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Divine Love-Eagle’s Claw | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1002 | 05/23/1984

Lord bless your hearts. Do you feel real good tonight? He is really wonderful! Isn’t He? The presence of the Lord is a Living Essence. Don’t you know it? It is more alive than we are. Lord, we love you tonight and we believe you are going to move on your people. Each service you help; you are building a foundation, a real strong foundation, Lord, of faith and love. You are working on your people, presenting them, Lord, that they can be ready for you when you come. Touch the bodies tonight. We command the sickness and the pain to depart. Those that need salvation, we need that your loving hand is upon them tonight, wooing them, for time is short. It’s time to get in and serve the Lord Jesus. Give the Lord a handclap!

Listen to this tonight. This [message] may sound complicated sometimes like you are jumping around, but it it’s not so. It will come together because I know how the Lord begins to move.

Divine Love and the Eagle’s Claw: now you say, “What do the two have together?” We’ll find out before we finish. Now the ingredient found in this message is rare. I want you to listen to it very close: Patience—love suffereth long. He told me to preach this tonight. While I was in my prayer—you see, messages come, and you have an atmosphere and He will move because somebody needs that message. Not only that, when somebody needs it, others need it. Amen?

So we find out here: Patience—love suffereth long. It beareth all things. It believeth all things. It hopeth all things. Now we are getting deep in the mystery and power of God. Notice the “all” in all those things. Charity gives one power to be patient when everything goes wrong. Every person in here, including myself in my life, at one time or another when it seems like you are at the razor’s edge and …or something will occur to you, but with divine power it won’t happen very often. God will hold you. He will keep you. So, it [charity] gives one power to keep calm and confident when others will lose their position and balance. It will help one to ride above this.  It is the only thing that can do it.

Love tries to see good in all Christians; even in others in the world, it sees some good. In my own ministry–the power of faith that He has given me, the compassion of it, with the kind of faith in my heart, no matter what the situation looks like and no matter what some people think of certain people of the world–something inside of me and I know it is the Holy Spirit, is looking for and trying to see something good. I believe that the power of my faith can change it [situation]. That is why I am like that. If I weren’t [like that], my faith wouldn’t be as strong as it is, but I believe when others can see no good in some people or some Christians, the power of divine love holds until God does something about it. It [love] sees a way when none can see a way.

It [divine love] believeth all the bible and tries to see good in everybody even though by the eye and by the ear, and by that way of looking, you can’t see anything. This is a deep kind of divine love and faith. It is longsuffering—it has longsuffering with it. Wisdom is divine love. Divine love sees both sides of the argument, Amen, and uses wisdom. Joseph saw his brethren; when no one could see no good in those boys—I mean they were rowdies. Some of them were killers. They upset their father. There were rabble rousers among them, see; no divine love. Jacob had to put up with all this, but Joseph because of divine love, saw something good there. His divine love drew those brothers to him again and drew his father to him again. It was the deep calling the deep; old Jacob loved Joseph and Joseph loved Jacob. The two met again. Glory! Hallelujah!

No one could do the good in those boys; their own father couldn’t, but Joseph did when he met them because of the long suffering that he had. You know he could have wanted to go home and see them, but he stayed in Egypt. Longsuffering—because God commanded him to [stay in Egypt]. “I will bring them at the proper time.” That longsuffering drew them right to him and straightened them out at that time and put them on a path that no one could put them.

Adam and Eve after the sin—after walking everyday with God in the garden—who could see anything good there? God did. Amen. He saw good, longsuffering, divine love, and today, out of that would come forth the church, the bride of the Lord Jesus Christ. He saw good where everyone would have seen wrong. Also, in Noah, He saw some good. He destroyed the world but Noah. There was some good [in Noah].

Jesus at the cross: no one could see any good. They wanted to kill Him. He rose again. But yet, he could see good. He said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” He sought the Jews with divine love and longsuffering.  Some of them will come out. Some of them will be saved and some of them will be in heaven with Him. He looked at the thief on the cross with His longsuffering and said, “Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.” (Luke 23: 43). See; they didn’t see any good in the thief at all; they put him up there [on the cross]. But God saw some good. Love seeth all things, hopeth all things.

Jesus coming to the well: none in the city respected this woman at all. They talked about her all the time, and probably had good reason to talk about her. Yet, Jesus came to the woman at the well. Although, she had done all those infamous things, yet He saw good [in her]. That divine love drew Him [to her]. In her heart, she wanted to get out of the mess and the uncleanness that she was in but saw no way. There was a way with the Messiah. He went to a heart that was drawn out of the condition [it was in], and with that divine love and longsuffering with her, He stopped at the well. He said, you take of this water and you will never thirst again. See; He offered her salvation when no one could have done anything for her, but stoned her, thrown her out of the city and cast her aside. She had to come to the well when everybody was gone because she was a notorious woman. She couldn’t mix any longer, but Jesus would mix. Amen? Jesus saw some good [in her].

See; longsuffering. Love hopeth all things, believeth all things. Right there, believeth all things, sees something good, watching for it every moment. So, we prove it in the bible when they cast the woman who had committed adultery [at Jesus’ feet]—she had never heard the gospel either. When they were going to stone her, Jesus forgave her. He wrote on the ground about their sins and they departed. No one could see any good in this woman at all, but Jesus said, “Give her a chance and see what happens.” So, He received the woman and forgave her. Love seeth something good in all things. Amen? Paul wrote it; you may give your body as a living sacrifice [to be burned] and all those things, but without that longsuffering love, it is a loud noise.

Now, we are dropping down to another dimension. God brought forth on eagles wings—He brought forth His children. He said as the eagle, on His wings, He carried them out of Egypt (Exodus 19: 4). They were a peculiar treasure to Him. His great divine love saw some good even though one generation would be wiped off, another would come out of that, and they would cross over. His eagle’s wings for Israel and its claws—that divine love suffereth long for Israel. He declared it Himself.  Did you know He was called the Eagle?  An eagle has talons that can grip. Once it catches that prey, it is impossible to pry it loose from there [the grip]. He brought them on Eagle’s Wings and held them in the grip of His hand and Pharaoh couldn’t take them–divine love.

Divine love and the Eagle’s Claw: It is a grip. It does not turn loose easily when [whether] it is praying for those that need salvation, praying for those that are on the wayside, for their own children and the world. Some mothers have the eagle’s claw when it comes to praying for their children; we will get into that later. This [message] is leading into how the Lord wants the church [to be] and how He can help the church. Listen; it is very interesting. His Claw doesn’t turn loose easily. What a grip! He has got it; His will, will be fulfilled. Amen? That grip is on the Jews, the144,00 that will assemble in Israel. At the end of the age, that Eagle’s Claw will be with the bride and take them right on up like the eagle. He called Himself an Eagle. –right on Eagle’s Wings. Once that grip tightens with that divine love, it’s impossible to snap them [the bride] from the Father’s hand. Jesus said that Himself (John 10: 28 & 29). Amen? What divine love!

Sometimes, the way that even Christians that are elected—the way they act, you say, “How did they get away with all that?” Divine love, longsuffering because He knows that they are but human flesh. He knows the clay; He knows what He created. He knows who the elect are. He knows every name that is written in the book of life. He knows exactly what He is doing. See; He loves you more than you’d ever know. Perhaps, what spawned this [message], I believe, is that one night, I was praying for the sick. The Lord spoke about how His love went beyond that of a human parent.

So we find out in the bible, there is a parable and it is about the prodigal son who wanted all of his inheritance. He wanted to go out and live it up. The father represented the Father above. There were two sons. The younger son went out living riotously, the bible said. He spent all that he had and wound up eating hogs’ food. He said, I got better than this at home. This ain’t such a good idea after all.” Sometimes, people have to go through all that before they can wake up and see what God is giving them. Boy, he said, I am headed home. Amen. He came home and told his father, “I have sinned against heaven and against thee.” He admitted it. The father was just overjoyed—the prodigal son coming home. He said get the fatted calf and put the best ring on him. His son that was lost is found. You know, the other boy that stayed there was self-righteous. The parable represents the father’s love for a sinner and the Father’s love for a backslider. The Eagle’s Claw brought him back home. Can you say, Amen?

The other boy got mad and said, “You’ve never done all those things to me and he spent everything that he had living with harlots and prostitutes. He wasted all his money and I have been here at home.” The father said you are with me, but he’s been lost and is back home again. You know, the parable doesn’t speak exactly of nations, but did I ever see it representing Israel coming home again, Amen? The other Arab [nations] said, “I don’t like that”—that other brother. They [Jews] were scattered all over the world. Now, they are back home in their homeland. It is a parable representing the US—from the founding principles of this nation. Now, like the prodigal son, they have strayed away into all kinds of lukewarmness and sins. The tribulation saints, many of them will come in as the sand of the sea.

You know, we speak of the parable of the prodigal son, it also represents the prodigal daughters who have their pleasure in Miami, the Riviera, Paris or wherever they go. It is also speaking to them. They live their lives up with champagne and among men and so forth like that committing sins. The prodigal daughter can come too. Amen? So the parable shows what? It shows the divine love of the Father in heaven for His children who have backslidden or His love for the sinner. He is great! He rejoices when one [sinner or backslider] comes home. I tell you what; if I were a woman in sin, I would like to be included in that parable. He’s done great things. How many of you can say, praise the Lord?

I have seen people that God suffered long with them. In my own life as a young man, and in others’ lives, I have seen Him suffer so long with them. You see His divine mercies and tender mercies. That divine love suffereth long maybe 10 or 15 years and then one will come back to the Lord Jesus and come in. We see the Apostle Paul; no one saw any good in him among the apostles and among the disciples. They saw him lead people to stoning. They saw him put them in jail. He said, “I persecuted the church. I am the least of all the saints, although I am chief among the apostles.” They could see no good in Paul. Yet, the Lord Jesus, the Eagle’s Claw, Paul could not get away from Him. Amen. He saw in Paul a good thing and He got him. Amen? In my own life as a young man, you’d probably say he is not living for God out there in the world like that, before I was a Christian. But God saw something that people didn’t see. The Eagle’s Claw; He wouldn’t turn me loose.

Divine love; I think it is great. Now listen to this: love suffereth long. It beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things. Notice: to the sinner, Jesus put great divine love, hardly condemning him, but said, “Repent.” He healed them. Only to the Pharisees did He turn and had hard speeches against them. Did you notice that? Not to those sinners that knew no better. He had so much love and compassion that it was a new thing…it was revolutionary, never seen anything like that in their lives. Messiah—the Eagle’s Claw—coming to get His people. They would not get out of His grip. Love suffereth long. Amen. Are you still with me now? What a message! Let these words sink in into your hearts, the bible said so.

So we find out, patience is an important quality of love. This is a quote from an ancient writer: “Patience is an important quality of love. It takes into account the limitations and the weaknesses of humanity. Charity hopes for the good in every man…. I can go through the bible in the Old Testament and the New Testament and show you people that the Lord converted when no one saw any good in them at all. Jacob, for one, looked like he had strayed from God in some of the things that he did. But the Lord said, “Thou shall be a prince with God.” He sees good in every man. Notice how a mother’s love reveals this quality; if a child she has goes wrong and all others give up on that child, the mother will keep on praying and hoping. Often, her prayers are answered.

When everybody else would give up and all would quit praying, the mother will not give up. That’s the quality of God in her. It’s different from what even men can have. Can you say, Amen? Many children have gone to prison. They are on the streets and some have run away from home. Every day you hear testimonies about how the Lord touched their hearts. They are like the prodigal son. Sometimes, they learn their lesson quickly and sometimes they learn after a long time. But a mother’s prayer is like that Eagle’s Claw; she will not turn loose. Some men too; they will pray with the mother. Often, those prayers are answered.

Listen to this: Evangelist R.A. Torrey left home as a youth to escape his mother’s prayers. Oh, how she prayed for him! He just left home in his determination to have nothing to do with religion. He fancied himself as an atheist. He believed he was the maker of his own destiny and that God had nothing to do with it. But everything went against him—with his mother praying—it would not work. He went down and down again. Finally, in a state of desperation, he decided to commit suicide. It was then that God got a hold of him and gloriously converted him to the Lord Jesus. Young Torrey returned to bless his mother who had so faithfully prayed for him. He became one of the world’s greatest evangelists in saving souls. You see, the Eagle’s Claw; God in the mother, wouldn’t turn loose.

I believe that the church today, the elect of God, has the Eagle’s Claw. Don’t turn loose of that elect. They are coming in. Glory! Alleluia! Don’t turn loose; those people are going to be saved. God is going to bring His people back. He hasn’t forgotten them. They are going to learn some lessons, one by one, out there in the world, but that Eagle will get them. Love suffereth long; 4,000 years with Israel and now 6,000 years, love suffereth long. So we find out, but for his [Torrey] mother’s patience and faith in God’s promises, the story probably would have ended differently. Has she not prayed, all would have gone wrong for him.

Patience—longsuffering–is a quality of divine love. How we need it in the church today! Among the evangelists and the ministers today, I believe it is a quality that is hard to find. Search as you may, prayer as you will, it is hard to find. I know. That is one of the qualities that will be among the bride. Every Christian wants that, but there is a price to pay. One must get hold of himself in prayer and strong determination–a power of obedience. Divine love is not yet where it should be in the church, but it’s coming. The events that are happening around us and the changes that will come by divine providence, as the Lord moves among His people, divine love will flow. It will overcome you. It will possess you. It will hold you. It will rapture you. Glory! Alleluia! You will be translated that way. Do you believe that? Hard as it seems to be in your human nature, the old flesh that you walk around in. Paul was worse than any of you here and he wrote this here: love suffereth long, it beareth all things, it believeth all things and it hopeth all things. That is the message for the church. Amen. Love is kind.

The Eagle’s Claw: He will not turn loose…but He holds that elect. You may stray; that Claw will get you, and that divine love will bring you back like the prodigal sons and the prodigal daughters that we have coming on home today. I tell you old Babylon and the Roman system that we have today (Revelation 17) are calling their daughters and sons back and uniting them across the earth. At the end of the age, God is calling His children to come on home, and they are uniting with Him. Love is kind, longsuffering and sees some good in all things. In a mother, this quality is shown for a son.

See; when we can see no good in some people—around you where you work—they will irritate you and torment you if they can. But you must ignore this and go about your business. Remember, longsuffering. We are at the end of the age and He is going to work out a plan. It will work too. I have never seen a plan that He had that didn’t work. So, while there is torment in this world–sometimes, Paul always said it is better to be present with the Lord than to be here—while it is hard in the world, He will find a way. He has you in His hands and He won’t turn you loose. Yea, saith the Lord, should this quality of divine love already be in all of the church, you would be with me! Oh my! I think it’s great; word of knowledge. You see, should that be where it should be with all of all His power and all of His gifts, we’ll be translated. At the end of the age, as all of these things are fulfilled in the elect of God…they are gone!

I want you to thank the Lord for this message. Those on this cassette may God touch your hearts. I want to say this: if you are praying for your sons and daughters, continue to pray. Yea, pray on, saith the Lord, Pray on. Glory! Alleluia! Accept it in your heart. Leave it in my will for I am the Will-Master and I will work it [out]. You may see it this or that way, but He sees [it] another way. All those listening to this, continue to spend time [praying] for those that are coming into the kingdom of God, those that are on the mission field, and those that God is calling out in the harvest. Continue on because God is with you. Don’t turn loose; never turn loose but believe in your hearts.

Love believeth all things, hopeth all things. Let’s thank the Lord. I pray that God bless those that are on the cassette. I feel divine love everywhere. It consumes me. How many of you can feel that? This kind of message is what builds that faith, builds that character, builds that confidence, saves souls and brings them into the kingdom of God. Our prayers are working. God is working among His people. I want you to come down here now. I want to pray for you. Whatever you need from God, if you need more divine love, patience, longsuffering, lift your hands and conquer these things. Prepare for the translation. Prepare for great things from the Lord. God bless your hearts. Thank you, Jesus. I feel Jesus. He is really great! Tonight after I had finished preaching the message, there was such a force from the Eagle, I felt like I wanted to hug everybody in the audience like that!


Divine Love-Eagle’s Claw | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1002 | 05/23/1984