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Hidden Majesty | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1092 | 2/12/1986 PM

I am trying to tell you about your faith. When you say, “I don’t believe God hears me.” He hears you. Amen. What you feel like is what you believe like. Amen. I am teaching the people here and the people all over the nation that there is a great move coming; it’s kind of dormant now, powerful move coming across the earth. The Lord can come at any time, prophecies are fulfilling. You know, according to the scriptures that roughly about 70% to 80% of the people won’t want to hear about the coming of the Lord. How many of you realize that? In an hour you think not…. But the ones that believe in the word of the Lord, they will want to hear about it. You watch and see what happens at the end of the world as we are entering it right now.

The people that say they want to hear the word of God, they really don’t. When you get right down into preaching about how near His coming is; you see, it begins to thin out. But at the end of the age, He will have a group and a powerful people. We want to keep preaching and keep moving. There are some things I want to do; I want to build a strong altar, a sound foundation and new people. He’s got this coming. It is another turn in this revival.

Now, Lord, we love you tonight. Bless your people tonight, Lord. You love them, and you understand them, when they don’t even understand themselves. How great it is to know that you understand them, Lord, when they are in confusion! It is perfectly well in your heart what you have for them and what you will do for them. Lord Jesus, bless thy people tonight, all of them together and the new ones, Lord. Allow the Holy Spirit to move in their lives guiding them in this life, Lord, making a way for them, and anoint them. Give the Lord a handclap!

Now, we’ll get into this message here tonight. Listen real close; you know after a crusade, sometimes, satan would work on you and the first thing you know, all the steam of the revival starts letting out; that is what happened to the former rain that came in. If you are not careful, after great victory, great power—it happened in the Old Testament and sometimes, in the New Testament—after a great power and victory in the Holy Spirit and a revival comes along, there would be a letdown, if you let him (satan), but you can stay in the train of that revival and you can grow. Did you know that? Stay in the stream and each time, your faith will grow more potent and it will grow more powerful. Don’t let the devil cheat you out of the anointing or the power when you have a revival, and the Lord will bless you. David was in that way many times with the great victories and we find it all over the bible in the New Testament; the apostles after great victory, some of the greatest victories ever seen, there was a letdown after they took Jesus away and they (apostles) fled in every direction. So, be careful and be on guard when you receive something, and anointing, and power. There is another thing, use wisdom to keep what you have received from the Lord.

Now, Hidden Majesty: The Supreme One. There are going to be some secrets coming toward the end of the age. I would like to read something here to get this started. It says this in the bible; the Only God, the Creator said, “I am the Lord that maketh all things” (Isaiah 44: 24). “I am the Lord that made all things alone by Myself. There was no one around. I alone, created all things by Myself.” Paul declared that all things were created by Him and for Him. He is before all things and by Him all things consist (Colossians 1: 16). The Only King and Potentate, whom no man can enter into His realm, in His supernatural, as it is written in the bible. He is before all things, and He holds all things together. Of Him and for Him are all things made (Romans 11: 36). John wrote, “Lord, thou has created all things,” the Great Creator. John wrote He was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The Word became flesh and became the Messiah, John said; read it in the 1st chapter [John 1]. The rest of the secret is Isaiah 9:6. There are 66 chapters, I believe, in Isaiah and there are 66 books in the bible. Each one of those chapters reveals what God spoke about [Jesus Christ] in the bible, and Isaiah brought it out very clearly and very potently who He is.

Tonight, we are going to do it in a different way. Why is it so important for the people of God to know exactly who Jesus is? It is Hidden Majesty: The Supreme One. It is important because the sons of God are the only ones that will know who He is, and they come out of thunder. Now, watch how we approach this as God gave it to me. Now, He is the Supreme One. Revelation 4: 11 says, all things were created for Him, and for His pleasure. You know, people think that the great Creator, in the creation—the 6 days, one day is unto the Lord a thousand years and a thousand years as one day, there was a void—people wonder, how did He come down to earth, cool off the steam and so forth like that when, being the Eternal One, He could have just spoken it? I wondered about that, one time, and the Lord said—now, watch, for Him to do something supernatural beyond His thoughts was even easier for Him, there was nothing hard for him, though—but He made the earth like He did, the planet and the stars, through a process like He did. Spontaneously, He would speak, and it would follow through. [But He made the earth like He did], it’s because it was to be materialistic. It was to be material and not supernatural things. In the way He did that, it was just like man working his way. The Lord created the earth and all that was in the earth to match man which [who] was going to be material and spiritual too. So, He created it like that, on a material basis. Now, He could have spoken in one second and the most beautiful earth, and the most beautiful surroundings that you have ever seen would be put in place supernaturally; but you see, it would be a supernatural world like the Holy City. It would be so supernatural, it would not be materialistic and man in it, would not be human anymore.

So, He came to the earth and made it like that (materialistic) because He, Himself, would have to adapt to it later. He would step out of eternity, take on the form of a man and become part of us, and talk to us. He created all things and all things were made by Him. He owned everything in this world. He was rich, but He became poor that we may become rich in spiritual and physical things (2 Corinthians 8: 9). He did that for us; He became poor, leaving that Great Throne as He did there. This is the record; He spent more nights on the floor than He did on the bed. He had business to do. He wore ordinary clothes when He could have called clothes upon Himself that the world had never seen. The prophets saw him in all of His majesty; this is Hidden Majesty, the Supreme One. In His heavenly creation, He could have put it together and worn anything that He wanted; He owned all the gold and silver, and the cattle upon a thousand hills. He owns the universe and everything in it, He owns it all. Yet, He steps down to us. I am going to bring out a point; only those with revelation eyes and revelation hearts would ever catch Him. He did it on purpose and spoke about it in parables in the bible all the way through, exactly how it would come. You say, “How in the world did they miss Him?” They did not know how to interpret those scriptures by the Holy Spirit. See; they read above it instead of Him revealing it [scripture] to them. Every prophet knew exactly what was going to take place.

Also, we find out, He came down to the earth and He ate out of dishes made of clay at that time. He drank from a simple cup. He wandered around, no real place to stay because He had things to do; He was going here, and He was going there. Listen to this: the actual Creator, God in the flesh, He slept in a borrowed manger as a child. He preached from a borrowed boat one time. Yet, He created the lake He was sitting on and everything. He rode on a borrowed beast [donkey, ass). He said, “Go, get a colt.” He sat on a borrowed beast and He was buried in a borrowed tomb. How many of you realize that? The Great Creator; simplicity. He became part of the creation and visited us. No man spoke like this man. What manner of a man is this, anyway that can do all these things? Because He came in such a way that He came at the time that He came, the Pharisees, the lukewarm—although, they said they knew the Old Testament up and down and that they were actually looking for the Messiah—they were not looking for anything. They were looking out, saith the Lord, for their own interests. They were not looking for the Lord Jesus. They did not want to hear Him talk. They wanted to hear themselves. They wanted to be the judges, they wanted to be the overseers, and they didn’t want anyone coming in there and bothering them, upset the apple cart, which the word of God did when He brought it [the word] like He did. 

So, here He came at the time that He came; He was hidden, and the Pharisees missed Him. But the eyes of the poor and the sinners began to catch Him; Hidden Majesty. He unveiled it once to Peter, James and John. They saw Him glowing and two prophets appeared all of a sudden. What power! We know the story. He reeled it back to show them such great power; Hidden Majesty, hidden splendor, hidden fire, hidden glory! Why was it all done like this? Before He came, He was the Lord of heaven’s throne, and as God, He was the most Beautiful Thing that mankind, angels or anybody has ever seen; clothed with such majesty. David said, he saw Him clothed in majesty and beauty that no one has ever seen in the history of the world. Now, He is hidden—secrets at the end of the age. This is what I wrote right here: Jesus seeks out the sons of God, the elect, at the end of the age, the pearl of great price that is hidden. He sold everything that He had to get it, out of heaven. He came down and sought the pearl of great price; He found it, too, hidden among the nations. The elect [people] are hidden among the nations right now and they seek out Jesus. Listen to this: Jesus came to seek and to find that which was lost. He sought them out; they were hidden among all the Pharisees, but they missed Him because they did not understand who He was when He came. They wanted Him to take out Caesar, control the Roman Empire and destroy it. He just told them to render unto God what is God’s and to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. It was not time yet; what He would do, would come at the end of the age.

So, He came, and the Pharisees missed Him, because look; a borrowed manger, a borrowed beast of burden that He rode, a borrowed boat and everything else. Evidently, some of His clothes…we don’t really know, see. Here, He had no place. They said, “That fellow is sleeping over there right on the rock on the mountain.” Now, Jesus wasn’t going to stay in one place for long. Why get a home? He was not going to be there. He had no place. He said the foxes and the birds have holes or nests, but the Son of man has no place to lay down His head, nowhere (Luke 9: 58). He was hidden. I would say, in the  great wisdom of God, that’s the only way He could come and do what He did and die and go away. Otherwise, they wouldn’t let him die. He knew exactly what He was doing. Now, He sought out His disciples and called them all by name, even the one that He knew would betray Him later, and He knew the one that would replace Him. He sought out those on the street and in different places; He brought them in and those were in the elect. He sent Paul to bring in the gospel of the seed, the very elect of God, the election of grace, predestination and providence. Jesus spoke about the same, but Paul brought all that right in there.

The elect: Jesus foreknew who they are; so, He knows how to find them. The organizations: they found God in a form, but denied the power thereof. The systems of the world found a form of God, but they didn’t know who He was; He bypassed them, Hidden Majesty. They don’t know who Jesus is, but found a form of God. Before you can find Him, you have to know who He is. Now, according to the scriptures, the sons of God at the end of the age, as Jesus knows who they are, they also know who Jesus is. He has created them, and they know that Jesus is the Living God. All things were created by Him. Now, the sons of thunder, the people that are the real sons of God, the real translation group, and the ones that are the light of God and who would go back to the light of God, are hidden in great majesty and power, and they are clothed in the Lord Jesus. They know exactly who He is, and He knows who they are. It is not hidden from them. No, sir. But the rest have a form of God. Now, listen to this real close: the sons of God put him first and not second. I am Alpha, and I am Omega. I am the Almighty. How many of you believe that? So, the sons of God know imHim and they put Him firsthHim and they put Him first, even though they agree in the three manifestations of the Holy Spirit; but they put Him first. The foolish virgins, they turn around and put him second, so God puts them second in the tribulation. See; the Pharisees and the foolish missed Him, but the sons of thunder [did not miss Him]—He called those disciples, the sons of thunder, why? They knew who He was (Mark 3: 17).

We know that out of the thunder would come the sons of God. They know exactly who the great Angel is, that came with the rainbow and fire upon His feet and with the cloud around Him, that talked about Deity and calling time. Only God can call time. So, they put Him first. He is the Alpha and Omega. The foolish puts Him second, and He positions them in great tribulation. See; Jesus is the oil of the Holy Spirit coming in His very Name, See where the oil is? The Lords Jesus, at the end of the age, Hidden Majesty, the Eternal One, came down, so humble and so simple, and in the way that He did things, so spectacular. One moment, He looked like the very God, raising the dead, creating bread, and the next moment, He was the most, simple man that ever walked among men. And here, the Eye of Heaven was not gauging like one individual, He had seen everything on the earth at one time. How great He was! How greatly they missed Him! How shall they escape if they neglect so great a salvation? See; at the end of the age, there comes a separating point. You new ones that are listening to this tonight, bear witness, there are three manifestations of the Holy Spirit; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, those are three manifestations of the same Holy Spirit that comes in the name of the Lord Jesus. That’s exactly right. That is His name on this earth; He said so Himself, and Isaiah 9: 6, tells you the same thing.

So, at the end of the age, the great separation is this: the sons of thunder, the sons of God, they know Jesus, and they are in the first fruit translation. But the foolish virgins put Him second. The systems, he [Paul] said found God, but they denied the power thereof—where all the miracles are wrought. So, we find that the sons of thunder put Him first, right as their salvation, their Savior, the One with whom they have to do, the Miracle Worker, the Great One, the One that created them and all things, and is standing for them. He is the First, Alpha; the Greeks said it, and He didn’t change it either, in the book of revelation and all the way through the bible. Why? When they came to that word in the King James, they didn’t just write, First and the Last, and the Beginning and the End; the Greek Alpha, never changed. He said, I am Alpha, and that is the very First; there is no other word to break off from it. I am the Root; that means, Creator, and the Offspring of David. That is exactly right. That is very great.

So, the sons of thunder are coming. I would be able with the miracles that God has given, the power, and the feeling and the anointing upon me, to convince those elective seeds of God and they would believe, saith the Lord. They are chosen to believe, and they will believe the truth because anything connected to three gods, anything connected to many kinds of beliefs and cults will break off into the one-world system. It won’t work and those left behind will flee into the wilderness during the great tribulation. Those are the ones that haven’t quite figured out who Jesus is, like the Pharisees. The Lord wanted me to preach this while you are still in the revival [revival service at Capstone Cathedral], so it would sink deep in your hearts, and you’d know who Jesus is. Now, the secret of the power at the end of the age would be to the sons of thunder. Let me tell you this; there is going to be some action that we did not see in the great outpouring before, and those sons of thunder have that power because they realize who the hidden Jesus is. That is the secret of His Power; it lies right in there, all of the Holy Spirit. Each one of those messages, the Lord told me, brings out the sons of God. Each one [each message] brings them further, and brings them closer and closer into the sons of God.

The bible says, “I will speak of the glorious honor of thy majesty and thy wondrous works” (Psalm 145; 5). It speaks of the majesty of the Lord, the light and the power of the Lord. Yet, He left all that; riches, He became poor for our sakes that we might inherit what He had. So, you see, the very elect of God will never change. They will not change, and they will not take back three gods. They will always remain in the three manifestations and the One Holy God. Don’t be in any other way because that is the name in which He has come, and I tell you; you will have power. The power of the Lord is coming to the sons of God and I have to tell them about that. Did you know that Paul said about Jesus—this is my way of putting it—that He abides in light so unusual, made in pure eternal things that no man can approach, whom no man has seen or can see. (1st Timothy 6: 16). This is what Paul called Him, in His great creative form–not when He pulled back the mask and the three disciples saw Him as a Cosmic Figure—but in the eternal fire when man cannot see or dwell in the great power that He is. I would say this: if you could ever see Him in a form, Jesus would flash in eternal light like a billion jewels in a mirror on all sides. What power! John fell before Him. Daniel fell before Him. Paul fell before Him. Ezekiel fell before Him. How great He is! I believe that at the end of the age, the sons of thunder are going forth with that great Majestic Figure. He is not hidden to them; but they know exactly who He is.

Paul said He went from riches to poverty for our sakes that we might become rich in Him (2 Corinthians 8: 9). The bible says at one time, He had to create money to pay His taxes. See, He is God, you can’t just say go down to the river and the first fish you catch; there will be a coin in its mouth. You see, He is really great! Yet, the Only God, the Creator said, “I am the Lord that made all things alone by Myself. There is no other God before me,” Isaiah said. Then, He turned around and said there is no Savior beside me. I was the baby, and the Everlasting Father (Isaiah 9: 6). Paul said all things were made by Him, Jesus, and for Him. He is before all things and by Him, all things consist (Colossians 1: 16). He is the fullness of the Godhead. He was in theophany and visited man as He did Abraham when He talked to him (Genesis 18). He said Abraham saw my day and rejoiced. Isn’t that wonderful. According to that, Abraham saw him before He came as baby. Amen. God is great, isn’t He? He is eternal and to see such majesty, such power that created the whole universe and all universes that man has ever seen.The One that created all this, come down and become a simple personality among us, and then, He died, was resurrected and gave us salvation and eternal life. Eternal life is a wonderful thing. How many of you believe that?

You know, there are secrets and secrets in the bible. There is revival in here swarming all around us, fireballs and power. Praise Him! Adore Jesus! He is the first among all. He is the Creator; the very first creation and He abides in the situation that we spoke about—Hidden Majesty in the Supreme One. I am the high and lofty One that inhabits eternity, He said, that sits among the cherubims and the seraphims (Isaiah 57: 15). He is the Almighty. When I think of Him, what He is—and I know what He is—when I think about what He is, it is hard for this body to contain it. If you are thinking and you think in your hearts; if you really want to get that in your hearts [who/what He is], exactly like it is, you are in for a super charge. I can tell you right now, if your body is set for it—and I have never felt anything like it—you break it up in any other way, the power would weaken; it must be in that same situation that He was.

So, He came hidden; the Pharisees and all the rest of them, they missed him. He picked up His elect and so forth like that and He left. Same thing: we are hidden; He knows exactly who we are. He is hidden, we seek Him out, and we find our treasure. We know who Jesus is. Therefore, at the end of the age, the sons of thunder are coming forth because lightning is striking them. Alleluia! Praise the Lord! Jesus is the oil of the Holy Spirit, Whoa! Can you feel that force? I want you to stand to your feet. That was the message that He gave me after we have had five days of crusade here with great power. I can just feel a swarming in the air. As Paul said, everything and anything that you do is [should be] unto the Lord Jesus. Any miracle, any prayer, anything you do is in the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus said lift Him up and He will draw all men to Him—those who are supposed to come to Him. I have found out one thing; the success of my whole ministry, the success of whatever I have done, and whatever the Lord has done for me from the time that He called me to the ministry has been because I knew who He was. It was kind of hard for me to mix with some other people; but I can tell you one thing, the success of the ministry that I have had in healings and miracles, and whatever He has done for me materially has come because I knew exactly who He was. There is no doubt about it. Amen. See; the way the Lord brings it to my ministry, there has never been an argument, even with those who believe the other way; they just walk away. Hardly has there been an argument; may be, there would be some day, I don’t know. But it is brought in such a way that—who can withstand God? Amen. Who can withstand His great wisdom and knowledge?

So, at the end of the age, the sons of thunder are going to know all about Him, and in them thunders [that] is where all the resurrection power and all that is going to take place [is], and we are carried away. There are great secrets too that will be revealed later, and some things that God has coming our way. When? I do not know. But He will tell you things that, absolutely, they are in the bible, but you have never looked at them that way, and they will reveal themselves just like that. Can you feel the stimulation? How many of you can feel the stimulation of His power? Oh, praise God. It keeps you on a firm basis, on a solid foundation basis.

Now, what I want you to do; you come down here and ask the Lord to continue believing in His Name, the Lord Jesus, in the oil of power, the oil of joy. Whatever you need, I am going to pray a mass prayer for you. If you’ve got any flu or cancer, or tumor, I am going to pray to God to just wipe it out as we do on the platform here when we pray for people. You put your hands in the air, no matter what you need from the Lord. We are going to believe together while you are in the center of God’s heart and the very image of God. The bible said, the express image of God is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the heart of God. Amen. Do you believe that? Everybody should be healed. Great is His power!

Those on this cassette, the Lord bless your hearts. If anybody is confused about anything, let them hear this cassette and God will touch their body. The Lord will reveal it to them, and there is a great anointing on this that is confidently put there. It is put there by the Holy Spirit, and the knowledge and power of the Holy Spirit will remain on this cassette, so that you can believe the Lord and become the sons of thunder. Amen. Give the Lord a handclap. Let’s roll! Touch everybody, Lord. Touch their hearts.

Hidden Majesty | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1092 | 2/12/1986 PM