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There are so many types of fish in the waters but only the real fisherman can catch them. It takes more than a real fisherman to catch the rainbow fish. You often wonder why is it that these certain brethren are not with us anymore; and are more comfortable in different kinds of fellowships. The truth is that the fellowships are not the problem; the main issue is that many of them are not actually of the rainbow fish.

Remember bro. Branham, he was trying to catch some remarkable looking rainbow fish in a beautiful lake which is a type of the elect. But he just could not seem to catch them. The angel took him up and showed him some sort of shelter or cathedral.  He told him this is where the elect would be caught or receive the last message of translative faith. We are in the vision and it is fulfilling before us. What kind of fish are you.

Go down to a river where you can see the real movement of the fish. When you put down bait a lot of fish move to get it.  A more careful look will see the strange but confident rainbow fish coming majestically because the Lord is with them. Not every fisherman can catch them, only those that have being and remained with Jesus Christ.

Do not stagger at the promise of God to the bride. That tent like building that looked like a cathedral that bro. Branham saw will get those rainbow fish. The message of the thunders from that tent like building will get them. There is a mighty angel watching over the tent like building with a message; He is the Angel of the Lord. Listen to CD #1516 profound events. Everyone will give account of him/herself to God. Do not blame anyone for your faith. God does not have grandchildren he has children; so we all who are believers have equal access to God. Do not believe anything without going to God in prayer to get your answers.

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