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“All over the world the elect are wondering and believe surely the Lord is coming in our generation! And it is finishing up its last few hours. Yes, indeed, this is the Lord’s generation to His people. I believe He will appear to them in His glory. And we will see spiritual phenomenon all over the world where people truly believe. The signs of prophecy also should be incredible to His people way before this generation ends. In fact, in the next few years events will be staggering concerning the Lord’s return and the rising of the beast system!”

“Already in Europe they are laying groundwork concerning a new age for Europe. And are looking for a strong leader to guide them into a new utopia of prosperity and peace for all! And they are going to find one, but he will be the wrong man who will lead them into what they want at first, then into desolation! – Underneath the Officials and certain men are working diligently with the Jews to fit into their plans for they are the key concerning peace or war. The Jews will finally give in, but they will be double-crossed. They will see their horrible mistake! I believe the sinister figure is already working and preparing his plans of world peace and prosperity, and within a short cycle of time he is going to be revealed!”

“Every nation shortly is going under a dramatic change; incredible things concerning discovery and inventions will sweep mankind into a new age! By the spirit of the Lord I have seen some of the things coming and truly I don’t believe the elect would want to stay and be involved in some of the things that are going to be used to deceive this generation, plus control them completely. Causing them to believe in a type of world that actually does not exist! Fantasy will absolutely replace reality. The nightmare the Scripts have prophesied is not far off. We should already be packed up and ready to leave.” Praise the Lord. Remember it wasn’t long after Elijah’s great victory and discouraging let down, then his great victory again that the Lord translated him away! We may see pockets of discouragement for the elect, but great victories are involved too.

Restoration is here and we will be taken away soon!

“As the scripts said, the best hiding place is in the Lord Jesus; He loves you, He will keep you! And certainly the elect are expecting Jesus all over this planet, but at the same time the lukewarm and world system have put it way back in their mind; mostly taking the prophetic warning of the Scriptures for granted. And the falling away from the true God and His word is swiftly taking place!” – Some think Jesus is just a great person, the Son of God, but the Church systems are going to find out that He is the Infinite One; and all shall stand before Him and every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess! His divine position is that He is the Alpha and Omega, none before and none after! – He is the One we have to deal with! – “Salvation, Healing and Miracles will only take place through His name! So as the whole world wonders after the beast with his wizardry and sorcery and glamorous pomp; the elect (Matt. 25:6) is running towards Jesus as the ‘midnight cry’ sounds, go ye out to meet Him. Praise the Lord Jesus, He loves us and we love Him too. The scriptures say, He will return to those who love His appearing!”

“And believe me the church elect will not have to endure long. He is standing ‘at the door’ ready to light the heavens up!

– In a flash, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye we will be gone! I will restore all things again to My elect, saith the Lord!” (Joel 2:23-25) “Jesus is soon to over-take the elect in His fullness in a cloud of glory. We all know this Scripture, ‘In an hour that ye think not. And be ye also ready, for as a snare shall it come up on all the world.’ Keep your eyes open to events and watch and pray! – Everything occurring now is being hidden from the people and will be even more so in the short time to follow! And when the people wake up out of their sleep it will be too late to do anything about the snare that they have fallen into. – Pray daily that God will keep and guide you.

In His Abundant Love,

Neal Frisby