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Ye Are My Witnesses | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1744 | 01/28/1981 PM

When you are praying for your need, pray for somebody else and worship Him. When you keep asking, you have not believed Him for the answer in your heart. It is good to pray but go praising the Lord. We should give God thanks for what has been accomplished. The Lord is not getting enough of the praise. He is not getting enough of the glory. Someday, the nations will suffer if they don’t give Him the glory. We should always thank the Lord for what He is doing because He is going to do more and He is really going to bless the people.

Turn with me to Psalm 95: 10. “Forty years long was I grieved with this generation, and said, it is a people that do err in their heart, and they have not known my ways.” For forty years, He was grieved with them. It is getting to the time that He is grieved with the people all over the earth. Religious systems have arisen because people have erred from the scriptures in their hearts. Also, the people, they just kind of let somebody else do it. They don’t pray. They just kind of sit down on the Lord. The bible says they do err. So many times, people write me and ask, “What do we do?” Some say they are too young and some say they too old. Some of them say, “I am not called.” Everybody has an excuse but excuses don’t work. Ye are my witnesses, the bible said.

You are all called to do something for the Lord. There is something for all. Sometimes, when they get old, the people will say, “I don’t have any gifts. I am getting old, I will just sit down.” I have heard people that are young say. “I am too young. The gifts are not for me. The anointing is not for me.” See; they do greatly err. This generation is erring and only a small minority has really gotten the backbone in praying and doing what God wants them to do. Ye are my witnesses and the word witness—you can witness by talking or praying. There are a number of ways you can witness for the Lord. All of you can do something for the Lord. You young people here; don’t let the devil trick you to say, “When I grow up, I will do something for the Lord.” You get started now and you will be blessed.

In the bible, Abraham was 100 years old and he could still move kingdoms. Daniel at 90 years old was still strong in power. Moses was 120 years old, his eyes were not dim and his natural force did not abate. Daniel was a great intercessor of all time and so was Moses. Abraham was a great warrior in prayer of all time. He was the first to show how to pray in the bible. Then we have Samuel, a young boy. At 12 years old, the Lord called that prophet. He did not just call him, He talked to him. By doing this, the Lord showed that the men in the bible, no matter how old they were, still reached out to the Lord. Jesus was 12 years old and at that age, He said, “I must be about my Father’s business.” Isn’t that an example to the young people today? He didn’t just appear in the temple for nothing. He wasn’t disobedient to His parents either. No, the scriptures bore that out. It was His duty; He was moving up to the importance of His ministry. His work was very vital to Him. At 12 years old, a great example was set that young people can pray and they can get a hold of the Lord. The Lord in His greatness can use anyone of you one way or the other. Some of the people say, “I am not gifted.” But the bible says there is anointing for everyone. People think they are too old or too young and they let the people in the middle do it. But sometimes, the people in the middle say, “Let the younger ones or the older ones do it.

Here is a ministry in the bible; it is a royal ministry. It is one of the greatest given in the bible—we are kings and priests with God— and that is the ministry of an intercessor. The intercessor goes about God’s business during the day. He prays for things that concern the kingdom of God. He will pray for whatever God has for him to pray; he will pray for his enemies, he will pray for the missions overseas and around the world and he prays for God’s people everywhere. He will pray for the bride of the Lord Jesus Christ to be united. I believe that through praying, an outpouring will come and He will unction more people for the uniting of the body of Christ together in unity. Once you get the people of God together—He has not been able to do it for He is waiting—there will be a spiritual move on the earth that no one has ever seen. When that happens, that is one more explosion that is going to deafen the devil’s ears spiritually. It is going to give him the hiccups because God is going to move in then. You see, He only moves in where He is welcome. He comes in where the people are wholeheartedly waiting for Him. Once we get our hearts open that He is welcome to come in with His power, I mean to tell you, He will sweep you right off your feet and take you away. Amen. He is a great lover spiritually. Daniel was the greatest intercessor; for 21 days he interceded with the Lord barely touching anything (food) at all, holding on until Gabriel (Angel) said that Michael was coming. He prayed for the people to get out of captivity. He held on to God and interceded until the people went home.

I like to see the Lord get the glory for His great works upon the earth. The bride will be intercessors. Besides the gifts of the Holy Spirit, they will be intercessors for God. When the bride gets through praying, this people that are in the highway and hedges will get out of captivity, “to fill my house that my house will be full.” As the bride begins to intercede with the Lord together with all their power, the people (sinners) are coming home. They are coming in to the kingdom of God. Some people say, “I don’t know if I have the gift.” In the gifts, there is a divine law—it takes faith. In divine law, it is the operation of the Holy Spirit. He gives the gifts as He wills not as you will. You can seek earnestly but it is resident, what is to be given to the individual at the time when the Holy Spirit is in there. I have had people tell me, “If I assume I have the gift of miracles, do I have it?” No. The gifts are so precise and so powerful that when one has a gift, it speaks for itself. That’s why we have so many false systems today. But when a gift is operating in its operational power, it is there. You can’t imagine it and you can’t assume it. The only thing you can do is to seek God and whatever you have in your life will be revealed.

Paul said that “I may impart unto you some spiritual gift…” (Romans 1: 11). What he meant was that the anointing of the Holy Spirit will give you the gift. The anointing that he imparts will stir up whatever gift is in you if you have been seeking the Lord days in advance. The same thing today, laying hands on people by the anointing will bring out the gift of God in them; but if they don’t follow through, it doesn’t stay very long. The gifts are given by the Holy Spirit. Some people may speak in tongues—there are vocal gifts, there are revelation gifts and there are power gifts. Today, there is so much fanaticism. People cannot tell who has the proper gift and who doesn’t. Don’t follow gifts or signs, you just follow Jesus and follow His words and then the gifts are added. Don’t assume; whatever you have will speak for itself. As you seek God, your gift will come out. Many people speak tongues, but they don’t have the gift of tongues. The gifts work according to the power of the anointing that is in you. There is so much fanaticism. People go about paying money to give/get gifts. That is wrong! It is not God and it will never be God.

I never had to do anything. God appeared to me. Some were born prophets; they were born like that, they can’t get out of it. It is just there. Others are called in different ways. Each of you that are called into this Holy Spirit ministry, whatever is in you, by seeking the Lord—the power of the anointing that is in here—will bring it out. You don’t have to assume or imagine anything. The Lord spoke to me about it. He said, “Your anointing will pull it out.”  Some people say men can give you gifts. No. The Holy Spirit that is in them can stir up what the Holy Spirit has given there. Man cannot give you anything. I respect the men of God that have passed on and I appreciate their gifts. At the same time, there is a magician bunch that is going all over the country. If you don’t hold on to what I am preaching this morning, the deceivableness will get to you. The character, sometimes, speaks of the kind of gift that a person will carry. I can look at certain characters, if the Lord should bring it out, and tell what kind of gift they will carry. Those power gifts, vocal and revelation gifts will work with different characters. Sometimes, people come with five or six gifts. If one person comes with all nine gifts, his character will become complex and no one can understand him pretty much. The three power gifts faith, healing and miracles can work together to raise the dead and work miracles. So do the revelation gifts. With the vocal gifts, prophecy can be written, spoken and interpreted. These are callings that come from the Most High God.

Now, the intercessor—if you are short on the gifts and you don’t see them working in your life—the intercessor. It is one of the greatest callings in the bible. If you are short on the gifts, there is a possibility that he wants you to be an intercessor. A young child can be an intercessor and an old person can be an intercessor. Don’t let your age get in the way. If you want to be an intercessor, reach on out to the kingdom of God and begin to pray. You can pray for anything you want to in the kingdom of God. You should intercede for the uniting of the bride. There is no greater service to God, with thanksgiving and praise, than to intercede to the Lord to unite His bride in the power of the Holy Spirit. Remember this scripture (Psalm 95: 10); I am going to read it to you again. He has a rest that is beyond anything that you have ever seen before and you want to thank Him because it is a rest that He will give to us before we are translated. In that great revival of the Lord, there will be such a rest and power on His people. He is going to give us this rest because of the conditions that are surfacing in the world. These conditions are coming. They are predicted to come.

Brother Frisby read Psalm 92: 4-12. “The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree” (v. 12). Have you seen the palm tree when it flourishes? Wind can just blow on it; the palm tree may bend over to the ground, but it won’t break. I believe that people are planted around me. If they stay, they are planted; they get up and leave if they are not. “Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing” (Psalm 92: 13 & 14). They shall be fat and flourishing spiritually. Daniel, Moses and all the prophets interceded to the Lord. Jesus, Himself, interceded and is still interceding for us today. He was an example to us. The Lord planted them in the house of God. When something is planted, it means it has roots, with this extreme power that knocks back satan and satanic forces. We are coming to an age when God will have His elect stuck to the Rock. He is the only one that can do that. He is the only one that can give that staying power. Man can get them to have a superficial staying power if they mix entertainment with the word and joke with them. Humor is okay, but I am talking about sermons directed at entertaining the people without the word of God. But the real child of God is planted by God and only His power can give them that staying power. The real wheat of the Lord that He has gotten in His hands, only He can keep them. They are in His hands; no one can take them from there. We are coming in to that.

Had Moses appeared to the Israelites to take them out of Egypt ten years before he did, they would not have listened to him. But they had suffered so much. The Lord at one time (in the wilderness) wanted to give up. He said to Moses that He would destroy the people. But Moses stood in the gap. He said, “You can’t call all these people here, give them your word and then destroy them.” The Lord said, “Moses, I will just raise another group through you.” But Moses knew that that was not the Lord’s plan and he stood in the gap. Moses did not give up on the people. He held on to Israel until the young generation crossed with Joshua. Moses’s prayer carried the young generation clear on to the Promised Land with Joshua. Paul prayed with all his heart that the crown of righteousness would be given not only to him but all those to whom it should be given—all those that serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Great intercessors have come and gone. We have men like Finney, a great intercessor, who prayed in the early 1900s. The apostles were great intercessors who prayed for the great salvation we have today. God’s prayers on the prayers of those intercessors and our own prayers will carry on through to the throne in those golden vials. The Lord is going to see this thing through.

You young people pray for the old people. Old people pray for the young people and people that are in the middle, pray for everybody too. Our prayer, united together, is going to be powerful upon this earth. All the elect of God in their hearts, the Lord is beginning to move upon them to pray.  Never quench the Spirit in that prayer. If you are sitting in your home and you can’t sleep at night, He wants you to pray, many times. The Holy Spirit is moving on you. Pray and praise the Lord. Just read your bible a bit and praise the Lord or lie in bed and praise the Lord. If you can’t sleep many nights, that is a different story. The fact is this—if you wake up many nights and you can’t sleep—I know He rouses and moves on me. I used to write and I would write all kinds of night. My wife would help me get a pen. I could hardly see the paper and I would write revelations, many of which you have read. I would get up and write the scrolls and different things that I was writing. I don’t know how many prophecies came one or two nights in a row when He would wake me early in the morning and I would begin to write.

Then later in my life, I would be going to a city to pray. Before I go, the Lord would move on me. I would begin to pray and intercede for the whole city. He brought to my attention that, “You are not just going to pray for the people that are coming to your meeting, but you pray for everybody in there.” So I would pray over those cities; what would be destroyed would be destroyed. I would pray, “Lord, even if they don’t come to my ministry, I pray as an intercessor that you move with great power on the earth. Those foolish virgins there get them out if they are fleeing into the wilderness. Let thy will be done.” Pray for all of God’s people. Pray for the foolish virgins during the great tribulation. Some nights, He will move on you. There may be some other nights that it won’t be the Holy Spirit. You may have eaten the wrong thing or some sickness may be coming on you, but it is a good time to pray if you can’t sleep. All of this is God talking tonight.

So, I believe in the gifts with all my heart but if you don’t see some of these gifts working in your life as you should, take count of the ministry of intercession. It is a royal priesthood, it is kings and priests and it is a real ministry. The greatest men in the bible made intercessory prayer. I believe, young and old—whatever your age is—it makes no difference, you will flourish in the house of God and triumph in the work of the Lord in your old age. You can pray; you can intercede, “Your kingdom come.” That is the way He told them to pray when the disciples asked Him how to pray. This is an example for all of us. If you are praying for the kingdom of God, he will supply your daily bread. Stay in your closet, get in there and “I will reward you openly.”  All through the bible you can name the intercessors. John on the island of Patmos interceded for the church of the day and the visions that he saw broke into the book of Revelation. David was a great intercessor. He interceded for Israel to be delivered from their enemies. Joab was one of the greatest generals that ever lived, but without the prayers of David behind him, I’d hate to be with him. In spite of his problems, David had power; he moved kingdoms. All the enemies were around him ready to trample Israel, yet he would intercede and stay in prayer with the Lord. Jacob interceded one time all night long. He wrestled and got a blessing.

There is a great blessing in the intercessory prayer of God’s saints. While they are busy trying to find out what gifts they have and what else they can do, they forget that the most important work in the history of the world is that of an intercessor. Without me being an intercessor for you people and the people on my mailing list, there wouldn’t be anybody. The things of God that cost much, of which I barely say anything to anybody, it is through intercession that those things are done by the power of God. Otherwise, I would be nothing; it is the power of an intercessor. I must pray for the people and with that I must have faith to work for them so they can do something for me. I have watched the Lord– when the day comes that that no longer works–I know my work is finished upon the earth. I believe I will run my course just as He wants me to. Oh, I am listening for those wheels! Amen. I want to go on with the Lord and be in His divine will in that translation.

But a royal priesthood, a peculiar people—yeah, standing there, disappears and goes into the closet–a peculiar person. Daniel was a peculiar person, praying three times a day. That was business with God. Can you say Amen? The Redeemer is the greatest intercessor of all. He is still interceding for His people, the bible says and He is an example to all of us. All of us are called to be intercessors and I will lift and exalt that type of ministry. You have to have endurance and you have to be quite a person to be an intercessor because you are timely. When the Spirit moves on you, you will answer back. Therefore, the most important thing right now at the end of the age besides the fruit of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of power is the gift of the intercessor. So, don’t say you are too young. Say a prayer, praise the Lord and no matter your age, reach on out.  “O come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation” (Psalm 95: 1). Why did he call Him a Rock? He saw the Chief Headstone. Daniel also saw that mountain that was cut out as a stone. All through the psalms, David speaks of the Rock. One thing–His promises–if He told David something, He carried it through. David knew that the Lord was strong and dependable. There was no way you could push Him aside. There was no way he would let you down. He was strong, so David called Him a Rock.

Brother Frisby read Psalm 93: 1-5. Jesus at 12 years old and Samuel the prophet called at twelve—how many of you know that the Lord has strapped us all together that we are intercessors or workers in one way or the other for the Lord Jesus? No one can go out of here and say, “If the Lord would have called me.” See, you are called now and that intercessory deal is a great one with the Lord. He will give you strength and He will hold you up. If you are good at intercessory prayer, satan may take a lick or two at you. You put on the whole armor of God and He will really bless you. He will do it. I really believe that. You have to be fortified. Your character has to be as David said–the rock. There is a great blessing in that. I don’t think there is any blessing like that of an intercessor because it is a blessing to the soul. Remember when you pray as the Spirit moves on you—that prayer—the word of God will not return void. Somewhere in the world that prayer of faith is answered. The Lord has the prayer of faith and He will bless your heart altogether. How many of you know you are an intercessor? Can you raise your hands to the Lord and praise him for it? Remember, when the Spirit moves and even when He doesn’t move begin to intercede. God will bless your heart. He will set you free. He is a Great One. So don’t tell Him because you don’t have this or that, you can’t do anything. You can. Get a hold of Him and become a great intercessor of the Lord.

As the age closes out and the falling away comes, these are the people (intercessors) that He is looking for. Sometimes, the gifts will fail; men will forsake God or they will backslide. People that come with vocal gifts, many times, they won’t live right; they will backslide and go out of the way—but many have stayed and many people have worked the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit. But there is one thing: your prayer as an intercessor will stay with God. You may be gone but that prayer is gone up and your works do follow you. So, men can come and go but the prayers of an intercessor, I believe are in those vials. That’s His people and some of those are under the altar still praying for their fellow servants to be sealed down there. What a ministry! It is wonderful, peculiar, a royal people of the Lord. They are called spiritual stones of the Lord. How many of you believe that God told me to preach that tonight?

Ye Are My Witnesses | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1744 | 01/28/1981 PM