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“Sometime ago I did a sermon here called, Who Will Listen? – The world as a whole will not listen, neither will many of the lukewarm systems, but those who are called out into the elect will listen and they are doing so now especially those on my list! – All of my partners tell me how excited and encouraged they are about the anointed literature and how it really lifts them up and helps them in the miraculous; to build faith and to reveal what’s ahead!” – “Besides bringing salvation and deliverance to the people today, the most important message is to reveal the soon return of the Lord Jesus and to be also ready!”

“Jesus said, I will come again! – Paul predicted the Lord Himself shall descend! (I Thess. 4:16) – The heavenly angels cried out, this same Jesus shall come! (Acts 1:11) – And God’s Word declared it over and over! – He will definitely come again!” – “A person today can take the Bible and the Scrolls in one hand, and the Newspaper and daily reports in the other hand and can certainly see that everything forecast is falling into place exactly as has been revealed years and even thousand of years in advance!” – “The world is living in terrifying and perilous times. . . . You might say such earth shocking events as to cause men’s hearts to fail; and this also was predicted to be fulfilled just before Jesus’ return! – At this time the powers of the heaven would be shaken (atomic test, etc.)!”

– Luke 21:26 – Verse 25, “revealed a world-wide distress, severe problems, unrest and fear upon the earth, distress with perplexity!”

“The Bible declared that there would be a time of delay between the former and latter rain (Matt. 25:5) a slight hesitation! – But those who truly loved Jesus would still be watching at the midnight cry! – After this hesitation events were to take place swiftly!” – “God’s Word (the Book of Revelation) closes with these futuristic statements about to occur now! – The Word concludes with a three fold message, Behold, I come quickly! Repeated 3 times. (Rev. 22:7, 12, 20) ending with, surely I come quickly. It means definitely!”

“There are ever so many prophecies pointing to this event. . . . Let us consider a few!” – “Not until today’s modern technology could a universal monetary system be instituted world -wide! – A computer system involving an International mark is being completed, and is projected for use in the very near future! – The Scriptures declared that it would be so. . . . Men once thought this impossible to mark and control all the earth, but now with new technology it can easily be seen as so!”

“Another unmistakable prophecy is the erratic weather of the last few years which brought about the coldest winters and the harshest summers in decades! – Severe droughts in parts of the world, floods, famine and plagues in other parts! – Tornadoes, hurricanes and huge earthquakes are increasing in volume as well as in destruction!” – “Fire also seems to be devouring parts of the earth as volcanoes are erupting world-wide! . . . The continental shelves are gradually moving, bringing minor and major quakes until finally the cities of the nations shall fall! (Rev. 16:19) – And all is gradually fulfilling, and heavenly signs are all around us pointing to His return!”

“Jesus’ coming will be very sudden and unexpected, as He said, ‘in an hour that ye think not.’ – It would be like a thief in the night!” (I Thess. 5:2) – “As a flash of lightning; in a moment; in a twinkling of an eye!” (I Cor. 15:52) – Prophecy declares that it would be at a time of boom and bust cycles! – In other words the time of recession, depression, prosperity and etc. – As rich men heaped their treasures together in a one-world system. . . . And it was to occur in the latter times!” (James 5:3) – Verses 7 -8 says, “at the time of Jesus’ return! And then of course a world leader will bring for a short period, a streak of tremendous prosperity! (Dan. 8:25) – Besides these events you will find many more events of the future on our prophetic Scrolls!”

“This is our hour of soul searching and preparation of translative faith. . . . We are entering a new dimension of power, a quick short work. . . . Jesus is coming for His harvest workers! – And they that were ready went with Him, and the door was shut!” (Matt. 25:10) – “He shall change our body into a glorified body! (Phil. 3:21) – We shall be like Jesus, and see Him as He is!” (I John 3:2)

“Also because the harvest work is so important God wants to bless and prosper His people in order to fulfill the mission of the gospel! – For no one can deny this Scripture, ‘For thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth!’ (III John 1:2)” – The Bible declares that His people will be blessed in the end time era and do great exploits! – He will meet our needs until the last soul is won. . . . Of course the blessing even grows greater into our eternal reward!” – “Wherein it says, give and thou shalt have treasures in heaven! (Matt. 19:21) – Thou shalt prosper and have good success! (Josh. 1:8) – As you give to bring in the harvest the Lord shall command a blessing upon thee! (Deut. 28:8) – In all that thou settest thine hand unto!”

“At this time I’d like to reveal how God will bless His people.” – “As you remember the Lord God’s work, it says that He giveth thee power to get wealth! (Deut. 8:18) – We give these Scriptures to encourage my partners who are helping. . . so put your faith into action, God will stand by thee! – Mal. 3:10 says, prove Me now saith the Lord!” – Luke 6:38, “Give and it shall be given unto you. . .

Then this Scripture goes on to reveal the incredible results to the various types of givers including those who give more than they are supposed to! – The blessings will actually be running over! – So be encouraged. God will not overlook what His precious saints do for Him!” – “Yea, for what they do will follow them even into heaven! – Even as the Scriptures say, their works do follow them!”“Believe His prophets, so shall ye prosper! (II Chr. 20:20) Yea, believe His promises for they are all positive!”

In His Abundant Love,

Neal Frisby