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Sound Words | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1243

Amen. Good to be in the house of the Lord. Isn’t it? It’s a wonderful place to be. Now, let’s pray together and see what the Lord has for us here. Lord, we love you tonight with all our hearts. We know you are guiding us, and you will put us in the proper places, Lord, and speak to our hearts. Now, touch the people. Let the cloud of the Lord come upon them like the days of old, guiding them, Lord, healing and touching them. Take away the pains and the anxieties of this old life, all the tiredness, take it out of there and give perfect peace and rest. We love you here tonight, Lord. Bless the new people here. Let them feel the anointing. Let them feel [like] they have been in church. Amen, Amen and Amen. Touch them, Lord, and all the people together. Let them know that thou art in the sanctuary with thy power, and that comes only according to our faith and thy Word. Give the Lord a handclap! Thank you, Jesus! Praise the Lord. Go ahead and be seated.

Now, tonight, we’ve been having some great services. The Lord has really been blessing. Probably, at the end of the age, there is no telling what the people of the Lord will see if they are expecting it. If they are not expecting, they probably won’t see anything. You’ve got to be expecting, Amen? Looking for His return, expecting Him to move at any time, Amen.

Now, listen to this message, Sound Words. There is a new soundness coming, a revelation message. Now, hold fast, the bible says, to sound words. Now, tonight, what we are going to do—I have decided to go ahead and televise it to some people and then I am going to probably allow this to be released on audio in a few weeks. So, we’ll have it both ways. I am going to do it two ways instead of one way.

Now, never before in the history of the world, never before in all the world—the church needs discernment of spirits and the church needs discernment of the things that are going on around them from satanic forces. Never before—you need to have the kind of discernment that comes from the Holy Spirit. There are so many cults of all types, all kinds are rising every day, spirits of all kinds of false doctrine, you name it, they’ve got it, satan worship and all these things right here. God, the Lord, He created the Words. He created all the gorgeous and beautiful places of the earth, and the beauties of the heavens and so forth like that. Just like a painter would just paint it like that—it came through as He spoke the Word. He created all things and He is the Great Creator of the Words that came together for us that is called the bible. He is the Creator of words, and those Words are treasure, Amen. Found in every word is a treasure that can be revealed in there.

Sound Words: Listen right here as I get started here. Paul was writing to Timothy, and like so many times today, the organizations need to be stirred up—all the power and the gifts and so forth like that—because if they don’t bring these into remembrance, they just kind of die away, the groups kind of die away. Paul was talking directly to Timothy, but also to the church in our day too. We’ll begin to read here in 2 Timothy 1: 6-14. Listen to this close: we are going to get into the message and see what the Lord would do for us. Have your spirit’s eyes and your ears wide open.

“Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands” (v. 6). Don’t forget, Paul said, that is, you—sitting in the audience right out there–[stir up] the gift of God. No matter what it is, to witness, to testify, to speak in tongues, interpretation, the word of wisdom and knowledge—whatever it is, stir it up. “…By the putting on of my hands” (v. 6). An anointing and the power of the anointing. Many times, after you have prayed and praised the Lord, you can have hands put on you, and God will stir up those things that are in your heart that you want to speak, that you want to say, that you want to do. God will reveal Himself.

But the church including Timothy had begun to neglect it. Why did the cold set in as Paul began to write? Listen to it right here: “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1: 7). Fear had gripped their hearts. They were afraid. It’s fear that causes you to doubt and so forth like that, and worry and upset you when God has given you the spirit of power. Will you accept that power? You’ve got that power according to the measure of faith. You have fear or power; you take your choice, the Lord said. You [can] have power or fear. Then it says here you have power and love. You can accept that divine love in your heart that will drive out any kind of fear that would make you mental or oppress you, and cause you to stand still and do nothing.

Not of fear, but of power and of a sound mind—strong powerful mind. You know, if you get all those people who were accusing Paul of heresy and all that, you give each one a pen and you get Paul a pen with the Lord Jesus, and you let some of them write. Pretty soon, they will go whacking. You would see how messed up they were, how crazy they were. You give a pen to Paul and you’ll see sound words coming down through there. Sound mind: he had a sound mind, nothing wrong with him. So many times, today, you can have a very sound mind, you can be a good Christian, and the more power you get, they’ll say something is wrong. Don’t believe it. Stay right with the Lord. They are lost…. They cannot fight sounds words. No. You know it [the bible] says they will no longer endure sound doctrine. But today, He is talking about sound words. We are going to get into this right here. For God has not given you that [fear]. He has given you power. You can take your choice. Now, the fear can come from negative thinking, from doubt and it produces fear. You take your choice of divine love, power and so forth like that or you can lean to the other one [fear].

“Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner; but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God” (2 Timothy 1: 8). Don’t be ashamed. If you start getting ashamed of the Lord Jesus, then fear would set in your heart. Pretty soon, your faith would be lessened. But if you are bold in your testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ and are persuaded in your heart—it is concrete—you will back down for nothing or for anybody. The Lord, He is God, see? You won’t back away from it. So, it says be not afraid of the testimony of the Lord. Now, Paul was in chains when he was writing this. “…Nor of me his prisoner,” he wrote this under Nero at that time. You know, some of them [epistles] were before Paul was put in chains–for sometimes he wasn’t–but under Nero they put him in chains.

“…But be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel…” (v.8). Oh, be partaker means take all the difficulties, take all the tests, take all the trials, take all the things that you are going through and strive for the gospel, for it is part of the gospel, saith the Lord. It will keep you. You have a test this way. You have a good time that way. In all that comes—it will mature you as a Christian. It will keep you where God wants you. You don’t always just float around. The Lord knows exactly how much ingredients to put in what He is making. He knows exactly what is in there. The prophets, I guess, and the apostles suffered more than anybody else. Yet, each one that He called, except the one that was to fall, stayed right with the Lord with that power. Then it says here–“according to the power of God”—endure the afflictions.

“Who hath saved us and called us with an holy calling, not according to our own works, but according to his own purpose…” (2 Timothy 1: 9). You can’t do anything about it, see? You accept it. He has a purpose in you. Watch out! This is deep. “…But according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began” (v. 9). “Now, you mean to tell me that God knew all about me before the world began?” Yes, He had a way of saving each of you. He knew each one of you sitting there tonight. That belief in the Lord Jesus –each one—even those that make mistakes, even some of you that fly off the handle, even some of you that say the wrong thing, each one of you, He has a purpose now. I don’t care what it looks like. If you love the Lord in your heart and you are a believer and you believe Him in your heart, He is going to guide you. I believe that. It won’t be long, the first little thing somebody does to you, you want to knock them out of there, especially the young people. Endure that and you are to get a hold of the Lord. God will lead you out of there. Where is satan going to lead you? You turn around to satan, he is going to drag you in deeper. How many of you believe that?

Now, that is—all over the scriptures here, we have this: every part of the scriptures bearing this one scripture out (2 Timothy 1: 9). “…But according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began.” All was foreknown, Paul said, each individual that is going to follow Him. He has a place for each one. He knows you by name. He knows all about you. Oh, what providence! He [Paul] goes on and gives more providence below.

“But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Savior Jesus Christ [now, He is gone], who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel (v. 10). You say, “He has abolished death?” Yea! As a believer, we may pass through that other dimension. If you die and go on, you just pass through and go into heaven. It’s right there. He has abolished death and you will live forever when you love Jesus in your heart. Accept Him as your Savior. He has abolished death. It [death] will have no grip on you; one way or the other in the resurrection–whichever way—if you go in the translation, it will have no grip. For He [Jesus Christ] has abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel. You know, if Jesus had decided not to come and did not come, did you know that all of mankind, sooner or later—good or bad, self-righteous, righteous, good or bad, evil or satanic—would all have been wiped out? They could have never brought this kind of salvation. They could have never saved themselves. They would all have to go the way of the things of this earth that just disappear and vanish—the trees and flowers and so forth.

But in the beginning before all was known and before the fall, He foreknew each of us and had a divine purpose, not because of our own works, but because of our acceptance. He knew who would accept Him. Therefore, God had known before the foundation of the world, it says here—Jesus had saved us. Amen. Isn’t that wonderful? Man, before the world began! Now, He has brought life and immortality –in other words, there would never have been life, there would be no immortality—we would have just vanished. But He brought life and immortality to light through the gospel. Now, listen to this right here: there is only one way and that is this gospel. They make out like there are millions of ways that they are going to get to heaven. They make out like there are all kinds of gospel; one is just as good as the other, and that is the biggest lie that satan ever put on. There is only one way and that is through the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. Sound words, Amen.

The other day, I read this scripture, it says, “Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me….” (2 Timothy 1: 13). And I came down from upstairs a little bit. I came down 10 minutes before the news and sat down. There were two shows there (TV shows) and I didn’t get to see them very often, maybe, 5 or 10 minutes before the end of the show, before the news came. I believe it was [TV show name omitted]. I had read the scripture about sound words and I sat down there. They had five or six preachers, one woman, I believe was on there. They were all sitting there. One was a Fundamentalist, similar to what we believe. I don’t know how deep he goes in the Holy Spirit. Then they had a reincarnationist a woman, and an atheist there. They had a Catholic priest there, and they had one that didn’t believe in heaven, and one that didn’t believe in hell, and one that believed everybody is going to heaven regardless, and he was laughing there. And I said, what a mess! Hold to sound words.

And one fellow, he was talking around there. He didn’t believe the book of Revelation. He said it was kind of a fantasy. He didn’t believe in Daniel, the apocalypse. He didn’t believe in this and he didn’t believe in that. He said it was written by the Jews for the Jews, and unless you are a Jew, you probably won’t understand it. See; they try to escape. They’ve got their own gospel made up as the bible said they will make it up. They won’t listen to sound doctrine. And the audience started arguing. They got into an argument. Some in the audience said they believed God. The Fundamentalist preacher told them that they would go to hell if they didn’t believe God. All these people started talking and it was a confused doctrine of different doctrines in there…. And they were just tangled up in there…. And one woman looked up the Fundamentalist guy and she had to find fault with him. She said, “Of all the people that you said are false up there, you don’t look so happy yourself.” That got him for a minute, you know. But see, they won’t believe him, and he had the way of Christ there. He said, “I tell you lady, this is a serious subject here.” He got out of there, but he probably was under the pressure.

Over in…. [Another TV show: [the name of show is omitted], he had the cults. On the screen, they hid the faces of the girls. There were called satan’s breeders—baby breeders. They breed these babies for these cults. They sacrifice some of them; they use them and abuse them. They [the girls] are called satan’s baby breeders. They drink blood and they kill people. All kinds of things taking place…. I notice the other night…[TV show host] mentioned something before he went off that he had two hours on the worship of satan. He was into that for two hours. They found out that in that satanism, some of the serial killers belong to satanic cults. Some of them worship satan. Some of them believe that as many souls as they kill for satan, that is how many souls they are going to have in hell—that is going to set them free, see? They are so tangled in there. I have never seen anything like it in my life. And there is satan’s church in San Francisco. I have mentioned it many times.

And I said to myself, I just read in the bible and it says, hold fast to the form of sound words (2 Timothy 1: 13). Demon powers, evil powers—lay hold to the form of sound words. Boy, it’s coming. If you saw two hours of that kind of demonism and satanism, you can see how some of these things are happening all over the world. This is the time to stay awake. How many of you believe that? Now, all that, one boy finally said [on the show] that Jesus is the only One that can break that…. The boy said, “I have got Jesus as my Savior. I don’t have any more part in satanism. Me and satan can’t mix anymore.” He said Jesus is in me. He said it is the only thing that can break that. He said as long as I have Jesus, I can’t take part in that and I will not. “I will have nothing to do with that. So, he said the answer is the Lord Jesus Christ. There is your answer!

Oh mine! Look around here! So many things are occurring, demonism and so forth like that. Now, listen here: He brought life and immortality to light through the gospel, not through this preacher or that preacher. So, now it says here, He “…hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel” (2 Timothy 1: 10). None can come—the only way—I don’t care how many cults rise up, how much satanism rises up, how many ways they try to get to heaven, all of that right there—there is only one way and that is what Jesus said. That is what you tell your children. You see; no, no, no: one way and that is what Jesus has given here. So, you’ve got to have discernment, or you will be in a false cult. You can get something like an imitation; it looks like the real thing, it is not. It’s coming. We are at the end of the age.

“Whereunto I am appointed a preacher, and an apostle, and a teacher of the Gentiles” (v. 11). He [Paul] was the least of all saints [because] he persecuted the church, he said. Yet, he was the chief among the apostles. He was one of those that watched as they stoned Stephen to death as he stood there. Then when God called him on the road to Damascus, his life changed, a great apostle came out of what looked like nothing. God calls people in strange places. I was cutting hair over there, God called me. He gave me the Word of God. I could never do all of this, if it wasn’t for the Lord Jesus Christ and I haven’t had any of that since God called me into the gospel of Christ. No drink, nothing like that. “Whereunto I am appointed a preacher, and an apostle, and a teacher of the Gentiles” (v. 11). He [Paul] was predestined by God before the foundation of the world. It [the preceding scripture] just told each of you –in a different way—was like him. [Having] been appointed a preacher and an apostle; it had to come, Paul had to come. There was no other way out. That Light came. That Light is gone. That Light is with the Lord. That Light is still with us. Do you believe that?

I tell you what? Lucifer will come as an angel of light through a type of religion at first. It won’t be as bad as all of this because he is going to get the masses out there. But before it is over with, by the end of the tribulation, it will just be as we were talking about. Now, have you got him? Oh, when he comes, you see, to get the whole masses. Then when he gets them–the people—where he wants them, then he will turn over a new leaf and no one at that time is able to overthrow it, you see? Then would come the most demonic powers. Then would come the most demonic powers in satanism. It said they worshipped the dragon and they worshipped the beast, and the most satanic worship that the world has ever [seen], I mean madness! Wow! You have never seen anything catch fire like that is going to catch fire. Thank God! Get into those wheels! Get in there with the Lord Jesus. I really believe that. Thus, saith the Lord, it would even be worse than what [is] has been spoken here tonight.

We are at the very end of the age. Take courage. Hold fast, saith the Lord, to the words that I have given. Isn’t that wonderful? Amen. Thank you, Jesus! Now, listen to this right here: “Whereunto I am appointed a preacher, and an apostle, and a teacher of the Gentiles” (v. 11). He [Paul] was predestined. So, God has got something for you to do. Stop somebody that is going into that [cults, satanism]. Testify of the Lord Jesus. Don’t be ashamed of His Name. Don’t take on fear. Take a sound mind and divine love. How many of you are still with me? What a message!

“For which cause I also suffered these things: [See; people were against him as he preached and so forth] nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know in whom I have believed, and I am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed to him against that day” (2 Timothy 1: 12). Paul committed his life. He committed his soul. He committed everything about him, heart, brain and all. He committed it to the Lord and his works. He said I have committed it to Him against that day—I will not be lost. You commit whatever that you have to the Lord—whatever you want to commit to the Lord—and He will hold you to that day.

Then Paul goes on the sermon that I have been preaching: Hold fast to the form of sound words (2 Timothy 1: 13). Remember, in [another chapter] of the epistle to Timothy, [Paul said] that the time would come when they would heap to themselves teachers having itching ears (2 Timothy 4: 3)—all those preachers we saw all television. They will heap up all these things with itching ears to hear some kind of a fable, to hear some kind of a cartoon, some kind of a joke in the gospel. It said they will not endure sound doctrine. I see no way and no recourse that they will endure sound doctrine once they have fallen away in these systems of the earth.

Over here, He comes back with another sound. You know in Revelation 10, among those thunders are things to be written that will happen to the elect at the end of the age—a message coming and then going on in the translation. Then it pops up in the tribulation—calling of time. And it said, and a sound—when it begins to sound, the Angel of the very God. When He begins to sound—it said the Angel of His Presence in Isaiah. When He shall begin to sound—and here Paul said, hold fast to the form of sound words [not just sound words], but the form of sound words. You can count on it, Paul said. “It [the form of sound words] would be there. Some of these rabble-rousers that you are listening to—while I have been preaching the gospel—they are implanting this [false doctrine]. Some said that the resurrection is already past. Some don’t believe in this; some don’t believe in that.” He said; hold fast the form of sound words. In that day, a sound was going forth. There are all kinds of voices on the earth, but there is only One Voice and that great sound comes from God.

It said when it begins to sound. Boy, fall back! Watch the devil spin off! Watch him go berserk! Watch him throw those fits out in there! That sound is cutting him apart in there. Therefore, he is coming out with every kind of evil schemes of cults, sorcery, and all kinds of false doctrines that he can come up with, and many angels of light, and all kinds of things. We are living in the last days. We are there, saith the Lord. Hold fast the form of sound words which thou hath heard. You know people, they forget it the next day. They can’t keep it [the Word] to them.

“That good thing which was committed unto thee keep by the Holy Ghost which dwelleth in us” (2 Timothy 1: 14). Now, how are you going to keep those sound words? Don’t forget to lay those hands on. Don’t forget to keep the anointing stirred up. Stir up, thyself, see? Keep the power of God’ gifts. Let the Holy Spirit roll through that body. Keep the spiritual services of power. That’s what it says. And then the good thing, which was committed to thee, keep by the Holy Spirit which dwelleth in us. Now, that Holy Spirit, the great Comforter. And He should keep thee unto that day. Now, keep full of faith, doubting nothing, but believe the Word. Be not ashamed of the gospel. Stand up for the gospel of Jesus Christ. You know, even under the sword of death, the ax and the hangman’s rope, under the crucifixion or however they were martyred, those people, the disciples and the apostles, even under the threat of death, they were not ashamed of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, today, there is seemly hardly a threat, but somebody might get your feelings hurt, and yet [because of that] they can’t even testify. Yet, Paul knowing that his head was coming off when he went back to Nero—he knew something—“my time and my departure has come,” he never lessened the gospel. He went right straight forth. He ran into another cult leader, Nero. He [Nero] died soon after that.

And so, we find out, hold fast now to the form of sound words that you have heard here tonight. They [the sound words] have anointing. They have power upon them. I am going to put a five-minute broadcast here which I and a news commentator did together. But give your heart to the Lord Jesus and always believe in your heart. Keep full of faith and stir up the gift of power within you, and hold on to divine love. Give the Lord a handclap!

Five-Minute Broadcast Followed

Sound Words | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1243