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“In this special writing we will give a prophetic forecast of spots to watch as the world takes another loop concerning events to come! – In the night visions to me was revealed a map that took in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia! – The water became blood red from the Arabian Sea towards Asia down to the horn of Africa into the Indian Ocean and flowing upward into the Persian Gulf; also into the Red Sea!”

“Also there is coming violence and trouble to the Middle East and Mediterranean area! – Preceding the coming of the anti-Christ, explosive occurrences will take place in Turkey, Persia (Iran) and in Egypt!” – Also Syria, Iraq, Israel and Saudi Arabia will be involved in coming events! – With these severe jolts, wars, rebellion and uprisings will appear the “false prince” of peace! – And also in another section of the world probably the Southeast Asian.” – Sometime after this we do know according to prophecy that Libya, Ethiopia, Turkey and Persia (which is Iran) will join Russia and China for the final onslaught! (Ezek. 38:1-6)

“Now getting back to the Mediterranean, most of our former world powers arose in this area and near the Euphrates! Incidentally, according to Bible prophecy, there will be so much atomic fall-out in Egypt it will not be inhabited for 40 years! – And in Iraq (Babylon) man will not return again! (Ezek. 29:10-13 – Isa. 13:19-22) Evidently these two areas are not cleansed of radiation like He does Israel and other areas! – More on this in a moment!”

“Let us unveil and check the prophetic description and evil notions of the coming anti-Christ! First, according to Dan. 7:7-8, he is the 11th horn (nation) rising after the 10 horns!” – He is identified in II Thess. 2:3-4 as “the man of sin” – “the wicked one” – “the son of perdition” – “the lawless one.” In Rev. 13 he is seen as “the beast!” In Dan. chap. 7 he is described as “the little horn!” – In Dan. 8, “the king of fierce countenance” . . . and in chaps 9 and 11 he is called “the prince that shall come” and “the willful king!” – “The beast of Rev. 13 and the little horn of Dan. 8 are the same! An antagonist and hater of God, utterly dominated by satanic power, he will take away the daily sacrifice (Dan. 8:11) and sets up the abomination of desolation! (Dan. 9:27) There is an element of mystery about him; and understanding dark sentences!” – “His character sounds like a Mid-East personality with Jewish blood!” – “He shall practice and prosper! – He shall destroy the mighty and holy people (Hebrews).” Dan. 8:24 – “Through is policy he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand! – Manufacturing, probably he controls all the mid-east oil! – He regulates and controls the economic world! – He shall magnify himself in his heart!” (Verse 25) – “By peace he shall destroy many! He shall stand up against the prince of princes, but he will be broken by God’s forces!” (Dan. 11:45)

“The age finishes up finally with a space orbital and missile war! . . . All at once I saw like apocalyptic flash of fire over the Mid-East! – and the U.S.A. went up as a smoke of burning furnace in the earth like hundreds of volcanoes erupting!” – “Atomic flames spreading out and down pouring on other continents!” – “This was the Armageddon holocaust . . . using atomic push button energy inventions of man from space! – An automatic push button catastrophe!” (I Thess. 5:3 – Zech. 14:12 – Joel 2:3 – Rev. 18:8)

“At the end when his (beast) world of iron and clay split (Dan. 2:41 -43) – it reveals that he is left controlling the complete side of the Western nations as the clay side turns on him! – According to Dan. 11:40, 44, these blocks that go against him are called the southern, eastern and northern blocks of nations! – You can read it in these verses! – This would include evidently the African, Asian and Communist nations in rebellion against the anti-Christ! – The final end of his kingdom comes apart and goes up in vapor of smoke and destruction!” – “Then the Pole regions will shift and the renewal of the earth will take place!” – “This could begin or tell the final story of the apocalyptic events that are soon to befall mankind!” – “What a soul-stirring time this is; let us pray for the salvation and harvest of many souls!” – “No value can be put on a message such as this but all should do their utmost to help this ministry to work as quick as possible to bring in souls and to witness to as many as He provides that the age is ending!”

In all of God’s love and blessings,

Neal Frisby