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“In this special writing I feel inspired to reveal the prophetic significance and mysteries of the heavens along with other unusual events! We are living in an unique time of history where the nations are in turmoil, breaking up, then coming back together under one system!” – “And there is a breaking up and stirring among the real people of God, and when the chaff is blown out they will unite together under one body and the head of Christ to be translated! . . . For in symbolism the heavens declare it! (Rev. 12:1 -5) – The elect is as fair and as reflective as the moon in revelation, and anointed as the sun in power! – For the apostle Paul speaks of it as destiny also!” (I Cor. 15:40-45)

Jesus said in Luke 21:25, “That there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; distress of nations, the sea and the waves roaring.” – “Let’s take note. This reveals wind currents and even the experts explain that the weather patterns are unstable and becoming chaotic! – Ocean currents are changing and some flowing in the opposite directions! – Evidently this is the reason for too much rain in one place and not enough in another! – Also in combination with the unusual sunspots is what brings on the harsh winters creating famines and droughts in other parts of the world! – Watch for more activity later in the age for God is witnessing that He is indeed coming soon!” – Also a reputable science magazine gave this apocalyptic warning: “The world, as we know it, will likely be ruined. . . .

The momentum toward tragedy is at this moment so great that there is no way of halting it. . . . No amount of scientific wizardry or improved weather will change this situation!”

“Remember, Jesus said there would be signs in the stars and indeed today’s astronomers are seeing great signs from the heavens. According to the Scriptures, God has done a lot of business or activity in the northern part of the universe!” (Isa. 14:13 – Job 26:7) – “Astronomers using gigantic lenses plus magnified photographic plates have seen into a huge opening of the constellation of Orion (Job 9:9) which is due north.” An observatory gives this description. . . . “The photographs reveal the opening

and interior of a cavern so stupendous that our entire solar system would be lost therein. Writer and artist alike are inert in any attempt to

describe this interior. For the depths of the Orion nebula appear like torn and twisted objects and river masses of shining glass, irregular pillars, columns of stalactites in glittering splendor and stalagmites from the mighty floor. The appearance is like that of light shining and glowing behind the clear walls of ivory and pearl, studded with millions of diamond colorful shining stars!” – “The astronomers relate that they seem to feel as if they are in some Almighty presence! – One scientist states that a tiny speck inside the cone appears closer to the mouth of the opening each time that it is photographed, and is moving toward earth at the speed of light! . . .

Some have gone so far as to exclaim that it is the Holy City that could arrive at the proper time!” (Rev. chap 21) – “But my opinion is that God will bring it out of another dimension into our view at the appropriate hour!” – Luke 21:11, “And great signs shall there be from the heaven.”

(AP) – “Astronomers announce a galaxy only faintly visible from earth by telescope has been found to emit as much energy as 2 trillion suns, but the source of the energy remains a mystery!” – “Also scientists are startled with evidence by a star cluster emerging millions of light-years in diameter! It boggles the mind that such a gigantic structure could exist! – Yet it is just a speck in our Universe. When we talk of the observable universe, we are referring to millions of superclusters. One supercluster in turn contains 2,500 galaxies like our Milky Way! In our Milky Way alone we have 100 billion stars, and our solar system with its nine planets is just a microscopic piece of dust in that Milky Way system! . . . Traveling at the speed of light it would take a spaceship 100 thousand years to go from one side of our galaxy to the other!” – “Our own galaxy is 40 million light-years away from the core of our supercluster! – And we are still not out of our backyard! – The Scriptures say, He has a never -ending kingdom! Whether the people believe it or not, God said, the heavens can not be measured – for it literally enters God’s infinite! – And with new scientific inventions and methods they are seeing even more startling and remarkable things!”

Another significant sign was the coming of Halley’s Comet about 1986. – “This comet has been making it’s appearance every 75 years since just before the birth of Christ and always startling events take place before and in the years to follow! . . . And the coming of Jesus is getting nearer! – This comet is also an omen of the rising and falling of leaders! I believe the anti-Christ will rise later in the age! – Halley has a remarkable similarity to the Greek word ‘Heli’ – meaning my God or High Priest of Israel!” – “Notice in similarity, which means it is only an imitator of Christ. – It is symbolic of two things: the false high priest of Israel (anti-Christ) . . . and it is pointing to the coming of Jesus in our generation.”

There will be coming also some strange conjunctions and alignments of the planets – for they are predestined by God to meet at certain times in the constellations, symbolically declaring important major events will be occurring upon the earth! . . . According to the ancient these same type conjunctions appeared at the first coming of Christ. Remember the magi (wise men – eastern astronomers) recognized it in the stars. . . . So will the heavens also reveal Jesus’ return. (Luke 21:25) – We don’t always understand what the heavens mean, but the Lord does!”

Let us see the true meaning of Ps. 19:1-2, “The heavens declare (inscribe) the glory of God. It says day unto day uttereth speech, (signs rush forth); night unto night sheweth (manifest or indicate prophetic knowledge.) It is the true cosmic knowledge of the Holy Spirit; hidden, but in our Bible we find the treasure of all of God’s secrets! – Bible interpretations tell us that the verbs in the second half of Ps. 19 are all of an astronomical nature. It is evident from Ps. 19 that the stars are meeting predestined appointments, preordained by God!” – “Gen. 1:14 reveals this is true. That stars are for signs, etc.” – “Jesus Himself said (Luke 21:25) that there would be signs in the heavens! And in the next sentence He revealed part of what they would be projecting at our time – seas, waves roaring, perplexity, etc.!” – “This subject is very deep and it has nothing to do with modern day astrology that only knows in part. Ours stays with the prophetic word astronomy that Jesus gave forth!”

In God’s abundant love,

Neal Frisby