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“My what a prophetic era of time! We see signs in every direction pointing to the soon coming of Jesus! (Luke 21:25) – vs. 26, “reveals that men’s hearts will fail them for fear because of the overwhelming events that are coming upon the earth!” – vs. 34, Jesus said, “Take heed that the cares of this life, cause that day to come unawares!” – “This in itself reveals the exact hour that we are living in! People, even some lukewarm Christians have put everything in this life ahead of the Lord!” – “Jesus said, remember Lot’s wife, because she looked back on the cares of this world and what was in it she never went out with the angels like the others!”

“Jesus said when these things shall come to pass, know that your redemption is nigh! He was talking about many of the events shown in Luke chap. 21 and Matt. Chap. 24! . . . And we have absolutely seen most of those signs fulfilled in our generation! We are living in the final prophecies concerning the elect church! It is in preparation of Translation! . . . And we can foresee that the coming of the Great Tribulation is just around the corner! . . . And of course Armageddon looms in the not-too-distant future! . . . And the powers of the heaven has been shaken by atomic weapons giving this generation warning many years ago that the final showdown will come in our time!” – “The earth is shaking underneath the planet as fire from within the center of the earth is spewing out! Great volcanoes all over the earth are blasting out like a mighty trumpet of fire warning of world change and crises and the coming of Christ!” – “The seas and the waves roaring; the weather pattern hectic! Starvation and famine coming to many nations!”

Note: “Scientists report faults are under Los Angeles! They now see a greater risk of quakes for the whole Los Angeles area!” – “No wonder destruction will come. In many areas of California they have places where satanism is accepted! They actually call upon satan and worship him! They include children and young people into the delusion!” – “One young girl gave her testimony where she was forced into bestiality and all kinds of sexual acts with cult leaders along with other bizarre rituals and etc.!” (This was given over TV news.) – “Of course witchcraft and satanism is spreading all over the United States! California has always had its share of evils and of course it is the capital of motion pictures, which has degraded the United States and the rest of the world! . . . Also there are fault lines under Los Angeles and San Francisco and these plates are moving! Pressure is building up each day and soon a great convulsion will take place! The pleasure dens will be buried and the great lights snapped out! . . . And the ocean shall receive the residue!”

“We are in the presence of a turning point in human affairs so immense that people do not perceive it! This includes many events that will soon take place! Time will reveal to us the shadow of things to come! World leaders are going to bring vast changes as society is entering a turning point! The time curve that I foresaw! . . . Also our nation is about to change leaders! Whether we will receive this year the leader that I saw coming is still unclear at this time! But we do see the formation taking place! The exact time was never given to me. . . My opinion is that it is near . . . but know that such a leader that I spoke of will appear in the appointed time! Wherein we have seen the first part of the prophecy already taking place!”

“We have seen great and unprecedented changes already, but events are going to shake the very foundations of society! In fact profoundly alter the nature of man’s survival! I foresee developments in the future that will absolutely turn around everything that’s in its path heading into a new direction! A vision of a new world order is now being promoted in secret by a select group! This along with other events will merge into the apocalyptic event of the Great Tribulation!”

“The prophecy concerning the crises in our cities are coming true! The drug problem has overwhelmed the people along with other problems that vex the cities today! All of these things will grow worse! Crowded conditions, sodom culture, murder, noise, pollution, riots and crime waves!” – “A report says, because of these developing situations many upper-income people have fled the cities and middle-income people are following suit! They want to live in the outer suburbs, but later this will also be contaminated with the same evils!” – “The only safe place is in the arms of the Lord Jesus, for then you are content! No matter what arises you are able to face it, for He will never fail nor forsake His people!”

“We are seeing prophecy fulfilling all over the world! Wars and rumors of wars! We see chaos and instability almost in every nation! Worldwide distress is on every hand! Unrest, fear and perplexity is everywhere!” – “They are progressing towards and will accept a world leader who promises them relief from war and boast of giving them prosperity! Prophecy has forewarned us of a time when a bewitching personality will rise in the form of a super human dictator! (II Thess. 2:4) – The Bible describes him as a beast, and he will have power over all kindred and tongues and nations! (Rev. chap. 13) . . . And as a snare shall it come on all of them who dwell on the face of the whole earth!” (Luke 21:35) – “Two particular baits that this leader will use to draw people under his spell: Most people are already more concerned about entertainment, buying and selling than they are about their own soul! . . . And at the proper time with all food rationed and scarce from a world famine it will be an easy thing for him to give out his mark of allegiance and worship to the unbelieving masses! For he will be a super deceiver, and religious at the start! But at the end will turn

into a satanic spellbinder of doom!”

“All of these events that we have spoke about are very near to transpiring! That is why the Lord is moving on me to write about them often and reveal the shape of things to come!” – “But unto us the Scriptures say, ‘Ye are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober!’ (I Thess. 5:4-6) . . . And as long as we listen to the Word and write these types of letters, our partners will be awake and ready for the coming of the Lord! Praise Him!”

In His Abundant Love,

Neal Frisby