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“Remarkable changes are occurring among the children of the Lord!” It is a time the Lord has chosen to enlighten them of some remarkable events, which will affect this ministry and those in the near future! “Behold saith the Lord, it is the season to blow the trumpet, to sound the alarm in My holy mountain! Come ye up before Me, for the harvest is ripe! Behold I need laborers, and I will bless thine hands and thy body! Come ye to the house of the Almighty and your burdens will be lifted and I will direct thee in the days ahead for I am covering My Elect with a thick presence! Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find your answer!”

This is absolutely coming into focus; the King’s anointing is to appear next! The old order “revival” is passing away and a new order is taking place, God’s promised move to unite His elect saints is the new order of his mellow rain! We had the first part (the former rain) and now we are entering the last part of the latter rain, which will be shorter but stronger in word and power to deliver! The heavenly drama is about to start, the ripening of the first fruits! (Rev. 3:12, 21) – “The Headstone was for all those who believed, but remember it was given to a certain nation bringing forth fruits (U.S.A.) Matt 21:42, 43, “Jesus said, the stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner! Therefore I say unto you, the kingdom of God shall be taken from you and given to “a nation” bringing forth the fruits thereof!” And it has been placed right before our eyes, and sad will be the day for those who reject and turn it down! His main work to spearhead the gospel has been in this nation! – Here is wisdom, the head of every man is Christ! (I Cor. 11:3) “This truth is recorded again in Eph. 1:22, Christ is head of all things. This mystery is stated again in Col. 1:18. He is the living head of the spiritual body, we are members of the body of Jesus, but it is He, Himself, who is the head!” The guiding and leading part of the body is the head! The members of the body are only instruments for carrying out the will of the head! “And Christ Jesus (the head ruler) desires to guide members of His body unto the acting of His will! Our life forms into a pattern for His fulfillment and His wonderful plans!” This is perhaps a great secret revealing possibly why there is so much sickness in the Church. The members have not depended on Jesus being their head to lead them, but tried to do it their way instead, never trusting Him completely through in all things, and by not waiting for His directions, but instead allow fear and problems and self to rule!” “The Headstone here connected to the revelative body, the elect.” Ask whatsoever you will and it shall be done! Believe the headship in Christ, we should definitely seek spiritual healing of the entire body. Healing of the body elect is God’s next mighty move! “Pray one for another that you may be healed!” (James 5:16) “When we pray earnestly one for another the body will unite! As Jesus’ prayer revealed, that we may all be one (body!) (St. John 17:22) And it will be answered!”

(A word of appreciation.) It has been a privilege to have you on my list and to know you care for His immeasurable work! “We thank the Lord Jesus for the ministry bestowed upon His people, and we have seen hues of His immortal light in the visionary scenes He has caused to appear upon film!” Amen. “It is by divine prophetic destiny! And much more will He do also for those who continue to believe with all their heart! It is not for babies but for those who want to be mature and strong in the Lord, seeking for the prize of the high calling and as the first fruits unto the lamb!” I have many deep truths and mysteries to reveal and will be ever so Scriptural and confirmed by His supreme Word! This is the hour of His diligent and swift work and we want to definitely print much more literature for you and our partners! And the Lord will bless and prosper all those who are involved with this valuable task before us!”

In Christ Love,

Neal Frisby