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Jesus The Infinite God | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1679 | 01/31/1982 PM

Good times and bad times—it makes no difference—what counts is our faith in the Lord Jesus. I mean determined faith; faith that is really weighted down and anchored to the word of God. That kind of faith is what is going to win out in the long run.

The King sits in splendor. That’s right. Let us put Him in the proper place so we can receive. He is Sovereign. If you want a miracle, you must put Him in His proper place right away. Remember the Syrophenician woman said, “Lord, even the dogs do eat from the table” (Mark 7: 25-29). Such humility! What she was trying to say was that she was not even worth for such a King. But the Lord reached over and healed her daughter. She was a Gentile and He was sent to the house of Israel at that time. She understood the greatness and the power of Him not only as the Messiah but as the Infinite God.

You put Him in the proper place tonight and see what happens. Jesus said, “All power is given to me in heaven and on earth.” He is infinite. Jesus is ready to work anytime you are ready to believe, day or night, 24 hours. “I am the Lord, I sleep not. I don’t slumber or sleep,” He said (Psalm 127: 4). When you are not only ready to believe, but you accept, He will move anytime. He can do anything that you ask. He said, “Ask anything in my name and I will do it.” Any promise that is in the bible, anything that He offers there, “I will do it.” Anyone that asketh, receiveth, but you must believe it according to His word. Here are some scriptures: Bro Frisby read Psalm 99: 1 -2. The prophet exhorts all to worship the Lord. The Lord said He has no evil thought against you, only peace, rest and comfort. Put Him in His proper place and you can expect a miracle. Now, if you put Him on the level of man, the level of an ordinary god or the level of three gods, it won’t work. He is the only One.

Brother Frisby read Psalm 46: 10. “Be still….” Today, people are talking and engaging in arguments. They are confused. All these things are taking place; fretting and talking. This is what He said, “Be still and know that I am God.” There is a secret to that. You get alone with the Lord, you get in a quiet place and allow your mind to be taken up by the Holy Spirit and you will know that there is a God! When you put Him in His proper place, you can expect a miracle. You can’t put Him in a lower place; you have to put Him in the place that the bible describes. The bible only tells us a minor part of the greatness of God. Not even one percent of how powerful He is. The bible only puts in so much as we as human can believe (for). Bro Frisby read Psalm 113: 4. You can’t put any nation or any person above Him. There is no end to His glory. You can’t receive anything from the Lord unless you put Him in His proper place above man, above nations, above kings, above priests and above all. When you put Him there, there is your power.

When you hook up with Him and you do it right, there is voltage and there is power. He sits above all the heavens. He is above all diseases. He will heal anyone by faith because He is all power in heaven and on earth. Be thou exalted Lord in thy own strength. He doesn’t need anything from anyone. We will sing and praise thy power (Psalm 21: 13). There is the anointing. It comes by singing and praising the Lord. He lives in the atmosphere of the praises of His people. It is wonderful. Bro Frisby read Psalm 99: 5. The earth is His footstool. He picks up the universe in His hand, one hand. You cannot find an end to the Infinite God. Bro Frisby read Isaiah 33: 5; Psalm 57: 7 and Isaiah 57: 15. When He speaks, it is for a purpose. He allows them (the scriptures) to exalt Him. It is for your benefit that you may learn/know how to believe for those favors, that the desires of your heart may come through. He has given eternal life to all that will believe just by accepting it as a gift from God. I tell you, He is somebody.

He didn’t just create you to die and be passed out. No, no; He created you to believe in Him so that you can live like Him in eternity. The life on this earth, in God’s timing, is like a second. To receive Him, what a bargain! Eternity; and it will never end. “For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity…” (Isaiah 57: 15). This is the only place where eternity is mentioned and it is with Him. That is where we need to be with Him. The Lord dwells in eternity. At the same time, He said, “Let us reason together. Produce your cause. I am there to listen to you.” Also, He said, “I dwell in a high and lofty place. Also, I dwell with Him that is of a contrite and humble spirit.” He is in both places. Jesus said the Son of Man is standing here with you and He is in heaven too (John 3: 13). He is with the broken-hearted and He is also in eternity and among you. Whosoever is listening to this broadcast, He knows your problems and troubles. Get up and do something about it! Come to Capstone Cathedral at Tatum and Shea Boulevard or believe right there in your home. Wherever you are the bible said, “These signs shall follow them that believe. Ask in my name and receive.” Accept it in your heart. Expect a miracle. You’ll receive something.

Bro Frisby read Exodus 19: 5. He is going to come to take the whole earth again. Revelation 10 shows Him coming back with a book to redeem the earth. He left the earth and He is coming back. Right now, they have shut God out. He has told us what to do. It is plainly described. No one can escape the word of God. This gospel shall be preached to all nations… (Matthew 24: 14). We should all be ready to do that now. We have no excuse. He is sitting on the sidelines now. He is coming back to take over the earth again. The earth will go through Armageddon, great destruction and wrath. I tell you of a truth the decade of the 1980s is a great time for God’s people to work. We are to watch for the Lord and expect Him daily. No one knows the time. No one knows the exact hour of the coming of the Lord, but we know by the signs around us that a great King is waiting. Jesus told them that they failed to see the time of their visitation. There he was standing, the Messiah and He said, “You failed to see the hour of your visitation and the signs of the time that were all around you.” The same thing in our generation. He said it would be the same way (Matthew 24 & Luke 21). They failed to see the signs as armies are surrounding Israel and the prophecies concerning Europe are taking place. Everything the bible spoke about is coming together like a puzzle. We see the signs of the time in the US, we see what is occurring. By these signs, we know that the coming of the Lord is getting closer.

This is the hour of the outpouring that is coming to sweep his people away. Just praise the Lord no matter where you are. Join in; this is a fellowship of power. Wherever you are, He is there to support you. To say that God comes and goes is ridiculous because He is the Almighty God. He doesn’t have to come and He doesn’t have to go. He is everywhere at the same time. Bro Frisby read 1 Chronicles 29: 11-14. “But who am 1…” (v. 14). There is your prophet (David) talking. All things come of you and what we have is yours too. “How can we give you anything, the psalmist said? What we give back to you is already yours. There is one thing we can give to the Lord, the bible said. That is what we are created for—that is our worship. He gave us the breath to do that. We have the breath to praise him and worship Him. That is the one thing on this earth that we can truly give to the Lord. Brother Frisby read Ephesians 1: 20 -22. All names and all power will bow to that name (v. 21). He will sit in the right hand of power—“All power is given to me in heaven and on earth.” Bro Frisby read 1 Corinthians 8: 6. You see; you can’t separate them. Bro Frisby read Acts 2: 26. Here in this sermon is the secret to awesome power that will split the devil right half into two. That has been my source to work miracles. When you see the cancer disappear, the crooked eyes straight and bones created, it is not I, but it is the Lord Jesus and it is the His power to perform these miracles. He is the Wonder of wonders. When you unite with such force, it is electrical. Why play around with God if you don’t really want Him? He wants people with confident firm faith that will stand up to anything.

Don’t cast your confidence away. There is great reward in it. Bro Frisby read Philippians 2: 11. A lot of people have taken Jesus as a savior but they have not made Him the Lord of their lives. This is where your power lies. This does not dim the three manifestations. It is the same Holy Spirit light working in three manifestations to bring forth the power of the Lord. There, to the ones listening to me today is where your power lies. There is no confusion to that. It is unity. It is one accord. When you get together in unity and one accord, there is tremendous power and the Lord begins to work with you. He said, “I will pour my Spirit on all flesh.” That is wonderful, but not all flesh is going to accept it. He said, “I will pour it out anyway.” The ones that do receive it, the Lord will call them to Himself. People speak about unity, getting together in unity. That is wonderful if they can get together and do something for the Lord. But what the Lord is talking about is getting together in His Spirit in unity so that you can unify yourselves in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and believe Him with all your heart. Then you will see the true outpouring. I tell you, it will just be like the Pillar of Fire again among His people and the Bright and Morning Star will rise over them. And then a more sure word of prophecy will follow. He is going to guide His people. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

Before this age begins to close out, the prophetic spirit and anointing of the Lord will move in such a way—you won’t have to wonder–for He will guide His people by the utterance of knowledge and the utterance of prophecy. Step by step like a shepherd, He will guide the sheep. We are in the age when they are able to preach the gospel to all the world by satellite. The people that hear my voice today, this is your hour to work. Don’t be lazy. Believe and begin to pray. I spoke about lazy faith and you say what is that? That is the kind of faith when you don’t expect anything. You have faith but you are not working it; it is dormant in you. Each one of you has a measure of faith and you want to get in and do something. Pray for somebody. Get in and praise the Lord. Begin to expect. Look for things from the Lord. Some people rush in and pray, they don’t even stay long enough to get an answer. They are gone. Begin to expect things in your life. If there are rocks on the road, you go around them and go on. I guarantee you, you will get there, saith the Lord.

“I will praise you, O Lord my God, with all my heart; and I will glorify thy name for evermore” (Psalm 86: 12). That means it doesn’t stop. The message tonight is that our God is to be exalted. The reason for the conditions of the nations is that they have not put Him in His proper place. The sermon and the message of these scriptures is this: line the Lord up in the proper place in your life. Put Him as King above every nation and look upon Him. Once he sets in that proper place, brother, you are connected to great wonders. How can you expect something from the Lord when you don’t even know where to put Him in your life or who He is? You must come to Him with the understanding that He is real and He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him. I tell you another thing: it is impossible to please the Lord unless you have faith in Him. There is another thing: you must put Him as the All in All in your life. Exalt Him above every person on earth and above every nation including this one here. When you do that, you will see power and deliverance and He will bless your heart. Put him in the right place.

The faith he has given you at birth—you have that faith—a measure of faith to each individual. They cloud it up and allow it to grow weak. You begin to operate that faith by praising the Lord and expecting. Let nothing steal that faith out of your heart. Let nothing go up against you to push you back but you go right against the rain, the wind, the storm or whatever it is and you will win. Don’t keep your eyes on the circumstances; keep them on the word of God. Faith does not look at the circumstances. Faith looks upon the promises of the Lord. When you put Him in the right place, He is a great king that sits between the cherubims in wonderful splendor. Look at Isaiah 6; how the glory surrounds Him and the seraphims singing Holy, Holy, Holy. John said, that His voice sounded like a trumpet and “I was caught up in another dimension through a door from this time into another time zone—eternity. I saw a rainbow throne and One sat and He looked like crystal and clear as I looked at him. Millions of angels and saints were all around the throne.” Through a time door in Revelation chapter 4—a time door to eternity.

When the translation takes place, we which are alive and remain will be caught up with those that are resurrected. We will leave this time zone and our bodies will be changed to eternity. Through that time door is another dimension; it is called eternity where One sat with a rainbow. To go on and describe the things in heaven would take all night, but this is to let you know that when you put Him in His proper place and allow your faith to believe, “you can ask anything in my name and I will do it,” saith the Lord. This message is powerful and strong, but I tell you in the world that we are living in now, anything less than this, is not going to help you. This needs to be stronger. Act your faith. Expect a miracle. I feel Jesus here. How many of you feel that? You put Him in His place and you will be blessed. The Lord just reminded me; Elijah, one time was gone. One time you sit around preaching a sermon, you see, translation! Elijah was walking and talking, all of a sudden, the great chariot came down, he got in there and he was taken away that he should not see death. He was translated. The bible also tells us that at the end of the age, God is going to do it to a whole group of people all over the earth and they are going to be caught away. He is going to take them through the time zone into eternity where he sits between the cherubims. One day, they will look around and multitudes are missing. They will be gone because his promises are true.

Before the Lord moves in a great revival and before you get something in your heart, satan will move around and he will make it look like the darkest it has ever been in your life. If you believe him that is how it is going to be. But before a great move or a benefit in your life, he will make it look like the darkest time. I tell you of a truth, don’t believe it. Satan is trying to clamp down and that is because we are in a transition period between revivals. From this transition, we are heading into a power zone where great power will be poured upon His people. It is going to be a quick short work and a powerful one across the earth. I am preparing your heart. When the revival comes, you will know that God is in the land. We are expecting it in our hearts. Always, in your heart, expect great things from the Lord. He is going to bless you no matter how rough satan might make it look. The Lord is for you. The word of God says, “I have no evil thoughts against you, only peace and comfort.” Don’t let satan trick you. He (the Lord) will bless your heart, but what he does require is that you make Him a King sitting in splendor and that you believe Him with all your heart.

Take courage and be determined in your heart. Don’t be shaken by spirit or body or any other way. It is coming. A great blessing is coming from the Lord. Do you know the Spirit of the Lord covers the earth? He is real. Can you say, Amen? The bible says He encampeth round about them that fear and have faith in Him. He is all over you and everywhere. How is it that people want to believe God and limit Him? Why believe him at all? I don’t understand that. Believe Him. In your heart and mind, put Him in great splendor like He really is. He loves you. Why don’t you show Him the same thing (love) back? In the bible, He said, “I loved you before you loved me.” “Before I created each one of you, I foreknew you and put you here for my purpose.” Those that are wise will understand that purpose. It is divine providence.

Jesus The Infinite God | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1679 | 01/31/1982 PM