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According to John 14:1-3, Jesus will return for his bride. He told us in the Bible how we can recognize the time of his return through various events. These are now all occuring or fulfilling for the first time in history. His bride is very much looking forward to Jesus’ return, the wait will not last long. The beauty of the translation is that the bride can finally join Jesus in her new home. This earth is not her home. No, her new home is completely different as recorded in 1st Thessalonians 4:13-18, Revelation 21:1-8.

Many things are going to change for the bride of Jesus Christ. The bride is a group of people who will be allowed to be very close to Jesus in the hereafter, she is already prepared on earth for things she will do in the hereafter. The bride will be busy in the hereafter with things that her Lord has prepared for her. What all that implies is not yet fully known and partly secret. The bride will in any case get a new body, as a kind of update, read Revelation 22:3-4. The body will have new extra functions such as, food will no longer be necessary but optional, it will no longer be subjected to gravity, can no longer get tired, no longer need to sleep. Also there will be no more grief, but all tears will be wipied away. One of the most beautiful things in heaven will be that the bride will be recognizable in heaven to saved loved ones and friends and will be forever with them. What a party that will be! Will you be there?

There will no longer be married couples there, but everyone will be family because we shall be equal to angels, Lk 20:36. Yes, the bride is definitely going to have a very joyful life that lasts much longer than life on earth, it is eternal. We live on earth for a little over 80 years,but in the hereafter the bride will live forever. Think how long 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 years would be, but forever is still longer than a million years. Remember it is not just forever but eternal because He has given us eternal life that does not end, because it is part of God in you. It is called eternal life by Christ.

But who is that bride now? The bride is a very large group of people, perhaps a few million people. These people are chosen by God and believe the word of God. There are different ways to believe the word of God, the Bible. Different people have different opinions about that. Some people believe that the Bible is God’s word but are not going deeper into it, study Romans 8. Others believe that it is God’s word but should not be taken literally. Still others believe the Bible from cover to cover and do their best to live it sincerely. Whatever opinion people may have, it obviously does not change anything about that one truth and what God intends to do. God loves order, does not twist his words, does not lie, can be trusted and has clearly stated in the Bible, what we have to fulfill to be able to belong to him. I would like to go deeper into this, so that we can hold ourselves up to the light. Suppose Jesus is coming now, have we now fulfilled the conditions to be his bride and be accepted? It is very important because it is the opportunity of our lives to secure a fantastic future but also to avoid hell.

In order to be the bride of Jesus Christ and to be accepted we will need to also comply with a certain checklist. This checklist will be hard for you if you think you are a Christian. Because of the advanced times we live in however, we do not have time to turn around things. God’s word is difficult for most people to accept because people put their own opinions first. This checklist is about the coming translation and marriage supper of the Lamb of God; and the conditions below must be met to ensure that you will be admitted to the occassion. Jesus already paid the entrance fee for you when he gave his life about 2,000 years ago on the Cross of Calvary for our sins, Amen. Thank God for that.

1.) You have confessed your sins, are repented and converted. Acts 2:38; believe the word of God, the Bible 100% and put your opinions aside

2.) You must have been baptized by immersion in the Name of Jesus Christ and have received the Holy Spirit.Mk.16:16

3.)You have forgiven everyone and practiced forgiveness

4.) You believe that Jesus has healed you from all your diseases by His stripes

5.) You believe that there is only one God and Lord and that Jesus Christ is the Almighty God and Creator of heaven and earth. John 1:1-14

6.) You must expect the translation continuously and invite the lost to Jesus (evangelism)

7.) You do not smoke and do not drink alcohol but are always sober

8.) You believe in hell and heaven and casting out of demons

9.) You must really know who Jesus is.

A lot can be added to this list but these points are some of the most important ones to examine yourself with. It is our responsibility to study the Bible and learn more about it. But if you do not have the above mentioned conditions in your life, that is an indication that you have to work on it today because tomorrow may be too late. Chances are that you miss the target and do not belong to the bride, if you do not meet the mentioned conditions. This message is meant to press you on the facts, to warn you, to remove wrong assumptions and flee from sin.

In most churches a false gospel is preached and the Bible is not taken literally and seriously. Listen carefully, there is a very large group of people on earth who think they are the people of God and will go to heaven. Eventually they will not be taken in at all and the outcome will be that Jesus Christ is not their bridegroom and that they were completely wrong. People have always tried to change God’s word. Do not be fooled! There is no way to do that any time.

People who do not meet all the conditions of this checklist cannot, according to the Bible, belong to the Bride of Jesus Christ. If you read this message and the translation has not occured yet, you can still meet all these conditions. There is still hope!

Listen, hard times are coming for this world because they have not listened to the many warnings of God and his word. The 1st and 2nd World Wars are nothing compared with what is to come. Jesus will not allow his loved ones who have listened to his word to stay here much longer and to go through the great tribulation. People There is a huge financial credit crisis coming first. Prices will be recalculated according to a new currency. People will not have enough jobs to meet their needs, famines, uprisings and a dictatorship will appear. The weather patterns will change and very erratic. The earth will become an unpleasant place, full of problems. It is 2018, the TRUMP (trumpet) was here. Is it a reminder that the elect is expecting the call of the Trump of God. Jesus has warned and will quickly take away his people. Make sure you make it right with Jesus and escape with him in the translation; before hell completely breaks loose. Many left behind will gets a mark on the right hand or on the forehead to be able to buy and sell.