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Bright Clouds | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1261

Praise God! God bless your hearts. Well, if you’ve come here to get something, God is going to give it to you if you want it. Amen? Lord, we love you this morning. Bless your people together as we unite, Lord. We believe in our hearts you are meeting our needs and you are going before us, Lord. Touch thy people right now, Lord. Inspire their hearts to know that in the shortness of time, we must work now in bringing in the wheat, Amen, bringing God’s people in from the highways and hedges, Lord. Anoint thy people. Give them boldness and power in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Inspire the new ones, Lord. There is a deep walk for them, a deeper walk, a closer walk. Guide them. If they need salvation, Lord, how great it is! How wonderful it is! The water of salvation is being sprinkled out upon the earth right now upon all flesh. Let’s reach out and get it. Amen. How many of you believe that? Give the Lord a handclap! Thank you, Jesus! The Lord bless you….

You know, towards the end of the age, more and more people are going to need help mentally and physically…. They are going to be looking where the power is stronger. Amen. God is going to separate His people. He is going to bring them a great, quick, great stirring. But I’ve got news for you, this is the time to get in and stay in with the Lord. You know, they’ve hollered, “Wolf, wolf, wolf, all along the line that Jesus is coming, but the signs weren’t there. Israel is in their homeland now; the signs are all around us. The signs in the scriptures are fulfilling before our eyes. Now, we can say the Lord cometh soon. Amen. Great is the Lord! Go ahead! The Lord has His work cut out for us this morning. I am going to read a little bit here to help inspire you.

He gave me this message…. Now, listen to me this morning: Bright Clouds…. The world is changing…. Well, the Lord is changing His people now, too. The Lord is preparing a change and it is coming upon the people. Behold, I do a new thing…. Now, Bright Clouds. The handwriting is on the wall. The nations are being weighed in God’s balances and they are coming up short concerning the Word of God and the power of God. They are coming up short; billions of people, but only a few are really getting in where God is moving. Many evil forces are working in the world to destroy and to deceive the people. They are coming at the people through witchcraft. They are coming through false doctrine and in every way to deceive the people…. While all the unrest and confusion is going on, God will give us a great outpouring. According to His Word and according to His prophecy, He is going to visit His people in a powerful move.

Remember, when Jesus came, there was a powerful move in the land of Israel. Well, He said that at the end of time, the works that I did shall ye do. He was talking about these signs shall follow them that believe…. So, at the end of the age, a visitation will come, but I hope they don’t do it—I pray in my heart they don’t—which we know the biggest bulk will probably do– turn down the great revival like Israel did [to] Jesus. Oh, isn’t that something? It shouldn’t happen, but we are in the age where people will do the same thing if they are not careful. They will turn down the great Messiah and His great revival. You know, today, people say, “Well, I would do more for God or I would do this, or I would do thaThe great excuse for all of this is, “I don’t have time.” Well, that’s a good alibi; probably sometimes, you don’t. But I tell you one thing; you won’t have that alibi when you go to the graveyard or when you [stand] before the White Throne Judgment. You’ve got time for that! You’d have time to pass by and look at the Great One. You believe that?

So, people use that as an excuse many times. Take out time to pray. Take out time to think about somebody besides yourself, and pray. Pray…as God moves on you there. You know people, they will come around and listen to God preach. They will kind of stay, many of them in churches for a long time trying to get their feet wet…. You know, when I was a little boy, we used to go down the river…we would go swimming. I remember, as a little boy, we would go swimming and there would be a bunch of other little boys there. Some of them would jump into the cold water. Others would put their feet in for a while. They would come around and they would keep putting their feet in for a while. The next thing you know, they had seen that everybody was in, then they would jump in too. Well, that’s like people today. They will put their feet in for a while. It’s time to jump in, saith the Lord! It’s time to launch into the deep! Remember, the scripture that He [Jesus] gave them…the supply of fish…. He said, “Launch out, launch out into the deep.” Get on the right side! Amen. So, it’s time now.

Many people, you know, they kind of hang around with the Lord. They may come to church for many years, but it’s time to jump in. It’s time to get your feet wet. It’s time to get the whole thing in there. Amen. Say, so long to the world and hello to Jesus. How many of you believe that? Exactly right! So, that is the biggest alibi, they don’t have time, which is part true sometimes, but we’ve got to have time for Jesus. How in the world would you finally have time for anything else? The undertaker, the translation or the White Throne? You’ve got to have to take time. Time is going to be called in whether you like it or not.

This scripture reveals He is going to give us bright clouds of His glory. This is speaking more of a spiritual rain than of a natural rain. You know…all the people right now in the fundamental churches and so forth, I would say, maybe three to five percent of them are really witnessing, really praying, really using their faith and really reaching out. But when those that really love God do that (witnessing, praying and using their faith) with all their hearts, we are in the last revival. I really believe that. Right now, He is moving on your heart. He is moving on every heart to get in now. Get on in and do something for God. Pray, do something, but to sit still and say, “I haven’t got any time, that’s not going to work pretty soon.

Now, the bible says in Zechariah 10:1, “Ask of the Lord, rain in the time of the ….” Joel said that He shall pour out His Spirit at the end of the age on all flesh. That means all nationalities. This means little, young and old. I’ll pour out my Spirit, but all of them won’t receive it. But it is going to be poured out. Same thing in Zechariah and He will get [give] showers of rain, every grass in the field. But He said, “Ask ye”—in the time of the latter rain. The former has come. We are entering the latter rain and that is when the people are supposed to ask the Lord for it, see? Reach on out and He will move on your hearts. The next thing you know, if you start moving and start doing something, you will feel like doing i How many of you know that? But if you never start doing something; you never pray right, you never praise the Lord right, never use your faith right, [then] you don’t feel like doing it. But if you get in and start praising the Lord –you get to praising, you get to witnessing, get to testifying, you get to using your faith–then you get like doing something. You will have time for it.

The Lord is trying to help you to get out of that flesh part that holds you back in there. Allow the Spirit, you know, the flesh is weak, but the Spirit is willing and It is said in the bible that your flesh is weak. It will sit down on God. It won’t have time for God. Anybody can take a little time out for God. Do you know when you are working, you can praise the Lord? Time is running out. I’ll tell you a little something: one time, before I was converted–you know, I used to be a professional barber. In fact, when I was about 16 or 17 years old, I got my license. I was cutting hair. Yes, of course, I drank and stuff like that and it got worse and worse. I finally got my own barber shop and everything. I was working on there, doing real good and I had plenty of time. I was just a young man. Man, I would look around and thought I would be here—when you are young, you think you will be here forever, see? I had a shop up there, way down the street on 101, the highway coming from Los Angeles through… over into San Francisco. We were in the middle there, 200 miles between both places.

Everybody at that time had to come through. My shop was right there on that road. Down the street, there was an undertaker there. I knew him. He used to come to the shop and everything. His name was…. He was an undertaker [ a person who comes to collect dead persons ]…. You know, he would come in there…. He liked me. He knew me when I was a child before I started cutting hair and everything. He used to come in there and they’ve got more barbers there. You know how it is in a beauty shop or a barber shop; they [clients] will have their favorites. He started coming over and he would sit there and say, “I am waiting for Neal.” Finally, I got to wondering, “You know, he is an undertaker. Is God talking to me?” “I am waiting for Neal”. Especially with that drinking I was doing that time, I didn’t like to hear that very much…. Anyway, he used to come in and say, “I’ll wait for Neal.” And I got to feeling like, “Uh.” Well, that was 30 years ago and if he is still waiting, I am preaching now. I thought to myself… you know, there will be a day. I thought in my heart, maybe he is right. Of course, when you are drinking and running around, you forget that. But I thought about that. “I’ll wait for Neal,” like the grim reaper. Anyway, that was in my days of drinking. Later on, I did turn to the Lord and he put pressure on me like you’ve never seen before. He kept that pressure in there until I did something about it.

Today, there is a lot of pressure on Christians. It is not to come to the Lord. But it is for those Christians to know how to praise the Lord, learn how to shout those problems away…and to get those pressures out of there. How many of you believe that? But this kind of pressure [that came on Bro. Frisby] was to come from the Lord. This kind of pressure was, “I am going to use you. You are going to deliver people….” I didn’t want to preach, but finally the day came when I had to take time out and seek the Lord, take time out and see what it was that He wanted me to do. Now, you are hearing me sitting in those seats and I am trying to tell you from experience that the day will come when the Lord will say, “Come on up.” How many of you believe that? You say, I don’t have time for this. I don’t have time for that.” Did you know when the translation takes place, Jesus will say, “You don’t have time to come up here.” He said, “Come up, hither.” That’s the one that’s watching. That’s the one that’s waiting for the Lord. Come up, hither. There will be a translation. There will be a great tribulation upon the earth.

Anyway, ask ye of the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain. That’s what we are entering in now. I tell you time is short, and we are coming into the 1990’s, the climaxing of the age. This is our generation. This is the time that I think it is going to climax in there. This is the time to get your feet wet in the water. I tell you, let’s jump right in. Amen? Well, that fellow said, “I am waiting on you [Neal] in there, see? Well, we are at the end of the age. That was 30 years ago. I tell you, God is great to have memory. Why? He goes back to tell the story to help other people there. It might seem a little humorous and so forth like that, but it is true. You are going to take [have] time then. You are going to take time for that White Throne. So, let’s have time for God. In fact, you are giving Him time right here in this church service this morning where you…are hearing the Word of God.

Ask for rain, white cloud, uh! Glory! Solomon, in the temple, the glory of the Lord came all over Solomon’s temple. They couldn’t even see how to get in and out of it, the bible says. And the Pillar of Fire lit up all over the children of Israel on the mountain. The glory of God and the power of God was all over there. He will give us bright clouds walking around in the latter days in this great dimensional revival that God is going to give us. If you could look up into the other world, you would see the bright glories of the Lord ready to receive His people. We are walking in the glory of God whether you can see it or not. The Lord Jesus is here. There is a spiritual world and there is a material world. In fact, the material world is telling us that it was made from the spiritual world. Amen. So, get in and God will bless your heart. Outpouring—we are in the generation wherein is the time that He should come

Now, listen: God’s people are now becoming the arrow in His bow. You say, “The arrow in His bow?” That is exactly right! The arrow—He has been sharpening that arrow through these revivals through the time that it broke forth in 1946. In fact, since the 1900’s when the Holy Spirit fell upon the people. So, we are becoming the arrow in the Holy Spirit’s bow. He sent the arrow out. We are becoming the sharp point. Why? He is sending us out with a message—arrows of salvation, arrows of deliverance. Elisha, the prophet, one time said, “Shoot those arrows of deliverance,” during war, remember. To save Israel, to deliver Israel. The bible tells us there are arrows of destruction that will come upon the world. There is an arrow of salvation. So, we are becoming the arrow in God’s bow. So, the arrow in God’s bow is going forth. He has a message and He is sending that message out. Are you going to become an arrow for God as the Holy Spirit hauls you out and blows the power of God?

And then the next one here: We are becoming the rock in His sling—the rock in God’s sling. Now, you remember David? Christ was a type of Rock that was in that sling. That giant was trying to argue with Israel and was trying to tell Israel what to do…. We are becoming the rock in that sling with Christ. How many of you know that you can take that [rock] like David and you can use that? When he let that [rock] loose, the Rock of Christ and His people went wham! The giant went down! That great giant that defied Israel, the church, is like the great huge organizational systems today that have forgotten God. I tell you what? They are going to try to close in on the people, but again that great Rock grinds them to powder according to Daniel. How many of you believe that? That great giant, Goliath, standing up there that would be a giant representing a system. Also, the giant would represent some of your problems, your problems of fear. Take that Rock and put it [the giant of fear] down! Amen? Your anxiety, maybe your anger, maybe a criticism or your giant of sickness or your giant of oppression. You become a rock in God’s sling, and you put that giant down. How many of you believe that? That is exactly right! And you would have what? The confidence of David, the power of David and the sharpness of David. In fact, David said I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. How many of you believe that?

The next one we have: The traveler in the wheel (Ezekiel 10: 13). Sure, the prophet looked and saw the wheels pulsating, lights and the wheels go spinning, and they ran and returned like a flash of lightning. Did you know that in Habakkuk toward the last chapter, he said there are chariots of salvation? How do we know? There are many lights that they can’t figure out. Some are satanic, we know that? They have seen them on radar and they have seen them in different ways—the lights of the Lord. Why? It is the chariot of the power of God telling us we are in a revival—the chariot of salvation is over us. And he [Elisha] looked and said the Chariot of Israel– “My father, my father—and the horsemen thereof—in that fiery chariot that took off. And the Chariot of Israel—the Chariot of Salvation–rested over Israel in the Pillar of Fire. We know that to be true. Abraham, the father of faith and power, it came up like a smoking lamp and fire as God gave him that great covenant. So, we find out, we are the traveler in God’s wheel. He is sending us forth with power, sending us forth to testify, sending us forth to praise Him, and sending us forth with power and faith. How many of you believe that?

The rays of His Sun: Now in the rays of His Sun, there is your anointing. There is your miracle. There is your healing. There is your rest and there is your power. We are the rays off of God’s sun and we are to go forth and set the captives free, to give the people rest, to give the people peace. You know what? If you really know and you want to be happy and you want the Lord to bless you, then when you begin to pray, and praise God and do something for God, then you are happy. If you sit, like we say, and never do anything, never really praise the Lord, never really get into the anointing, you are not going to be happy. I don’t care what you do. You may be a Christian alright; maybe by the skin of your teeth, you are going to get to heaven. But I guarantee you, some people they don’t know why they are not happy. They don’t know why they can’t be satisfied. They don’t know why they can’t sit still—because they are not doing anything for God. But when you begin to bubble up with the praises of God in your heart and you begin to witness—some people have written to me—when they testify, they feel…they have done something for God.

So, when your mind gets all puzzled and confused, begin to talk about Jesus and to praise the Lord. Begin to thank the Lord for what He is going to do for you. Daniel used to pray three times a day. David said, “I praise the Lord seven times a day.” Amen. When you do that, then you are going to start getting happy. It will make you happy. If you are in the work of the Lord with your heart; you will praise the Lord; you will probably testify of the Lord. You get into the service here, you are getting in, and you can’t but be happy. So, why are so many organizations, so many systems today, why are they so unhappy? The mental problems that they have today—because the sweet Spirit of the presence of the Lord is not moving, the presence of the Lord is not moving in the people. They are not out to lift Him up. Behold, I give you bright clouds! Amen. And I will come upon you and give you the latter rain in the time of the rain. We will have a real outpouring.

Joel said I will give the rain moderately, but now I will let the former and the latter rain come down together. A new thing will I do for you. That’s at the end of the age. He is going to do a new thing. Yes, this world is changing, but God is going to do a new thing for you people of this generation. He is going to bring them in such a way that when He gets through, we are going in the translation. God is going to call his people home. This is the hour of the new thing. He said sing a new song, so that’s going to be involved too. How many of you say, praise the Lord? Shout the victory! We are moving in that travelling wheel there, the sons of God!

The Reflection of the Moon: Now, the moon is a revelation. It is a sign of His prophecies. The moon moving puts the power of darkness under our feet. The moon is a reflection of the power of God. The moon is a type of God’s people according to Solomon. It’s a symbol of the church…. Remember the sun-clothed woman in Revelation 12. She was covered with the sun, a cloud, and upon her feet she had the moon. She had a crown of twelve stars in there, representing the church of the ages and the church at the end of the age. And the moon—the people sitting in heavenly places like the moon with God have power over the enemy. It’s a reflection of God’s power, the revelation of God. Then we move from the moon—that is in Revelation 12, read it.

Then the Voice in His power against evil forces: Now, the anointing upon your voice praying for people, talking or whatever you are going to do, you will have power to deliver people. So, we become the Voice in God’s Power against the [evil] forces.

And then we have here: Also, they are–that is the people of God–The beauty of His Rainbow. Rainbow, what does that represent? Redemption truth—the rainbow means redemption. The Rainbow is talking to the seven revelations of God in those church ages coming to His people—the seven powerful movements energizing those spirits in there. So, it is the redemption of God, see? All is redeemed before the throne. When you talk about the rainbow, you are talking about nationalities. All nationalities have a chance at redemption if they would cry out. That’s what that means. It is affecting all nations that will cry out. All the nationalities that will cry out, they are in the redemption plan of God. But if they don’t cry out—“ask ye of the rain in the time of the latter rain.” He put that out there. There would be enough of people asking, enough of the people praying towards the end of the age. I can guarantee you one thing: it’s going to come in bright clouds. God is going to pour it out upon His people. We are entering that latter rain. That’s the last revival that we are coming into. It’s supposed to be a quick powerful short work and we are entering that time right now. So, it is a throne, the redemptive power of the Lord…. Then it says they are clothed—and so shall they be clothed with His Spirit. That is exactly right. Put on the whole armor of God. See; clothed with His power.

God’s people are now becoming the arrow in God’s bow, the rock in His sling, the traveler in His wheel, the rays of His sun, the reflection of His moon, the voice in His power against the evil forces. They are the beauty of His rainbow and so shall they be clothed with His Spirit. See; He cares for His people. How many of you believe that? Amen. Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord…. Amen. You say, “Am I one of God’s witnesses?’ What did you think He created you for? He created you in the image that He made. He is the greatest witness that the world has ever seen. He wrote the entire bible giving us a witness. We are created in His image—one of them is a spiritual image—and that means we are witnesses. When God created us, we are to witness to somebody else. You said, “Why did I get saved? So, you can save somebody else. How many of you believe that?

I tell you what; you want to do something for God? He will really give it to you to do. Some of you may not know how to talk very good, but you can’t tell me you can’t pray. You can’t tell me that you can’t reach out by faith and by power and do something to help the Lord. So, it’s His power that is moving and great is His power here. Now, as we close this morning here, He said in here in John 15:8, I have chosen you [He said you have not chosen me]. I have chosen you. Now, when the Holy Spirit reaches out and tugs at you, don’t just keep your feet in the water, jump in! He is talking to you; I have chosen you that ye should bring forth fruit [and pray that it remains].

Now, you are saved, try to help to get somebody else saved…. Be merciful now, see? Be kind, be merciful. Help this people. They don’t understand you. Today, someone will say something. They will try to get you into an argument. Don’t do it! Just use kind words and move on; it is not the time to talk to them. How many of you believe that? Be merciful. They don’t understand anything. In fact, sometimes, you have to try and talk to them a little while before they even understand anything at all, you see? Sometimes, people come to several services. Pretty soon, they just get right on in. But if you go arguing or saying something to them, it won’t work. If they are in false doctrine, then they will walk away. They don’t know God. But if they are sinners coming to the Lord, be merciful. You see, they don’t understand it like you. Sometimes, when you are witnessing, it is not like that [no argument], when it is [there is an argument], go to somebody else with an open heart. His Word will not return void. If you try hard enough, you are going to catch a fish. How many of you believe that?

I know people that will go fishing…. Sometimes, they don’t understand. They will say, “I used to catch fish here, but today I can’t do [catch] anything.” They sit there all day long. And the next time they come once or twice like that [no fish]. Do you think they give up fishing? Oh, they move to another hole, but they are going to get that fish! How many of you believe that? They will stay right there. They will come by a little while and they [the fish] will bite everywhere, see? There is a time for this and a time for that. We are in the set time now. We are in the set time and that set time is that the Lord is coming very soon. We are to do all that we can. I have chosen you. You have not chosen me. I have chosen you to bring forth fruit; every one of you. He [the Lord] said tell your friends what great [thing] the Lord has done for you (Mark 5: 19). Anyone the Lord has moved on and blessed in any way, tell your friends, He said, how great the Lord hath done for you. Now, you are talking revival! These are words of revival in the soul and the heart in there.

Look on the fields, Jesus said. And every church age, we have had, “look on those fields” at the end of it! We are in the seventh one. There won’t be any more, according to the scriptures, because the Laodicean age is here. We are in the last one according to those scriptures right now. He is saying to you and everybody within the reach [of the message] right now, do all you can. Look on the fields! They are ripe for harvest! In other words, in a little bit longer, they will turn rotten…. Now is their time to get out of the field. Look on the fields, He said, they are ripe for harvest. He gave it a time. A short time until harvest is upon us (John 4: 35). Then He said because time is shortening fast now—He said, walk in the light while you have the light. The time is shortening and one day, mankind on this earth—during the time of the great tribulation, the time of the antichrist, during the time of the Armageddon–and before that–the light will be taken out and men will walk in darkness. So, walk in the light while you have the light. In other words, listen to what the Lord is telling you this morning. Listen to what the Lord has unctioned in urgency for you to do if you want to rejoice and be happy.

If you wonder why you are not happy in your experience, He gave you some of those secrets this morning to bring up that confidence, to bring up that faith in your heart to get rid of the negativism there. Once you get that negativism out of there, you feel light—you [will] feel good. How many of you believe that? There is no other way that you can do that…. Do what the Lord tells you to do in this bible. If you do it just like He said, you may be tested once in a while, sure, but I tell you what? He tells you how to get out of that [the test]. He tells how that [test] took place. He tells you how He is building your faith in your experience there. He is bringing you through the fire, but you are happy as you are running. God will bring you right on through there. Happy are the people that know their God! Walk while you have the light to walk in. Then He said hold fast till I come, meaning whatever the Lord has given you—your salvation, the power of the Holy Spirit—Hold fast till I come.

Now we are at the end of the age. This is the harvest time. Look on the fields, see? Things are getting ripe. Pretty soon, He is going to move quickly because if He didn’t move in that latter rain, they would go to waste since they are already turning white out there…. It’s time to move! How many of you believe that this morning? Bless your hearts. Boy! I want to be the traveler in His wheel. Don’t you? And I want to get out like Elijah. He went out as a traveler in His wheel. Well, you see the old prophet he is still gone up there. He is still supposed to come at the end of the age over in Israel. When you see the old prophet, he will tell you that when he came across Jordan, that water went back just like that. Brother, that wasn’t imagination; no, no! God had brought him to reality when he went up against the Baal prophets in there. That power was upon him. When it seemed like you couldn’t have a revival if you wanted to have it, when it seemed like the whole door was closed—it seemed like heaven was brass to him there—but I guarantee you the seventh time he sent that man to look at that cloud. When he sent him, it took seven times. He dug a hole in the ground praying. But I tell you what? He didn’t stop, did he? Amen. He continued on until those bright clouds came and the rain came in there. God blessed him and God will bless you just as He blessed that old prophet to come through there. God will bless us the same way at the end of the age In fact, the bible said it is a picture of the end of the age—how many things are going to take place—and the people will be turned back from the idols, and from the world. I tell you, he came to Jordan and just split it open like that. He walked over on dry ground and wheel of fire came down in 2 Kings 2:10-11 there. The wheel of fire came down unto the ground in magnetic power. Boy, the other one [Elisha] looked over there and he saw the fire in there. Elijah got in there. The wind was blowing. He got in there and whirled on out of there. I want to be a traveler in that [the Wheel of Fire]. Glory to God! Alleluia!

I don’t care how we leave here. He is going to call us to meet Him in the air, the bible said. But I tell you one thing: I want to be that arrow in the air that is going forth with a message. I’ve got a message from Him and the arrow has been shot this morning. How many of you are going to say Amen? Praise the Lord. Some people say, “People don’t want to hear this kind of message.” God’s people do. Do you believe that? Amen. I tell you what? If you can’t preach anything to people that is going to help them, why are you preaching anyway? You’ve got to preach to help people. You can’t just fool around with people. You’ve got to tell them the points, the facts, what they’ve got to do. You’ve got to reach out there by power and by faith…. If you’ve got a little faith, God will give you a miracle.

I want you all to stand to your feet this morning. Now, this sermon is a futuristic sermon here. If you need Jesus, all you’ve got to do is call on one Name. That is the Lord Jesus. That is exactly right. When you confess in your heart and you believe the Lord Jesus, He is right there with you. That is simple faith. Unless you become like a child, you will not enter the kingdom of God…. But if you need Jesus this morning, you get Him right here as you lift your hands up as we start praying here…. How many of you feel good this morning? Amen. I want you this morning to praise God that you are alive. Put your hands [up] in the air. You don’t know how long [you are going to live] in this life. God has got that in His hands. I want you to praise God with all your hearts this morning…. Right now, I want you to praise God and let the bright clouds fal Glory! Alleluia! Let the latter rain come down. You can’t help but be blessed. Are you ready? Lord, reach on out and touch their hearts.

Bright Clouds | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1261