God and faithfulness and not just words. Let he that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he falls. God forbid that after preaching to others that one should be a cast away, (1st Cor. 9:27). Time is short. We are entering strange times and no matter what happens on earth, set your affections on the coming, sudden, translation and on things above, (Col.3:2-17). We are close now, hold fast, it won’t be long. Focus on the translation, stay away from all appearances of evil. Soon the world and its people will be in a situation like Amos 5:19, “As if a man did flee from a lion, and a bear met him; or went into the house, and leaned his hand on the wall, and a serpent bit him.” There will be no place to hide for those left behind. Greetings of love to you all in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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