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“We are living in a day like unto the sign of Noah all around us. The evil and days of Sodom are in every direction, wherein the time of world evangelism and the sign of the budding of the Fig Tree (Israel) restoration, we are in the sign of the last generation, and the sign of distress, perplexity of nations! The powers of the heavens are shaken by man’s inventions!” – “All this reveals the sign of the translation and His return is soon! – According to the Scriptures the translation takes place during the first half of the 7-year Tribulation, evidently during the midst of the 7 years. (Rev. 12:5) – Then following this we see Satan come down among the people in the beast in his fullness! – Then the following verses reveal the foolish virgins fleeing into the wilderness; these are called the Tribulation saints!” (Rev. 7:14) “The Scriptures clear up the confusion among many today and we know where we stand concerning the Translation!” – “Events never seen before will occur. Staggering and unbelievable occurrences will transpire, shaking the very foundations of society! – And evidently will grow worse leading into the apocalyptic events of all time! The book of Revelation will be literally alive in fiery prophecy!”

“The horseman of terror will mount! (Rev. chap. 6) The white horseman imitator of Christ, deceiving by peace and prosperity, promising end of all wars, but will bring the worst one!” – “The red horse shows a slaughter of mankind in this evil system! – All who resist will be slain and some will flee!” – “The black horse reveals a famine for the true word of God plus it predicts the worst famine and starvation that the world has ever seen! – Without the mark none will be able to eat or work during those horrible times! – The U.S.A. and all world currency is obsolete here!” – “The white horse has literally turned into the pale horse of death, the last one of the Apocalypse; horror, death, destruction and hell follow him! This is Armageddon!” – “You can sum the whole matter up in a few words, Satan and the anti-Christ deceives them (#1) – (2) kills them – (3) starves them – (4) destroys the earth and takes them to hell! What a delusion and deception, and most of the population fell for it, because they believed not the truth . . . except the wise were translated beforehand!”

“In order for the new world economic system to appear that is prophesied in Rev. chapters 6 and 13, what strength that is left in the United States dollar must be destroyed! – A final economic collapse would silence the Christian voices in our nation and the rest of the world!” – “Our government and all governments are so deep in debt (by trillions of dollars) that sooner or later the blowout will come! Electronic computers and new inventions are set up to control commerce and finally the people and all things with which they are associated – banking, buying, selling, and etc.!” – Prophetic look – “Future wars will be directed by decisions made by computers; electronic push button command! – Sources leading to the anti-Christ system already claim bio -computers can later solve the world’s unemployment, energy shortages, medical cost, industrial problems, food shortages and money crises! – But according to the Scriptures all of this will finally fail!” – “It is said, that all the memory and data that is in all present computers in the world could be stored in a space no bigger than a sugar cube in the new coming super computer! – Now everyone can see this Scripture fulfilled, controlling the masses! (Rev. 13:13-18) – Did you notice it reveals calculation?”

Here is an amazing insight concerning prophecy that was given in a science magazine and we quote: . . . “The computer and the satellite are now carrying us across a new sort of quantum jump in evolution. Electronics can soon link every human being on earth as closely as nerves and circulating fluids link the cells in our body! When the jump is complete in our present social units, the unions, the parties, the armies, the corporations, the churches and the nations all may be absorbed into a single global being!” – “This promise is both dazzling and frightening! . . . Joining it we must surrender our individual freedom and ancient right to decide alone! With the world growing more complex – wars, terrorists, violence – our children won’t regret or miss their lost liberty! – In compensation for surrendered freedom the human members of that future super organism will enjoy powers beyond our most daring predictions. They will leave our little earth! – They can reach the stars, perhaps inhabit whole galaxies. Does it not seem that the science fiction visions of future human evolution and the oneness of mankind merge into prophecies of religion!” (End quote.) – “It sounds like they believe that mankind will produce his own millennium through his inventions and evil knowledge! – This is nothing else but a lie and delusion right out of the bottomless pit! – Part of it will not come to pass, especially the part concerning deep outer space!”

“Concerning the prophecies of religion that they spoke of, only Jesus can bring us into the millennium and into a new heaven and new earth! Mankind will fail, but the Prince of Peace won’t!” – “The wisdom of mankind has a lot of wild dreams concerning the future wherein much will come to pass for them, but in finality they will fail and by their knowledge destroy themselves!” – “And unless Jesus intervenes at Armageddon, no flesh would be saved!” (Matt. 24:22) – “Surely now is harvest time, let us not forget the Lord’s work!”

In God’s Abundant Love,

Neal Frisby