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“We have seen world wide major events taking place almost daily that has been written on the scrolls, and we will see much more fulfillment in the very near future!” – One of the things to be watching for in the future is massive earthquakes and storms! “It will be God allowing a warning to alert the people of the coming false system and the changes in the economic structure of the world, and the unemployment and famines occurring later! Upheavals ahead! Gigantic changes are coming! Also all business cycles and patterns seem to be crossing. Also in all the scrolls and literature reveal events to occur concerning this nation and elsewhere!” We will have recession, inflation mingled with some prosperity. “Later in the future out of a crisis we will have a currency change of some sort or a type of revaluing. Should inflation continue it will rob the currencies of all value and blow out into a financial holocaust! I am writing all this as a warning because according to the book of Daniel and Revelation strict controls will be imposed!” (Rev. 13:16-18) – “Even after inflation reaches its heights and should deflation occur it would still take a whole day’s wage for a ration of food!” Rev. 6:5-6, “reveals a ‘penny’ which is a ‘denarius’, and means a ‘whole day’s wage’ under controls!” – “It also shows what is charged for sins under the anti-christ system, the depressed black horse of Revelation!” “The evil church systems!”

Micah 5:6, “reveals some more concerning the Assyrian revealing where the anti-christ spirit originated from! Babylon conquered Assyria and inherited its false idols and religions, and then the false religions migrated to Pergamos!” (Rev. 2:12-13) “And then moved to Rome and when the pagan Roman empire collapsed, the papal throne rose out of its ashes, a dominant global power!” Also Micah 7:12-18, “reveals more concerning this! Micah 6:9-12, 16 reveals more wickedness!” “Already the beast system is beginning an outline and forming a trap (snare)! All governments (nations) will be in an alliance with the anti-christ. A strong combination of evil super powers will confront the world! Dictatorial economic and financial restrictions will develop and be strategically imposed on the world economy!” “A ruthless leader will be in control of the world’s gold reserves (finances) and could carry enough influence to boycott and dictate international money markets and force his will upon the troubled economic nations!” – “Even before our eyes the nations are forming a pattern for a world ruler! Also the United States is in debt to the international bankers and eventually will be drawn into one world government system!”

Now let us go into some interesting subjects and events! We can see Europe forming and preparing for the beast power, and the rest of the world is emerging into its final position! The U.S.A. is emerging into a deadly pattern and later will speak like a dragon during the Tribulation! Also at the very end the anti-christ system is able to bring in prosperity out of chaos, but still there will be awesome and catastrophic and perilsome times. It will possibly be in similarity to what happened in the days of Elisha – II Kings 7:1, II Kings 8:1 – whereas a famine appeared and was to occur for 7 years. And at the end of the age will come a famine and it will grow stronger into the last 3 ½ yrs. Of the Tribulation (food shortages.) And the 3rd Horseman of the apocalypse will weigh food (Rev. 6:5-6), mark is given. An incident happened in the life of Elisha that showed Israel and the world would be in severe tribulation for 42 months. When Elisha called two she bears out of the woods and they tare 42 children. (II Kings 2:24) The bears represent the Russian invasion (her satellites) and the 42 children depict the savage and severe months of the Great Tribulation. And also we know just before this event Elijah was translated being a type of the Bride! He was taken away in God’s fiery chariot. This perfectly types the end time events! By the way, Elisha types the two major prophets during the Great Tribulation; he had the double anointing!

“Rev. 11:2-3 reveals two periods of 42 months each. Rev. 12:5-6, during the first 42 months the Bride will leave, the last 42 months will be Great Tribulation involved with the Jewish Temple!” – (Verses 6-14) – After Israel’s time of great trouble they then will be ending their 70th Jubilee preparing for Millennium! – For better understanding read my sermon book Daniel, part 5.

“But the Lord Jesus has His eyes on His children to preserve them from the sinister evils which are about to befall the world! The gospel message must still be carried and the Lord will bring protection and prosperity in the midst of economic problems and troubles! The Bible teaches prosperity even in hard and perilous times. Gen. 39:2, 23, “And the Lord was with

Joseph, and he was a prosperous man!” II Chr. 20:20, “Believe in the Lord – Believe His prophets, so shall ye prosper.”

– Joshua 1:8, “Then thou shalt make thy way prosperous and then thou shalt have good success. Verse 9, Have not I commanded thee be strong and of a good courage for the Lord thy God is with thee!” – III John 1:2, reveals God’s definite will to bless!

God bless, love and protect you,

Neal Frisby