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“Earthquakes are coming! And the prophecy in this letter will reveal the significance of them! – The increasing of quakes is a sign that this dispensation is ending, and a warning for men to repent everywhere! – Also at the end of the letter we will consider the rising of the ‘little horn’ according to Daniel’s apocalypse! – This horn is on the earth now, but not revealed yet!”

“The Bible gives us earthquakes of prophecy as occurred in the Old Testament (Amos 1:1) – Signs!” – “There was a quake in the death and resurrection of Jesus!” (Matt. 27:51 – Matt 28:2) “And at His second coming we are to expect gigantic quakes across the earth before the translation! – The Trumpet judgments are preceded by quakes! (Rev. 8:5) An immense shaking quake takes place as the Day of the Lord begins!” (Rev. 6:12) – “A great shaking will take place at the time of the rewarding of the prophets and saints!” (Rev. 11:18-19) – “And then there will be one final catastrophic quake which we will speak of momentarily! – Also, because of the God defying nations, tremendous cataclysmic quakes will be forthcoming in the future that will destroy whole cities and many lives swept away! We can also expect various parts of California to be destroyed in the not too distant future with horrendous quakes!” – “Worldwide concussions will take place as the beast system emerges into power! – Yes indeed seismic and cosmic disturbances are on the way!”

“Now some of this that I am going to write could appear in the near future but should God in His divine mercy allow the evil world any time, then they can expect this to occur to them! – I will reveal more later in my writings!” – “After the first 6 Trumpets (Rev. 8:9) the world then will reach the stage of the final 7th Trumpet! – And these 7 angels will depart from the Temple with the 7 last plagues of the wrath of God! (Rev. Chap. 15) – This judgment is explained in other Scriptures and is called the 3rd woe! (Rev. 11:14) The winepress of the wrath of God! (Rev. 14:19) – The deadly vials! (Rev. 14:7) – And the hour of His judgment! – And the great day of His wrath! – 6th seal!” (Rev. 6:12-17).

And now we will touch on the final and greatest earthquake in history! It is fulfilled under the 7th vial or plague! And here are the events that occur with it! With this mightiest of world earthquakes will come geological upheavals worldwide. The cities of the nations fall! –

Tremendous atmospheric disturbances with thunderings and lightning! Great hail falls from heaven! – Great Babylon receives the cup of God’s wrath! – The destruction of the beast, and the binding of Satan in prison! – “And during these times the battle of Armageddon will have occurred! – Spectacular occurrences transpire!” – “In Chapters 13 and 14 of Zechariah, the quake in Jerusalem divides it into three parts! Only one third is saved through the fire!” – “The 14th Chapter of Zechariah continues revealing the events to occur! His feet will touch the Mount of Olives! It cleaves into being a great valley where springs of water gush out!” – “Hag. 2:6-7 reveals a great cataclysmic disturbance in heaven and earth!”

Isa. 24:1, 18-20 “describes the earth as utterly broken down, clean dissolved! – It shows the earth staggering and reeling to and fro like a drunkard! Probably during the final phase of all of this the earth’s axis will be shifted back to normal preparing for the Millennium! Just before this, Commercial Babylon worldwide and on the Euphrates will be destroyed by atomic holocaust!” (Rev. 18:8 – Zech. 14:1-5, 9-

  • – “Rome and religious Babylon will be destroyed by atomic fire before this!” (Rev. 17:16-18) – “About the time the Middle East and Commercial Babylon are going through fiery destruction – New York, West Coast, Detroit and many major cities of the United States will be destroyed by atomic missiles and satellite weapons including other large cities worldwide, Communist, etc.” (Read Rev. 18:17-18 – Rev. Chap. 16) – “Also most of the oil fields in Saudi Arabia and surrounding areas will go through a catastrophic inferno! – They have built a military complex in that area! – They would do well to read this Scripture!” – 29:6-7, “Thou shalt be visited of the Lord of Hosts with thunder, and noise, with storm, and tempest and the flame of devouring fire! – Isa. 24:6, The earth is burned and few men left!”

“Now before these above events take place we will turn our attention to the diabolical ‘little horn’ who rises peacefully at first, but suddenly becomes a brutal desolator inaugurating a blood bath through the earth!” – “First he is spoken of as appearing in Dan. 7:7-8, but in Dan. 8:8-9 describes where he comes from and his direction!” – “Read this closely, it is a puzzling mystery. First he will come out of the Grecian Empire which was taken over by the Roman Empire! – It reveals out of the Grecian Empire will come forth the ‘little horn!’ He waxed toward the south, towards the east and towards Israel! So his place is north of the Holy Land at first! Which is around Babylon (Iraq) – Syria or Assyrian territory near Babel!” – The angel describes it again in Verses 21-25! – In other words, the king of Graecia (Alexander the Great’s kingdom) would be divided in four parts, and out of one of these parts would rise the ‘little horn!’ – “So he is still a Roman Prince evidently with Jewish blood – because he revives the Old Roman Empire again!” – “We see him again in Rev. Chap. 13 in full power!” – “He then goes in the

Jewish Temple and declares himself god!” (II Thess. 2:4) “He also takes over the Middle East, lock, stock and oil barrel, silver, gold, etc.”

“Now here is the rest of the mystery! Dan. 11:40, 44 reveals the north, the south and the east push at him in a catastrophic war! – The only place not pushing at him is the west. He has the orbit of the west with him at this point!” – “Now the ‘evil star’ will arise from the territory that the angel first spoke of, or he will have to go there and start in that area spoken of!” – “I definitely have some more on this puzzling mystery that will be revealed in the proper time!”

“So as the age ends, an angry king will come to power with subtle shrewdness and intelligence, but it will be satanic in power and not his own; prospering mightily and will be a master of deception, defeating those bathing in false security! – So great will be his pride, he will shake his fist at the Most High God to do battle! – But in so doing he will seal his own doom! He will be ground to powder by the King of Kings!” (Rev. 19:19-20) – Isa. 34:2, “The indignation and fury of the Lord is upon all nations and armies to utterly destroy them, delivering them to the slaughter!” – “I want to reveal to people by prophecy that the age is closing!” – “The night is far spent so let us work!”

God love and bless you,

Neal Frisby