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“What is the shape of things to come? Right now the USA and the world likewise is forming into a certain pattern!” “The USA reminds us of the prodigal son who decided to spend his future! – He wasted his substance with riotous living and etc. (Luke 15:13-15) It reveals a picture to us how people do today in Las Vegas, Miami and Paris! Also our government has definitely drawn on its future and at some point down the line will wake up bankrupt like the prodigal son! . . . But unlike the prodigal son they will have to finally join up with the world system to return back into prosperity!” – “Also it says when he had spent all that he had, there arose a ‘mighty famine’ in the land, and hard times came upon him!” – “Likewise near or entering the Great Tribulation the world will have a great famine like never seen before! . . . And before it is over with, will reach even into the United States!”

“Probably before this or about that time a new money system will come into being. Also, during these dark days ahead, the United States will receive its last leader ruling in association with a group of subtle and evil men! Already working towards their position so they can change our society and government into a new form which heads into the world system and trade!” . .

“Rev. chap. 18 gives a final picture of how the age will close out! Vs. 3 reveals all nations are involved!”

“During this time a world leader, who is already here and waiting to be revealed, will rise to the forefront. He will control both religious Babylon (Rev. 17) and Commercial Babylon!” – “He will also work directly with the Vatican (Rome) and will have another base in the Mid-East, and will be in association with the Jews and the Temple! – In fact, his last years will be spent in the Holy Land!”

His career will end not far from where Jesus spoke on the Mount of Olives! Dan. 11:45 gives the exact spot! . . . But before all of this the people of the earth will hear about his exploits on the News daily. One thing for certain we are headed for some dramatic, powerful and earthshaking events!

“We see another pattern forming in many parts of the world including the USA, and the pattern is going exactly as Sodom and Gomorrah went! They were all together occupied in great commercial activity!” – “Outward prosperity was seen everywhere! . . . But all of this abundance had resulted in a fast process of evil! – Ezek. 16:49-50, list the six sins of Sodom!” .

. . “Behold, the first sin was pride, to the point that they were proud of the deeds, their defiance of God, their wealth. Their gay community was inferior to none! – Satan in them was proud of all he had accomplished!” – “Second, the fullness of bread – So much so, that they denied God. It was a city which lived to eat, drink and be merry on various intoxications! – Their future was running out, for on the morrow they would die!” . . . “Third, the abundance of ‘idleness’ in her and her daughters! It was easy to make a living in the cities! . . . And in modern times people are working shorter and shorter weeks with more vacations!” – “Evidently this will increase more as the age ends because of the electronic age – computers and robots. – More time will be given to idleness! Wherein they will seek new thrills and pleasures, passions as not seen since the days of Sodom, coupled with new types of drugs that will appear!” – Note: “Years ago I foresaw man creating new types of aphrodisiacs that people were smelling out of a bottle or tube! – It was about the same time that I saw women putting something in their eyes to change the color of them! . . . We found out later that it was color lenses to change brown eyes to blue eyes, red, violet, green and etc! – I did not understand it all at the time, but we see it going into effect now. – Many inventions of pleasure are being prepared as the world sinks into complete delusion. . . . If you do not have Scroll #165, write for it. In the last few paragraphs it also reveals the trend like unto Sodom!”

Fourth – “They didn’t care anything about helping anyone. If some of them were starving, it didn’t make them any difference. They were blinded to anyone else’s needs spiritually or otherwise!” – Fifth – “And they were haughty. This speaks of arrogance and complete contempt of others! – They would take no instructions from anyone including the angels that visited them. As wicked as Lucifer is, he is proud, and these people were forming into his image; defiance of the Most High! . . . The world will enter satanic worship through the anti -Christ! . . . No one could enter through the gates of the cities unless they agreed with their mark of sin! – Their morals were in reverse, bestiality, strange flesh, gay and this included a hundred other different type of passions including sorcery, sacrifices and idols!” – Sixth – “They committed abominations, therefore the Lord took them away. They were wholly committed to their vices! – They were in unbridled passions 24 hours a day! There is not enough space to reveal it all but you can read Gen. 19:4-10 and Rom. 1:26-27 for a complete description of these unspeakable conditions in their time, and is starting to exist more so in our age!” – “We see the end time modern church in similar conditions!” (Rev. 3:17), “Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; (haughty) and knowest not that thou are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.” – “But like Sodom, fire and brimstone will come out of heaven on them in great atomic destruction! – Jesus said so!” (Luke 17:29-30 – Rev. 18:8) – “So we see the pattern of things to come are shaping just like prophecy said it would! – Let us support God’s true work and win all the souls we can for the hour is surely late!”

In His Abundant Love,

Neal Frisby