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The Age of Urgency | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1385 | 09/22/1991 AM

Praise the Lord! Really great to be here, a wonderful place to meet and worship the Lord. Lord, this morning we are going to unite our faith together. We are going to believe the Lord. What an hour to be living in! We know anything and everything that is yours you are going to get, Lord. You are going to bring in all the value that you have. You are going to bring it to yourself, Lord. We believe that you are going to unite your people. The call that you sent out is going to go to those that love you and love your appearing, Lord Jesus. Touch the hearts in the audience. Help the weak and the strong, and all of them together. Guide them, Lord, and let thy anointing rest on them. In such an hour as this, we need divine wisdom and knowledge, Lord, as you guide us in the hours we have ahead. You are the best One to do it.  Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen.

[Bro. Frisby explained how the sermon came to him]. Listen real close this morning. He is revealing something not only through symbols and revelation, but He is revealing something by His very words as He is going along. He is bringing it out to the last group that is going to be on this earth when He arrives.

Now let’s move into this [message] because it’s really supernatural, the way He moved me into this, this morning. Now the Spirit of prophecy tells us it would be the age of urgency; that’s the title. Events will be speedy events when they take place. In the 1980s, I told the people, if you think events are speedy, just wait what is going to happen when we get into the 90s. My! It opened up like a new world. Events took place that some [people] thought would take 50 years. Others thought those events would never take place. All of a sudden, the puzzle began to come together swiftly. Events took place as they had not happened in a whole generation since the Jews went home. God is speeding things up.

How soon is the Lord’s coming? Well, we are to watch for Him each day. He is coming for us. Do you believe that? How soon is He coming? Will He return in this decade? From what we are seeing, it looks like it may be in this decade. Let’s keep our eyes open. We don’t know exactly the day or the hour, but we can get close to that season. We go to the scriptures here. We find out: He said, “Take heed’—all of a sudden, stop, you see—wakes you up there that the cares of this life do not cause that day to come to you unawares. You see all a sudden. Then He said, “Lest coming suddenly He finds you sleeping.” That word again, ‘suddenly’ lest He finds you sleeping. You don’t know exactly when, you see. Those scriptures are telling us something there. Watch, for you know neither the day nor the hour! You better be careful, He said there.

You don’t know what hour your Lord will come. Watch that ye may open unto the Lord immediately. Look at those words. The age is going to close swiftly. Remember, He will catch you off guard. Daniel said that at the end of the age, the events will be with a flood, quickly, many of them will take place (Daniel 9: 26). Knowledge will increase. That word ‘increase’ there, all at once, like a flood. All at once in the 1990s, we had the iron and clay [nations] coming together, that Daniel spoke about. Israel is in their homeland trying to find peace, peace, peace. A covenant is coming. At the proper time it will take place. The scriptures say in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. See; all these words are coming together to reveal how quickly the coming of the Lord is going to take place—in a moment, all of a sudden.

The bible said that John, a type of the elect, was caught up before the throne. All of a sudden, he went through that door in Revelation 4. The urgency of the age: the Spirit of prophecy is revealing it. There was a midnight cry after a lull. Things looked slow. It looks like many are giving up; many quit. See; at the end of the age, the spirit of sleepiness [sleeping]. Jesus and all the prophets warned about the spirit to just give up. Give up, get a more comfortable place. There is something that doesn’t wake you up or alert you to the soon coming of the Lord. That would be the Lord’s way of getting them out of His way before He runs over them [the foolish, religious systems]. He will get them out of there because He is fixing to put the kind of anointing on [the elect]. That growth is going to take place quickly because the weeds are gone, saith the Lord. That’s right!

Midnight cry: then He said, go ye out to meet Him. That’s action there; going toward Him like–you believe this message, like you believe what the scriptures said. Then He said one will be taken and the other left. Wake up! It’s gone, gone, gone! In an hour you think not. It is surprising that people are preaching about the Lord’s coming. It is surprising that people believe the Lord is coming. They say they do. Yes, the Lord is coming, but do you know what? If you pin that real down, by the way everything is going on, they don’t believe anything that they are talking about. If they believe, they probably think that it will be a long time. That’s what Jesus said they would think. In an hour you think not. See; something is coming upon this world to give them those thoughts [that the Lord delays His coming]: what looks like peace, that problems are going to be solved, prosperity will return…. There are a lot of things that will cause them to think that way; that everything seems to be alright. But in an hour you think not, it shall come upon you.

So, we add all this up: it means Jesus is coming soon. In a hurry, He will be upon us. I wrote here: more occurred in the last 50 years than in 6,000 years—from horse chariot to living in space [they can live there for a while], the knowledge increase that Daniel and the scriptures spoke about, science and the inventions that we have today. More and more of these things have happened in 20 -30 years than in the past 6,000 years. In fact, the events of the Lord and the prophecies are taking place more and more in this generation than all the time together to show us—all at once—when you see all these things taking place at the same time, you know it is even at the door. This generation will not pass away until I come. Whenever that generation passes away, in between there, you can look for Him; it can be 40 or 50 years.

All of a sudden, God stood before Abraham. There He was! Abraham saw my day, Jesus said, and he rejoiced. The next thing Abraham knew there was a countdown. The next thing he knew, he looked far over Sodom and Gomorrah. All of a sudden, Sodom was on fire. First quake, there will be major ones, when the big one comes, all of a sudden, there is nothing they can do, but run [California]. They better get out of there. If they are going to get out of there, better to get out ahead of it. But it’s coming. So, there He stood before Abraham there, all of a sudden. Suddenly, Sodom was on fire. All of a sudden, the flood came, and they were gone. It took them away. While they were laughing, it came upon them. Jesus said the same today as it was in the days of the flood and Sodom and Gomorrah, suddenly, it will be over [with]. As a snare, Jesus said, will it come upon them. All these words that He has given are a hint to how the events are closing the age out and how all of a sudden, it is going to be over [with]. He commanded with urgency, “Be ye also ready.” Go ye out to meet Him.” The midnight cry—fast!

Daniel was looking at this Figure about the end of the age and the events that would transpire in the age that we are living in. When He appeared, His face was like lightning and it was pulsating, swift. Daniel said that the events at the end of age would be like a flood. The lightning upon Him revealed that it would be quick, and it would be over [with] before they knew what hit them. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. Not even demons and devils, no one can do anything about it. It will take place. John on Patmos: This lightning-like Figure appeared to show John the events at the end of the age. When they take place, it will be sudden.

Jesus characterized His coming with these words: He said, “Look upon those fields there and you think you’ve got forever? I tell you, in a few months, they are already white for harvest.” In the same way, at the end of the age, people look out and say, there is a lot of time there. Jesus said, “You think you’ve got a lot of time? It’s only a few days.” He is trying to reveal it in every way, in symbolism, in parables that He is coming soon. Before He closed the book of Revelation—it’s a book of the revelation of Jesus Christ that John was able to witness—He said three times to seal it up, “Behold, I come quickly. Behold, I come quickly. Behold, I come quickly. Am I telling you something? Don’t come to me and say I didn’t tell you.” The Spirit of prophecy tells us that this decade, this generation, this age that we are living in, is the age of urgency that the bible spoke about. All those words are telling us that.s We see the events slowed down slightly; all of a sudden, another one takes place…. Behold, I come quickly.

As a snare shall it come upon them. As a thief in the night, He is in and out and gone! You see, you must hurry. He is there in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye. Everything will be moving fast with speed, especially, the last years of this age and on over in the antichrist system. It doesn’t stop there. It really picks up momentum all the way through. He will be talking to the Jews then. He is talking to us, the elect, now. The events: swift and sudden destruction. All the events will happen fast and all of a sudden. As Paul said, sudden destruction will come upon them…. Whenever it is, it’s going to be over quickly before they know it. You know what He is talking about? He is not going to lose anything that is His [the elect]. He is keeping them awake. They may not be 100% ready, but He is bringing them in. The Holy Spirit will do that.

You talk about getting rid of the bogus? You will see Him get rid of the bogus without saying anything like those angels that He threw out of heaven. They were bogus. He knew the beginning to [from] the end. Those angels, He trusted them not. Why didn’t He trust them? He knew they were bogus…. When you have the real thing, you also have the bogus. The anointing that He is going to send at the end of the age—it is hard on whosoever is going to carry it—but it surely gets rid of the bogus finally. That’s what He is after. You know, they hung around, those bogus angels, “but I don’t trust them,” He said. He wouldn’t say that about Gabriel. He would say that about His angels. They are like they are. They are always going to be that way; they love the Lord. But He did not trust those who were going to get cast out. He knew they were bogus.

On this earth, the real seed of God will finally work himself into that added value that God has. No matter how bad it looks—Paul said that he was a chief among sinners—He will bring him [elect] on in. According to the scriptures, the tares and all of those in the systems and may be some of those that don’t get into the systems; well, most of those are bogus. He calls them tares; He will bundle them all up for burning there. But the Holy Spirit is going to move across the earth and He is going to get the real elect. Those are the ones that can’t get away from the Word. Those are the ones that the Word takes a hook to. They know and feel that He is real. They know God is real and they love Him. Even the disciples made mistakes. In the scriptures, the bible reveals, sometimes, the real seed gets into a mess, but after all, He is the King. He is the great Shepherd and He will get the elect together, no matter what.

I look across the country and see it right now; He couldn’t translate a lot of them [right now]. But He is going to get them. It’s not my job; I am only to bring out the Word and let the Holy Spirit move. While men sleep, He is going to move. He’ll get them together. Some of them may look like they are not going to go anywhere…but I can tell you one thing, when He gets through, He’ll have what He wants, and the world will be left with the bogus, semi-elect, out in the great tribulation. These are kind of hard words, but they are true. Line up with that Word. Take all of the Word of God. Remember, the systems only use part of the Word of God. That is why they are great imitators. They are so good at it, but they fool themselves. But the real elect have all the Word and they are true. How many of you believe that? It is exactly true.

Behold, I come quickly. In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye. The bible and the Spirit of prophecy depict that the age will close out all at once. Suddenly, violently, by surprise. As a snare, as Babylon of old, one night, it was over. In just a few hours, Babylon fell. Who sees the handwriting on the wall? The elect see the handwriting; the world weighed in the balance and found wanting—the churches and all of them together. The elect are preparing to correct themselves and put themselves in shape. So, the events will be swift. When Jesus comes, in His coming, both times will be like lightning. First time, translation, it will be like in a moment. It’s just like lightning hit those graves; we are caught up together and we are gone! In the time of Armageddon, He said as the lightning shineth from the east to the west, He’ll appear, all of a sudden. They are not going to be expecting Him there even. The antichrist army and all of them together were out there. They looked up and there He was, suddenly like lightning! Both times, all the way through, whether it’s on the elect or out there in the world, He shows them that all the events are going to head up suddenly and swiftly.

I am telling you, it’s going to be like a tidal wave as it comes, going on and sweeping up the elect, going on out with the Jews, and sweep up there and go right on into the great tribulation, on into Armageddon and then to the great day of the Lord, flush it all out in there and go into the Millennium. So, like Babylon of old, one night, it was gone. So, like lightning, He will come. Paul said when they think they have peace and safety sudden destruction comes upon them…. The bible says watch Russia, the bear. No matter if they come to peace terms…and claim disarmament…. Paul said when they say peace and safety sudden destruction will come upon them. The bible said it will come out of the north, the great bear, Russia. It will come down finally, Gog. He will come, may be, with a billion Chinese at that time—Asians. He will come, dissatisfied with the iron (Europe & USA). You see, it’s like a card game. The joker is there, and they can’t get him. Ezekiel 28 will show you how the devil is a traitor.

Finally, in the end, plagues and famine hit the earth. All these things will be taking place, He will come, and a big eruption will take place on this planet when they come down toward Israel to take it all—winner takes all. They’ve turned the table over now. They are coming with their guns after the disarmament and the peace [treaty] has been signed, and everything is [supposedly] is ok. See; they’ve already gotten everything they need to destroy the earth, so they can go ahead and sign it [peace treaty]. The bible says that in one day, it will be burned with fire with mourning, death and famine. Commercial Babylon will be burned up. One sixth of that great army is left and God appears at that time suddenly and swiftly like lightning. He said,” Be on guard lest I come upon you unawares.” So, He is coming. Behold, I come quickly. Behold, I come quickly. Behold, I come quickly. That is the message in the message there. It characterizes the entire age before all of a sudden, we are caught up through the door—the time dimension—before the throne. It will take place.

You see, world peace, world disarmament will take place, but you know what? All of that is a lie because he [antichrist] comes out in that white imitation horse (Revelation 6) hollering peace, but it’s a lie. It won’t work. Then all of a sudden, there is no peace. They will be caught up in a gigantic struggle and the blood will pour all over—atomic bomb, everything is going to take place. But He tells us I am coming suddenly, unexpectedly to the church and that characterizes this age. Whosoever gets this cassette, remember that. I don’t care how things look; it will be just as it is spoken here before the Lord comes. The momentum will be like a tidal wave and it will continue after the elect is gone. The events in the last three and a half years of the age will be more like the whole world has ever seen before. The last seven years will be pretty swift and the last three and a half years will be like they have never seen before. We find out that when the Lord makes His appearance, the bible says it’s fast and over with just like that. The beast [antichrist] and the false prophet are cast into the lake of fire, satan is in the pit. It’s over. He [the Lord Jesus Christ] didn’t waste any time.

So, the Spirit of prophecy tells us that this is the age of urgency. All those that are alert and awake will love His appearing. He is returning soon. How many of you believe that? Amen. It cannot be given in any other way. That’s the way the scriptures bear it out and that is the way the chips will fall. That’s the way I got the message, flipping through the different messages where I used one or two scriptures once a while on this and that, then it set up and got in motion. I knew then where to go. He is coming. We’ve only got a little time to work in the harvest. I believe that He said that He will do a quick short work. When He does, it is not going to go on forever. No. Like this last great revival they went through? No, no, no. It is going to be a quick short work. We know that even the antichrist and the beast power only has three and a half years after the seven years start, so we know that God’s work is going to be swift before the entrance of the beast power. So, get ready. “A quick short work shall I do upon the earth.” Eighteen months, six months, three years, three and a half years? We don’t know.

I want you to stand to your feet. In James 5 when He said the end of the world was coming, he said, “have patience.” His coming is finally coming and when it does, it will be swiftly. If you need Jesus this morning, this is the time. He is still making the call. The call of the invitation is still going forth. Many are called but only few are chosen. But He is making the call and He wants to get everyone of you that He can. If you don’t have Jesus this morning, He is all you need—Jesus in your heart. Repent and take Jesus in your heart. Let me tell you something: you have more with you than the entire universe of created things, if you believe that. Give your heart to Jesus and get back in these services, and God is really going to bless you. He will do that. I want to thank everyone of you for listening to this message. If you need Jesus, don’t forget Him.



Scroll 172, paragraph 4: The translation—The Great Tribulation

Jesus said as the elect watched and prayed that they would escape the horrors of the great tribulation (Luke 21: 36). Mathew 25: 2-10 gives a definite conclusion that part was taken and part was left. Read it. Use these Scriptures as a guideline to keep your confidence that the true church will be translated before the mark of the beast.”


The Age of Urgency | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1385 | 09/22/1991 AM