012 – Pain

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Arthritis is inflammation of the joints accompanied with pain and some swelling. Eat lots of brewer’s yeast, Vitamin B complex, wheat germs, bananas, avocados, papaya and pine-apple.  Definite improvement will be noticed about 8-12 days.

Vitamin B complex helps drain excess water out of the body, reducing or completely eliminating the pain of arthritis. Also it helps get rid of sweet cravings, which are not really good for you.

Vitamin B-6 is another of the B-vitamins that helps with sore knee, wrist and ankles. Stiffness improves dramatically, with natural food, e.g. raw fruits and vegetables daily. Vitamin C is also another substance very good for arthritis and pain generally.  It helps sooth the pain and facilitates healing. It is important in controlling pains, of neck, lower back, hip, arm, ankles etc.

Vitamin E and calcium are good for pains of the bone/muscles and ease difficulty sleeping due to pain. Continuous use will create a pain free situation for that particular area such as knee, shoulder, hip and elbow.

For serious arthritis pain, Vitamin C, E, and B are good combination with some dolomite and or bone meal.  Vitamin E would be of very great help in stopping pain, about 400 I.V at each meal for severe cases or better as your doctor would recommend, but generally maintenance dose is 400 I.V daily.

*       There is a feeling, indescribable when you are in pain or agony or miserable from an ailment and suddenly you try something that brings an unexpected relief or cure. This is my aim bringing out this write up, that people will get help for their undesirable conditions.

Natural approaches to pain, especially arthritis pains.

(a)   Alfalfa Tea, made with warm water, not boiling water, allow to simmer for 20-45 minutes, strain and cool, then drink 3-5 times daily, honey may be used to taste.  It takes a couple of weeks to see a remarkable improvement. The rate of improvement is enhanced by taking salt, sugar, coffee, processed foods, white flour, alcohol out of your diet. In the same token you must improve your diet, by consuming much of fresh, vegetables and fruits, reduce red-meat, drink clean water, take walks and give yourself about 8 hour of daily sleep.

(b)   Cherry definitely brings amazing results for gout and arthritis, this will enable you stay off medication. Introducing Vitamin B and E will enhance relief significantly

(c)   Apple cider vinegar 1: 2 with water daily in a couple of weeks brings relief to swelling, pain and continuous in take, eventually eliminates the conditions.

(d)   Bone meal tablet is good for pain due to arthritis

(e)   Desiccated liver helps relief arthritis pain, cleans phlegm from the throat, calms nerves, and reduces colitis and headaches.

(f)    Honey is necessary for a person suffering arthritis, it helps in the total healing of the condition.

(g)   Bioflavonoids , referred to as vitamin P, 400 mg of C, 400 mg citric bioflavonoids and 50mg rutin 3 times a day and watch what happens in 2-4 weeks. Remember lemons are also good sources of bioflavonoids.

(h)   Calcium is real good for pain relief.

High calcium foods include:-

Beet                       118

Beans                    163

Parsley                   193

Watercress           195

Mustard green   220

Kale                        225

Turnip green         259mg

(i)  For chronic joint disease, calcium, Vitamins D, B and iodine are needed daily.

(j)     Garlic remedies: Garlic is fantastic for arthritis. It has power to relieve inflammation, infections, catarrhal inflammation and increases circulation.  It is very effective.


Rheumatism is a degeneration of joint tissue due to nutritional deficiency of mainly calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B and Iodine.

Rheumatism is a disorder marked by inflammation, degeneration of connective tissue, structures of the body, mainly the joints and muscles, tendons and fibrous tissues.  It is identified by pain, stiffness, limitation in movements.  Any rheumatism confided to the joints is considered arthritis.

Chronic rheumatism and gout are often similar, the only difference is manifestation.  In many cases arthritis is a follow up of acute rheumatism.  Both rheumatism and arthritis share similar treatments in certain circumstances.

Generally rheumatism is a result of an obstruction in the body caused by waste materials and acids.  Bad diet fills up the body with poisons, uric acids, which in most cases the human kidneys, liver, and bladder are unable to filter out, so they lodge in the joints, bones and affect muscles.  It is almost impossible to find arthritis or rheumatism in wild animals that eat natural, fresh foods but common in domesticated animals that feed on human processed foods.  This definitely tells us a lot about our denatured foods, including engineered seeds so called.

Symptoms include: painful and enlarged joints often the joints are tender, hot, red and aching.  Movement often causes pain.  Sometimes the joints become stiff and movement is impossible.  The hands may be affected as to alter normal posture of hands.  Pain may be constant or intermittent.  Early intervention is necessary to avoid muscles shrinking.

Care of Rheumatism

There are definite things to avoid, if help can be found.

  1. Avoid denaturalized foods immediately and these include: Tea (except green tea once daily), coffee, alcohol, white flour, bread, white flour products, sugar, soda, meats, pork, bacon, fried foods.
  2. Avoid cold or dampness, keep warm always especially the feet.
  3. Eat lots of fruits/vegetables, change your eating habit and lifestyles.
  4. Take one lemon juice in warm water 3 times a day before meals.
  5. Drink raw potato juice with carrot if available [10 – 15 ounces] 3 times a day, this is very good for rheumatism.
  6. Cucumber is a good natural diuretic, also helps in hair growth especially when consumed with carrot, lettuce and spinach in juice form if possible. Else eat it as a salad, no protein of any kind added to the mix. It is very good for rheumatism which is a culmination of uric acid in the body.  Combination of beet, carrot, cucumber, spinach, lettuce and a little garlic is a very good relief for rheumatism.
  7. Garlic is a good absorber of uric acid. It is helpful in diseases of the lungs and bronchi. It is helpful in cases of blood pressure and in combination with onions they help in rheumatism, insomnia, nervousness, and respiratory tract infections. Garlic and onion fight bacterial infections.                      

If you do not want to live with and in pain as you age, clean your body and change your diet.  It takes time to undo the damage of wrong eating choices made over the years but a more permanent relief and condition may be achieved than temporary relief from different drugs that pose another danger and difficult to get out of the body.

Steps for: improving conditions of rheumatism.

(a)   Cleanse the body first: colon, liver, kidney, and the rest of the body.  Use only fruits e.g. Orange, lemon, grapefruit, pineapple, for 3 – 5 days, for a start with clean water.

(b)   Destroy unhealthy micro-organisms in the intestines: eat lots of papaya (paw paw).  Take papaya alone for 3 – 5 days with water when necessary and some raw garlic chewed 3 times daily after 2 hour of eating the papaya.  Do not eat any other food for those 3-5 days except papaya and garlic.

(c)   Have good dental cleaning because bad tooth may lead to infection and rheumatism.

(d)   To clean your kidneys/liver use beet, lemon juice, garlic, wheatgrass, all juice if possible; else eat it raw.

(e)   Finally fasting 1 – 2 days a week, of no food but water is very important and not going back to eating wrongly, which involves consuming denatured food. If you are diabetic consult your doctor or a person knowledgeable about fasting.


This is one of the complex plants in nature like garlic.  Onion has various intriguing properties some of which increase their effects. These properties include: stimulant, expectorant, anti-rheumatic, diuretic, anti-scorbutic, re-solvent. This makes it a great remedy for constipation, sores, gas, whitlows, etc.  It is very safe and can never lead to an overdose. The only draw- back is in cases of people allergic to sulfur   which may be very harmful to people with liver issue, garlic may have the same effects, so it becomes necessary to find out if an individual is allergic to sulfur.